Live Show: 7/31/97


Bloomington, IN

Reviewed by: Chad Maloney

The Details

Well, my newssever doesn't do well getting posts here, so I've relegated myself to using Dejanews to read the group. I just caught up on everything and figured I'd add in a review/story of the Bloomington show last night at the Second Story.

It was the first time Fruvous has blessed Indiana, so they played that up a little, but the story starts earlier than that.

I drove down to Bloomington (from Indianapolis) with two friends who were both under 21, but above 18 and I figured they be able to get in. Well, we tried really hard, but that one didn't work. I saw Jian on his was to dinner and got up the guts to talk to him (hey, it was my first show... I knew you could just talk to them, but making myself do it... that is different). I asked Jian what time they expected to get done so I could meet my friends who couldn't get in because they are under 21 after the show. He said quarter of twelve and then pleaded with the door boy for me for awhile with no luck. I thanked him for the effort and he came out and talked with us forawhile before he had to go meet everyone at some Trojan Horse eatery place.

So, I parted ways with my buds and proceeded inside to listen to the opening act (just in case, you know). It got kinda old sitting by myself, but all that self-pity was crushed in a gush of awe as the FruFour came out and kicked off with I Love My Boss.

Needless to say my Fruginity was lost real quick and painless like. Man. Whoa. It was breathtaking. They played a good mix, a lot from YWGTTM, but that is understandable. I really like hearing stuff from B or Wood that I had never heard before (of course I got with Marcus to get my hands on those two before I left (smile)). All the witty banter was great. The intelligent remarks probably went over the heads of the part of crowd that was there just to hang at the club and really to see Fruvous. Jian had a hilarious Star Trek story about the guy that plays Chekhov. And Dave got a nod during The Greatest Man In America when they sing the word gay. I think two of us caught than one. I almost fell out of my chair. The show was definitely the best live show I've ever seen. I was really impressed with Murray putting down the grooves (I'm a bass player) and was more aware of it than I am listening to the CDs.

They kept mentioning this Marty guy who came up from Louisville and what a great guy he was. For the encore (after a Billy Jean/some other popular rock song medley) they did Gulf War Song at Marty's request. That was the most awesome thing to end the evening. Needless to say after that I had to meet Marty and thank him for his wonderful request. So I went up front and introduced myself to the table it seemed the FruFour were talking to a lot. I met Marty and his wife and Andy and another guy that didn't talk as much and we talked for awhile until the guys came out after the show.

I took my rounds of the guys talking about various stuff for a time. Mike and I talked about Jazz for awhile. He liked my name and recommended "Chad Mitchell Trio" as a vocal music I might like. I'll check it, you know, just because Mike mentioned it (smile). Jian apologized again for not being able to get my friends in and I made my rounds to get "b" signed, because it was my first time and I figured I might as well be touristy for a bit.

Now, I'm really tired at work and waiting for tonight. I'm trekking down to St. Louis (Andy will be there, so I'll know someone... I dunno where she is coming from) and then to Decatur on Saturday to complete the Triple Billed FruWeek I'm having.

As far as a set list, I couldn't remember if I tried. But they played BJ which was cool, and King of Spain (Dave sans hat), Johnny Saucep'n, the Greatest Man in America, Fly, Green Eggs, Love Potion, a couple medleys of general classic rock stuff, Spiderman, Secret Agent Man (smile), and probably many more that were wonderful, but get mixed together in the euphoria that will continue tonight and tomorrow and conclude in a couple weeks when it wears off.

Good news for the fall. It sounds like the guys are gonna do another swing through and hit all the places they normally play in the states. So get ready for some more.

Silly things I remember:

In BJ, BJ got a Buddha and a brush. AJ Foyt came into King of Spain somewhere.

There was a good banter about Canada taking over Belgium, except for all the mines and Murray explained how the group is pro-remove the mines from Belguim and eventually, when the time is right, the queen will order the take over of Belgium.

There was a heckler that Jian totally shot down and then they started comparing the side of room by the bar with Australia. The people over there were the criminals of the bar and they were stuck over there. If they crossed the red lights (there were footlights on floor so you could see the step up) their heads would explode. But they drinks for cheaper, if they walk up to the bar and say (someword I couldn't understand... like zarnot or something).

Murray does a really good Ringo and Mike did a Lennon line.

King of Spain was introduced with a little question and answer (and Dave hiding behind an amp). The question was who is the special quest for the next song (Yes/No)? Is it the Queen of England? The Princess of Sweden. Various other combinations of royalty and countries until Dave comes out without the hat. "No hat?" "No hat". We have our hatless King of Spain.

Thanks to Katie Beck ( for telling me what was written on the band's setlist:


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