Live Show: 8/17/97


Owen Sound, ON

Reviewed by: Willy Blomme, Sara Revell, and Sharilyn Johnson

The Details

At noon the next day [Sunday] we went to Busking Tales, a workshop with Moxy Frvous, Bob Snider (a cool Toronto singer/songwriter), and Martin Sexton. We got there early, so we got a good enough seat right beside the stage, unfortunately they were on the other side. They were all wandering around behind the stage. One of them (I cant remember which one) was having a wrestling match with their manager. Mike was sitting writing something, and Jian was walking around the tall grass, trying to keep away from all those too adoring fans who dont care too much about the music. Just before the show they got together and it looked like they were practicing, but we found out that in fact they were writing a song for the workshop about it being cold. Later they sang Minnie the Moocher, and we realised that Mike had been writing the lyrics just before the show. The other member hadnt even heard them, and they were laughing along with the audience.

At 2:30 we went to the 3rd Annual Summerfolk Quiz. Jian and Dave were to be on one team, but the other two werent mentioned. (Before it started we saw Jian eating White Fish on a Bun). The Quiz started and the Moxy Frvous side was of course the more amusing team, but the one that inevitably loses points for it. I dont remember most of the questions except for the Elvis part of the quiz. The Judge would play the beginning of an Elvis song, and the participants would have to pick up where it left off. Dave picked up right where it had left off, but unfortunately it was the wrong song. Jian didnt even bother to pick up where it had left off, he just sang a song about how stupid the questions were, and how nobody cared which Elvis song it was.

Half way through the quiz Dave and Jian were disqualified for having illegal sized feet. Mike and Murray came and took their places. The only question I remember from that part of the quiz was when Mike had to sing If I had a Rocket Ship as Buffie Saint Marie. The Moxy Frvous side lost.

They were supposed to have an autograph session after the quiz so I waited by the table, but then Mike walked right by the table without stopping. I must have been looking quite sad and forlorn because when Murray walked by he said: Hi in a very sympathetic sounding way. I was going to ask him why they werent signing but I couldnt manage it.

I found my friends and we went over to the Food Village to try to find the members of Moxy Frvous. We found Murray easily. We talked to him for a little while. He said he hadnt known many of the references in the Quiz either. A bit before our time. He was very nice.

It took us about 15 minutes of wandering before we ran into the next member. We found Jian near a workshop. He said he would only sign if I gave him a fry. Anyway, he asked us if this was the first time we had seen them. We looked him as if he were crazy. Of course not, we said. As if he would know that. We started listing all the different times we had seen them. He said: thats great and then left to do an interview. We felt good because he had to tell a group of boys to catch him later, but he did talk to us. He was very friendly, and more animated than Murray (not that its better, just different).

We didnt see either of the others until the night concert. I spotted Dave in the performers viewing area so I ran over to talk to him. He was very different from his stage persona. He was soft spoken and gentle.

We never did find Mike, which was a bit upsetting. Im glad I got to talk to him at least once, even if it was only for a short while.

That was my weekend with Moxy Frvous. Now you can see why Im suffering from withdrawal. After spending a weekend seeing them all over the place, observing what they ate, who they were with, etc. I am all alone and back at home. Its weird to think that know them so well and they probably dont even remember me. It makes me sad. Whenever I see them I always wish i were friends with them, but I guess Ill have to make do with being a fan. I cant wait until next Summerfolk. I hope theyll be there, and Ill be there.

From Sara Revell:

Sunday was the BIG day for me. My friend who works at the local radio station was doing an interview with them, so I managed to sort of tag along. Jian didn't show up for the interview, and due to the nature fot he interview, only one person was really needed - so Dave and Mike left. So my friend and I got to chat with Murray for a while. As Murray was leaving I asked if he would mind if I got a picutre. So he said why don't I ge the whole band. SO after their workshop that morning, that's what I did. I was so happy!! Can't wait for the pictures to be developed!

