Live Show: 7/25/97


Syracuse, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley, Zard Snodgrass, Chris Traugott

The Details

Yet another wonderful weekend of fru-triping. There were so many people that were a part of this experience that I know I'll forget someone's name. I'll just start from the beginning and we'll see what happens. :-)

I was in Boston for a class for work, but managed to get the scheduling organized so I could be back in Syracuse in time for the Styleen's show. After dealing with a delayed flight, I got into Syracuse at around eight in the evening, and picked up my friend Kevin (he goes to SU and was with me at the last Syracuse show). Moxy wasn't scheduled to go on till eleven, so we had plenty o' time.

Saw various fruheads in line before the show (Katie, Charlie, and others), and after a while of waiting, they let us in to see the opening band (Mrs. Smith). I ended up going to the patio/outdoor area to get some fresh air, and that's when most people started trickling in (Dan J, Heather, Jenn, Chris & Zard, Mike & Kelly, and others). We all caught up with one another's adventures and eagerly awaited Moxy's arrival on stage.

Moxy went on a tad past eleven, playing for almost two hours. They definitely were having a ball up on stage, and the set was very non-traditional. Extended teases, jokes, and covers galore!! There were three encores, which I'd never seen before at a show. Mike mentioned the crossword puzzle, which was very cool.

Afterwards, we hung out and talked with the guys, chatted with one another, and stayed until the bar kicked us out at 2am. Once outside, we waited for AAA to come and unlock Jenn's car, and listened to the tape of the show in my car. We finally headed out around three in the morning, and Heather, Mike, Kelly and I went to Utica to stay at Kelly's parents. The rest of the clan went to a hotel, and we all planned on meeting up at various times in Hillsdale the following day.

All in all, an amazing show, and a start to a phenomenal weekend of fruving!! Hillsdale, here we come!!

From Zard Snodgrass:

I'll try to attempt an abortive review of the shows this weekend, but I find that when SO MUCH wonderful has gone on, it's hard to narrow down what to type up, and I find myself stumped by the magnitude of the task. Hopefully others will take up the slack! (and probably are doing so as I type!)

Syracuse -

Chris T. and I cruised in at 10:30 pm, as the opening band was finishing up, and got pounced on by Heatherrr and Jenn as we walked in - it's very fun to arrive in a town you've never been and walk into a strange venue, and immediately know a large part of the crowd! Met up with Chris O'Malley, Mike and Kelly, Dan J., Kevin (friend of Chris O'M's)... I liked Styleen's a lot - liked the fact that the bar is separate from the stage area, liked that there was a step to stand on so I could actually see (having gotten in late, we didn't get a spot right up front), and liked that there was an outdoor patio, which was great for cooling off and hanging out. I'd go back in a flash!! It was pretty packed - much moreso than I was expecting, so I assume their Syr. audience is increasing!

The show was good and long, full of lots of off-the-cuff jamming, including a cover of Human League's "Don't You Want Me Baby" - a flashback to my younger days! (and filled in with a few "something, something, something's" until they got to the chorus!)


Let's see, Chris O'M should have the whole set list up at some point, but I'll give it a go - Down From Above, Horseshoes (Dave broke a string), On Her Doorstep, Bed and Breakfast (noooo....I'M KIDDING about the last 2 there!!! - sorry, had to see if you were reading carefully! :)), Fly, Authors, River Valley (question - does anyone remember seeing them NOT do River Valley? Also, who has seen them do Authors not followed by River Valley, or RV not preceded by Authors? It seems to be like Queen's "We Will Rock You" has to be followed by "We Are the Champions" - two different songs that always go together. Joined at the hip, so to say. There was a Beach Boys jam, they skipped KoS and GEH - they said that it was a treat (human treat?!) to be able to play a longer show, since they're doing so many folk fests with shorter shows for people who may not know them that well, so they have to do all the more accessible stuff and can't play around as much. Get in the Car, MM, Boss?, Incredible Medicine Show...

They apparently moved BJ and Video B'ville out of the main setlist and put them in as one of the encores (of which there were three). Love Potion, Billy Jian, and Drinking Song to finish. I know I left heaps out, but it was fantastic! A bummer that a contingent of Fruheads was stalled in NYC thanks to car mishaps - no one hurt, except for having to miss this show - UGH! The crowd was WAY into the show (as shown by the 3 encores - but it was weird to hear BJ and VB toward the end - it felt like they were starting the show all over again. Not that I'd complain..)

We all hung out in the courtyard afterwards, cooling off from all the dancing, and meeting other folks, such as Lara, Sandy from Ohio, and many others. A great beginning to another fantastic weekend! And HOW WORTH IT it was to drive up after work! More LATE Friday shows would be great! Gives those of us who work 9-5 a chance to travel a little futher and still get there in time!

From Chris Tragoutt:

Oh my! These reviews are getting harder and harder to write, as they are filled with so many new people, such great music and such special moments. Zard and I arrived in Syracuse around 10:30, and were greeted at the door to Styleen's by a flurry of arms and long blond hair which turned out to be Jenn and Heather. Met up with Andre and Alison (aka Pete the Dog and the Recovering Infidel), Mike and Kelly Santa Lucia (aka fru-family), Chris O'Malley (all hail the web-master) and his friend Kevin, and Dan "the Shadow" Joblanski. We staked out our spots at various places around the stage, stretched out and prepared to jam. Styleen's is a fairly small venue and was pretty well packed with fruheads, fru-fans and curious on-lookers who all got into the music pretty quickly. The fru-lads came out, led by Mike who had the "wicked-gleam-in-his-eye" that signals a good show. And a good show it was! Started off with Down from Above and then Lazlo's career, with a bridge (i don't know what it is really called, but when a performer segues from one song into the next without interruption) into It's Too Cold (I love those two songs together and was glad to hear the combination). Lots of stage banter and fooling around, including a little chat session on table hockey and homosexuality, jokes about a radio interview shared with a wrestler, an on the spot version of "Don't You Want Me" (Human League), and a very bopping version of the Love Potion #9 medley complete with "in front of the microphone" bass solo. (who was a happy camper?)

After the show we got to meet candi and clarisse from Rome, NY, who hopefully will show up on the ng soon, as well as tons of other folks whose names I have forgotten (sorry, all, I'm usually at a loss for words after a good concert :-) ) and hung out outside to cool off a bit. Talked a bit with Dave, Mike and Murray after the show, they seemed full of energy and happy with the performance.

Finally made it to a hotel room about 3 am, got a few minutes of sleep, (literally) and then headed out the next morning for falconridge.

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