Live Show: 9/5/97


St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Ahhh, Fall. This is definitely my favorite time of year. Heading to a college on the first week of September brought back some fond memories of going to Fredonia.

I arrived in at Mike and Kelly's in Buffalo a little past five in the evening. It was such a nice day, too. Cold, but not too cold. The fall in Western New York has a habit of coming on quite suddenly; only a week ago it was in the high 80's. We headed to the Queenston bridge, where we met up with Laurie by six. St. Catharines is only a tad past the border, so we made it to the Brock campus by 6:30.

We staked out our places in line fairly early; doors were scheduled to open at eight. Well, doors didn't open till 8:30, and we claimed a piece of real estate very close to the stage. The venue was really cool; it was a big bar with quite an impressive layout. There was a balcony area, too, where they let anyone who was under 18 see the show.

Unfortunately, it seemed to take forever for Moxy to come on stage. They finally did, around 9:30. They were opening for Great Big Sea, so they only played for about an hour. A good set nonetheless, however the room had a lot of natural reverb, so sometimes it was hard to understand what the band was saying. Not much in-between song banter, most likely due to the time constraint they were under.

Heather from Toronto was there; Clairice and her son, Chris, from Rome, NY, also made the trek up for the show. After the show, we found Marcus and gabbed for a bit. Victoria, whom we'd met at the last St. Catharines show, was there too; I ended up talking to her for quite a while. She's been following Fruvous since before the Bargainville days.

Mike and Jian came out after a bit, and Jian gave me some info on the upcoming Fru-head show, and also about this impending fall tour. I got my 36th stamp at this show, so I teased Mike about going on a date with him. :-)

Mike, Kelly, and I finally left around midnight, and after some problems getting back to the US bridge, we finally got back to Buffalo a bit before one in the morning. I said my goodbyes, and made it back to Rochester by two. Of course, as I'm writing this, I'm getting ready to head right back to Buffalo so we can all go to the show in Welland.

I'm definitely in the groove for this fall tour. The weather and the atmosphere is the perfect complement to Fruvous, at least in my mind. Keep on Fruvin!

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