Their workshop that morning was on a "Busker's" theme. And the other artists were Martin Sexton, and Bob Snider (but no "ash Hash" was played!). Being performed on the acoustic stage, there was only one Mic, and sounds from the other stage nearby, made it a little hard to hear. But here is what I remember:

The Ballad of Cedric Fruvous (with new words)
The Drinking Song
Sorry - can't remember anymore

Hope I did okay for my first review! Any other comments on the show? I think they were very well recieved by the people of Owen Sound.

From Sharilyn Johnson:

Sunday morning they did a workshop (as Sara said, it had a busking theme) with Bob Snider and Martin Sexton on the same stage as Saturday morning. At this point, so little is new to me and I don't get excited about much. But the guys were sharing their Blow, Wind, Blow verses that they'd written, and I just grinned like an idiot watching them do it (behind the stage before the workshop). I mean, I've seen soundchecks and everything, but that's different. They were all in a circle, and...jesus, it was great. I don't even have the words. (here's me pulling myself together) Somebody had given Jian a little stuffed black sheep, and he gave us a little puppet show before the workshop as well (me and Sandy were there for 2 hours before the thing started, so anything was welcomed!). I told Dave to lay off the spit, too (he agreed, and stuck to it). =) They did (of course) Blow, Wind, Blow (Dave's was about the weather - freezing that day; Mike's was about not writing a verse because he had to write one for Minnie the Moocher, their next song; Murray's we don't remember, and Jian's was about the hotel party and sleeping with 5 members of Leahy, which is funnier than you even know - ask me or Katie on the weekend if you see us, and we'll explain). Minnie the Moocher was cool, and I *think* it's the first time I've heard it live. It was great, and Mike gave me the page out of his notebook with the lyrics on it (not that I can make heads or tails out of it...oh well). They also did Drinking Song, again one of the most powerful I've heard them do. By the end of the workshop there was about $10 in change and a condom from a few wiseguys in the crowd. Of course, the guys scooped it up. =) (and I'll note here that Jian was a lot nicer about it than he was about the hat on New Year's Eve, for those of you who were at our table)!

The absolute highlight of the weekend was the 3rd Annual Summerfolk Quiz, which took place at the Shit Stage. Thank GOD the techie guy moved the monitors a bit! This worked with 3 teams: Team 1 was Jian, Dave, Vance Gilbert, and some chick. Team 2 was 3 chicks and Lawrence Gowan (did I tell you yet that I want him badly?). Team 3 was the audience. I don't remember who the host was, the the judge was Les Barker. This thing was *insane*. Katie and I were laughing so hard that we were crying, seriously. It was all music questions, and there weren't really any rules (well, I think there *were* before Les Barker got there). Jian and Vance had this hilarious Persian vs. African-American thing going on, with Vance playing angry black man for the whole time. =) I can't even go through what all happened, because I'd be writing more than what I've already written in this post so far. Of all times not to have a tape recorder...christ. =D

After that final workshop we said quickie goodbyes to the guys and went on our way. Personally, I was very happy with the weekend. It's very rare that I can go to a show and just be a fan. Have other fans to talk with, having enough room to keep a distance from the guys... It's just a nice way to be sometimes. =)

See most of you on the weekend! Oh, and thanks Jess and Spidey for your e-mails!

From the Summerfolk Website:

MOXY FRUVOUS - 1997 Performers

Fruvous was born when four former suburban high school friends took over a Toronto street corner with their wildly theatrical, vocal-based street performing. The guys put it together for fun, having come from performing backgrounds in musical theatres, funk bands, folk groups, etc. The style was born out of laziness. "We wanted a gig with no amps to carry, so we learned to sing the whole works." Sing they did, and word got around. CBC Radio started commissioning topical tunes from Moxy Fruvous that autumn (1991). Soon they were playing to overflowing houses not only in Canada but the States and Europe.

The guys have become widely known for the musicality, humour and energy they put into their gigs. Their recently released CD, YOU WILL GO TO THE MOON is receiving massive critical reviews world wide and we are delighted they accepted our invitation to appear on our stages for the first of what we hope will be a long lasting love affair.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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