Live Show: 8/21/97


New York City, NY

Reviewed by: Joshua Kritzer and Dan Carps

The Details

The boys were in top form last night. They seemed very playful. At one point Dave asked for his mike to be turned up, which spawned some very playful ribbing ("Audience, do you think Dave's volume is too low on the monitor?" positive cheers "Well, what do they know? They can't see the monitors!") which escalated into a powerhouse roasting, culminating in the admission that the other three are only permitted to speak to Dave offstage through their lawyers :). Also, they got in some shots about the New York Rangers, most memorably during "Green Eggs and Ham" when they listed Mark Messier between the Beatles and Bill Shatner (followed by loud boos from the crowd. Like we'd actually cheer Messier!). They sang an impromptu song about the oldest Hanson brother, the one that nobody wants to look at (and that he should get together with the acrobat girl from Spice Girls who nobody wants to look at). They said they hadn't done The Kids' Song in a long while, and had a lot of fun with it. They also did as one of their encores a Billie Jean/Love Me, Love Me medly, which was awesome, and they said it was brand new. Here's a random-order set list (except for the opening, closing and encores, which I think are accurate). The only things missing were Authors, Spiderman, and ANYTHING NEW. I was a little disappointed not to hear something that wasn't on their records (other than Love Potion and Billie Jean), like Heatseeker Boy, but it was still a dynamite show.

(See below for setlist - not in order)

There actually might have been three encores, but the songs are all right.

From Dan Carps:

I was reading all the recent posts (I finally was able to access them) and was thinking about my inability to post something about the NYC show when I remembered that I can post through DejaNews. What a pleasant thing to find! So to the review...

The opening of the day was meeting Jess (with her fresh new "Friends" haircut), having an easy drive up to Trenton, training it to the city, and the ever frightening cab ride to Irving Plaza. We got to the Galaxy a little early so we wandered to a park and shared Israel memories and some of my pics. As 5:30 came around, we made our way back to the Galaxy and found Shar and Katie and tried to bring their spirits up! I went outside to look for more Fruheads who were supposed to meet us for dinner and happened to run into another Fruhead named Amy (or Ali... I got quite confused with names that night). Turns out not only do she and I have common friends from her school (Oberlin) but we may have met at a bar in Jerusalem this summer (my memories of that night are a little hazy... :~S)! So her friend Dana arrived and they joined us inside for a meal of spicey and interesting food at the Galaxy. While talking, Jian and later Marcus strolled on by and stopped to say hellos. After this, we all went outside and got in line for the show where I proceeded to offer everybody in line PEZ and recieved such thanks ranging from "Thank you"s to gummy cherries (YUM!). While in line, the whole crew showed up... Rob, Cee, Jason, Lisa, Jenn, Melanie, Ken, Cathy, Craig, and many others. I was even surprised to see Hayley, a friend of mine from UPenn who I had no idea would be there! After a little difficulty, we finally made it inside...

The inside of Irving Plaza is pretty large with a similar atmosphere to the TLA of Philadelphia. While we waited, loud music and videos were projected onto a screen in front of the stage. I thought I had my fill of seeing old friends, but to my great surprise, I ran into Evan, one of my very good friends from camp (who I turned onto Moxy Fruvous a few years ago), and his girlfriend. Incredible how a show can bring the world together (well... maybe not the world... at least the country). And of course, I couldn't miss the coming of Dan #2 and Jered. So we suffered through... I mean experienced the opening act, a one man, one guitar band. And then there was Fruvous...

Fruvous played a wonderful set that included such rarities as "It's Too Cold" and "The Kids Song". The band seemed to be very on all night (although Mike disagreed afterwards) and had the crowd into it every step of the way. With another Jablonski stage reference (Mike seems to love that) and a relatively long set over, the crowd prompted an encore that Dave dubbed to be well deserved. They played something and then Billie Jian and for their second encore, they played the Drinking Song. It was a great set and was enjoyable for most all!

After the show, Mike was out into the rain to hang with us, and he told me that he and I will have to go bridge jumping sometime (one of my activities from Israel). Dave was out for very little time, and Murray and Jian left with few words. Reverse the trip and I was home safe, silent, and sleeping in my own bed by 4AM. It was a wonderful night which I would absolutly do all over again!

It was a great time and I hope to see all of you sometime in the fall!

Thanks to Catherine (Soixante) for posting what was written on Murray's setlist:

It's too cold
River Valley
Get in the car
Your new Boyfriend
kick in the ass
the kids song
Incredible Medicine show
Video Barganiville
No No Raja
Michigan Militia
Johnny Saucep'n
Dancing queen medly

Billie Jean Medly
Drinking song

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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