Live Show: 8/9/97


Newport, RI

Reviewed by: Chris Traugott

The Details

As I was driving south from the Iron Horse show, Zard and Ellen were headed north, and we all met up at my motherís around two in the morning. A few short hours later we were joined by my brother and his girlfriend and the six of us headed out to the Newport Folk Festival. It was drizzly and cold and everyone was feeling a bit grinchy due to little sleep and the prospect of yucky weather. By the time we got to Fort Adams State Park the drizzle had become a steady shower. We got into the venue, staked out a little spot to the far (and I do mean far) right of the sound board, and went in search of ponchos. Just as we were halfway towards the merch. tables the sun came out, and we heard Murrayís voice over the PA system introducing Fruvous. Zard, Ellen and I took one look at each other, turned on our heels, and raced back to be within view of the stage. As it turned out, there was a group of Fruheads who had staked out a spot in front of the sound board and they very kindly shared their space with us.

Fruvous had a short set: Buy Our Disk, BJ, Michigan Militia, Johnny Saucepín, King of Spain, Green Eggs and Ham, and Love Potion #9 as near as I can remember. As with last year, Love Potion brought the crowd to itís feet, including a little blond haired two year old, who I think is destined to be a bass player, he jumped up and started dancing, bobbing his head in time to the bass line. Sometime in the middle of Michigan Militia, I looked over to my right and there, on the far side of the crowd, was my 60 year old mother grooving with a bunch of fru-fans. Seeing my mom jamming to a band I love made me wonder whether Iím getting old or whether my mother is a lot more hip than I thought she was, I hope it is a combination of the two! She has enjoyed Fruvous music for a while, but during this show the light came on and when Zard, Ellen and I got back to my familyís blanket, mom announced that she wanted to go over to where the guys were signing stuff and meet the band. So, off we went to the merch. tent. As we waited in line mom pelted me with questions: who writes their stuff, where is Jian from, how many instruments *does* Dave play, etc. (I could have used the FAQ, Colleen!) When we finally got to the front of the line, mom insisted that she wanted me to introduce her, so, muttering under my breath something to the effect of "I feel like Iím in a f*****ng receiving line" I introduced my mother to Dave (he being the first in line). Within moments my gregarious matriarch was having her picture taken with the band, getting autographs, and telling them how much she liked the show and their music ("Christine has sent me all your albums, now I finally understand why she goes to so many concerts") while I stood back hiding my face in my hands and thanking my lucky stars that my mother never met John Lennon. Anyway, she was thrilled and talked about the concert all day and all the way home. ("Such nice boys, really charming, and very bright too.") She wanted to see FDC when we got back to her house, so that website is now book marked on her computer. She swears she is going to the next show Fruvous has at the Met Cafť, so if any of you Providence folks see a short lady with curly blondish hair, chances are itís my mom! Another one hooked.

The rest of the festival was a lot of fun, I finally got to hear Janis Ian, which was a treat, and the Violent Femmes show was great (not quite sure how they fit into the Folk genre, butÖ.). I also really enjoyed Joan Baez, first time Iíve ever heard her live, although I was a bit disappointed that she sang primarily songs from her new album (unreleased). Other than a rather chilly downpour during the Femmes show, it was a great day. Got to share a blanket with a bunch of other fruheads: Jason, Lisa, roB, Jeff, Ofer and Jenn. Saw Sue and Dede, and Jared and friends, and met a new fruhead called Ben who will be down here at American University in late August, and will be looking for the ng as he will then have access to the internet. Mom had a terrific time meeting all you fru-heads as well (Mom: "Really nice people, and so smart and well rounded!" ) So thanks again, everyone for a terrific weekend!

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