Live Show: 9/27/97


Burlington, VT

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley & Zard Snodgrass

The Details

I would definitely have to give this show another WOW!!

Saturday morning Chris Traugott headed for a wedding, so Zard, Jo and I grabbed some quick breakfast and left Ottawa together by one in the afternoon. Despite some bad traffic near Ottawa, we managed to make it to Burlington by five. We checked in to our hotel, and grabbed a bite to eat at a wonderful seafood restaurant down the road from the venue.

Burlington is absolutely beautiful, and we were right on the water. We headed to Club Metronome, where we met up with Jenn. Doors were scheduled to open at six-thirty, and did so quite punctually. We walked upstairs to the concert area, and after some delays due to setup, they let us in so we could grab some floor. Dan and Jered popped in shortly thereafter.

The opening act, Hammel on trial, went on around 7:30. It was one man and a guitar, and was, ummmm, different. He was very in-your-face, very loud, very brazen, but, all things considered, I found him entertaining. He's apparently joining Fruvous for a bit of the tour. Before the end of his set, he sang 'Happy Birthday' to Mike, who joined him on stage briefly.

Fruvous went on at approximately quarter past eight, and played a very similar set to the one from the previous night. The turnout to the club was somewhat skimpy, but I was very surprised; the audience got right into Fruvous, sang along, and was just a great audience. You couldn't even tell that there was only 100 people there at most.

Here's what was written on one of their setlists:


After the show, we stayed around for a bit, but the band didn't hang around long. We danced for a while, then headed to a small coffeehouse down the street for a snack. Chris joined up with us, back from her wedding, and chatted till about half past midnight. Jenn, Chris, Zard, Jo and I headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest, while Dan and Jered drove their 648 cans of Coca-Cola to New Hampshire on their way to the Maine show the next night.

Sunday morning we all said our goodbyes. :-( Jenn headed home for Connecticut, Chris for Ottawa to catch a flight back to D.C. while Zard flew directly out of Burlington. Jo and I left Vermont at noon and made it back to Rochester by half past five.

What a great weekend. Two really amazing shows, great friends, intimate venues and beautiful scenery just make for a stupendous time. I would do it all again in a heartbeat...

From Zard Snodgrass:

Chris T. had to leave early the next morning to get to a wedding in New Hampshire, so Chris O and Jo and I drove on down at a reasonable hour (yes, first time I've ever felt rested after a Frushow!) to Burlington, and after finding the venue and the hotel, got a yummy dinner of lobster bisque down by the shores of the former "inland sea" of Lake Champlain (when the seas receded after the ice age, and the glaciers had formed the gouge of Lake Champ, the gouge was filled with sea water. Eventually, the glaciers melted and they and all the rivers feeding in, turned it to a freshwater lake. See what you can learn from a place mat?!). Standing in line at the venue, we met up with Jenn Penfield, as well as John and Leandra, who were victims of Fruvendipity - they were travelling around that day, heard about the show, and managed to find out what state the Metronome was in, and cruised up happily! We saw Dan and Jered passing by, bragging about all the coke in their trunk (that would be: 684 -or thereabouts- cans of Coca-Cola with real sugar!! not corn syrup!! that they had imported from Canada). Hey, we all have our things, with Chris and me, it's CD's and Smarties! The venue there reminded me a lot of Valentine's in Albany - a low stage, small floor with a bar, and another attached barroom with a pool table. A good venue - intimate. For Hammel on Trial, lots of folks sat down on the floor, but everyone jumped up to get ready for Fruvous.

Burlington was set-wise pretty much a repeat of Ottawa (who's complaining!!?? Not I!), except that they finally skipped River Valley (if you lurk here with any regularity, you'll remember me griping about it - even though I love the song, it's nice to give it a rest...) - it was on the set list, but right after Video B. Jian said "Car" to everyone, so they skipped right over River and went straight into Car. And there were assorted Mike birthday shenanigans - one where he jumped straight into the crowd, then went dashing through, gave out a few hugs, and then went running back onstage. Horseshoes was an encore, and Mike got a "birthday-boy's-choice" selection, for which he picked "Alison" by Elvis Costello, after doing his crazy birthday dance! (And Hammel on Trial, during his set (which I actually enjoyed, at least some of his less punk-y tunes, and he was pretty funny, although I don't think I'd invest in a CD) sang happy birthday to Mike, too!)

After the show, we hung out for a while upstairs, waiting for Chris to show up after her wedding, and had the joyous occasion, as it was 80's night, to hear Michael Jackson's Billy Jean, and have a group of about 8 Fruheads all singing along, but cutting into Lovefool at the appropriate time! :) After a rousing chorus of YMCA, we finally went down and out to get something to eat and wait for Chris outside.

Voila! Wish you all could have been there, but I think this is a taste of sets to come, and I wish you all the best you can hear! I'm a contented little Fruhead, heading off to a long work trip with a nice set of shows behind me, and some good Fruhead bonding accomplished. Enjoy!

From The Southern Vermont Review (Vol. 1 No. 20. Sept. 24 - Oct. 7, 1997; pg. 10):

The early show at Club Metronome on September 27th features Moxy Fruvous. Moxy Fruvous has been playing folk festivals all summer long, yet their album sounds like Leftover Salmon meets the Monkees. Better figure it out for yourself.

From Seven Days (Vol. 3 No. 5 September 24, 1997; pg. 8):

EH! EH! EH! Not every band that goes platinum in Canada causes a stir south of the border. Moxy Fruvous might change that - even though they don't neatly fit any radio format. Starting with its name, this quartet is determinedly wacky. Like New York colleagues They Might Be Giants, Moxy favors three-minute '60s-flavored ditties with humorous lyrics and a knowing wink at pop-rock traditions. The Moog or Wurlitzer spin one mood, the banjo and accordion quite another. You'll have to experience the Moxy, fruvously, yourself - this Saturday at Metronome. The one-man explosion Hamell on Trial opens.

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