Live Show: 9/6/97


Welland, ON

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

This is what I've been waiting for. A show with no opener, just Moxy. A small, intimate setting. Perfect...

After stopping at ticketmaster to buy tix for the October Buffalo shows :-), I left Rochester at 3:30 and got to Mike and Kelly's by 4:30. Laurie arrived shortly thereafter and we headed to Canada by half past five or so. Welland isn't that far from St. Catharines (where we were the night before), so we got to Niagara College by six. The fru-bus was already there, and there was *NO* line whatsoever. We went and grabbed a quick bite and then returned to the campus and formed what I guess you could call a "line".

Victoria joined us, as well as Heather. Doors opened a little bit past eight in the evening. The "After Hours Bar" was very nice, actually. It wasn't as big as the venue at Brock, but it was laid out well, and in my opinion, the sound system was a hell of a lot better. Sharilyn was already in the venue (I guess she got there fairly early), so we chatted with her, got some drinks, and shot some pool.

Moxy didn't finally come on stage till quarter past ten (uggh). They played a really nice set, a little less than two hours in length. The audience seemed a little pre-occupied, though, and many groups of people in the crowd were talking, even during the slow, quieter numbers. You could tell the guys were a little uncomfortable. Nonetheless, they performed with as-always fine style.

After the show, the group of us relaxed in some back lounge area. A friend of Laurie's, Jo, joined us, and soon Jian and Mike came back to pay us a visit. Murray and Dave had already headed back home, and the van was loaded and gone pretty quickly as well. After talking for a little bit, Laurie, Mike, Kelly, and I headed back home by one in the morning. We grabbed some food in Buffalo, and I finally ended up leaving to go back to Rochester by three. Ahhh, nothing like going to bed at four in the morning... Sleeping in is a wonderful thing.

This show was a lot of fun. Although some of the crowd didn't seem to be into it that much, Moxy is defintely "on" and ready to go with this fall tour. Next stop, Ottawa!!

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The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1

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