Live Show: 9/1/97


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley & Katie Contino

The Details

Well, as far as I know, this is my last outdoor show of the summer. Although I'm sorry to see the folk festival/outdoor show thing go away for a while, I'm all set for some cozy indoor shows.

After an hour drive, I got to Mike and Kelly's at around 9:30 Monday morning. We rallied up the kids and hit the road to Toronto by half past ten. Despite some traffic slowdowns, we still managed to make it to beaches (off Lakeshore Blvd.) by 1:30. That still gave us a half an hour; unfortunately, there was very little parking available. We eventually found a spot and rushed to Kew Gardens, which is near the water, and sports a large gazebo where the band before Moxy was just finishing up.

There were a lot of people there, and finding a place to sit was no small feat. Moxy came on a little past two and played a short, forty minute set. The crowd seemed to enjoy it, but Moxy was not brought back for an encore. Some Mix 99.9 guys came up to sing along during "Get in the Car", but the radio station did not interview Moxy like they did the band that preceded Fruvous.

After the set, Moxy was at an HMV tent signing autographs, etc... I met up with Sharilyn, Katie, Zac, Melissa, Rosemary, and others there. There was quite a long line for Fruvous, but we jumped right in and after a while I got to say my hellos to the guys. Marcus' wrist is looking better every day, and Jude was there, stamping cards, and chatting with fans.

We finally headed back to the car and left Toronto around four. We managed to avoid and traffic problems on the way back, so we got back into Buffalo by 6:30. I, of course, sped home in my usual unlawful way, and made it back to Rochester by 7:30.

I think I'm definitely ready for the upcoming fall and winter shows. Longer sets, less crowds. It's been a fun summer. Falconridge was excellent, and I think it was much easier for all us fruheads to get together for these long weekend shows. I think I'm definitely ready for a change of pace, however. See you all soon!!

From Katie:

Well, once again I made the day trek to Toronto. My mom and I got in at about 10:40, but decided to get some shoes before we headed down to the Beaches. After a whirl-winded stop at WORLD OF SHOES (one of my favorite stores) we headed on down to Kew Gardens.

We weren't sure where to go, so some nice man pointed us in the right direction, and gave us his parking space. =)

Kew Gardens is BIG! and the boardwalk is LONG! But I found it, and found Rosemary in the ENDLESS sea of people. After capalsquating (sp, means chilling) with her an Fiona a few, I went to find FOOD. To myself I said "Früvous is here." and turned around. POOF! there they were, much to my pleasure, since I wasn't sure they'd make it. (FYI: the plane from Minnesota didn't come in till 12pm. and they were scheduled for 2pm.)

After about an hour of endless searching, I spotted Chris O'Malley, and bounded over to him to say hello. My place sitting on the hill was in nice view of the stage, but I spotted Sharilyn and Jenifer down front, so I skipped off to join them. Früvous came on after being announced by a terrible announcer. but that’s ok. They opened with Peace of mind, then went into Get in the Car, where 2 men from "Mix 99.9" (that station was the sponsor of the whole event) joining in the singing. Actually, they took Murray's MIC! so he had to try to cram between them (one was a VERY large man) to sing his part, and play bass in the tiny space they allotted him. What a trooper. =) After Get in the Car I believe came Michigan Militia, which the keyboard wouldn't work for. A comment was made about how Mike can do ANYTHING with this voice, so he did a quick number, and then they did the "Fast Machine" thing with the banjo. After that the keyboard still wasn't working, so they did without it. At some point they did YWGTTM, I don’t remember when. I think I have sun stroke =). I think now came KoS/GE&H/#9. Heheee. After GE&H you can totally tell when Jian is gonna start with the kickdrum, and thus go duhn duhn duhn right in time, and be perfectly in time when he starts. No encores. Actually, the cheering was minimal, as MANY people were there for Great Big Sea, and some members from Blue Rodeo. The set was short too, about 40 minute, but DEFIANTLY worth the drive.

Oh, this was weird, that guy, Hamil on trial, or something (the opener from the Irving Plaza show in NYC) was there, taking pictures. I said LOOK! It's that guy, Hamil on Trial, and he turned and gave Sharilyn and I the weirdest grin. He's sweet, I guess it's just his music that’s evil. (OK, that was low, but Shar's said worse.)

After all was said and done I met up with everyone at the HMV tent, and chatted for awhile. The guys, once again, had a signing line. I think those things are habit forming, and they SUCK! I waited in line with Mary (from Pittsburgh) since my mom wanted to head out, and I wanted to say my hellos. Hello's said, I took to Queen East St. to try and find my car. I ran into Marcus on the way, and asked him how the flight was. He mentioned that a few things got broken =( bummer. The walk back to your car is ALWAYS longer, cus there is nothing to look forward to once you get there.

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