Live Show: 9/28/97


Portland, ME

Reviewed by: Jered Floyd

The Details

Hey, it's my first live show review!

Rounding out the weekend of Fruvous, Dan and I drove in from Burlington, VT (well, Lebanon, NH) to Portland, ME, taking the very scenic route. (If you find yourself in that part of New Hamshire, go see Polar Caves. They're really neat!) Rolling into the city about 7 hours after leaving the hotel, we got dinner at a T.G.I.Friday's and then headed to the venue.

The Stone Coast is a restaurant/brewery on the first floor, and walking into the building you can hardly imagine there's a music club upstairs. Up the stairs and through the pool tables, though, there's the stage. The club part of the building was rather small, about the same size as Club Metronome from the previous night. To make things just a bit more unusual, there was a 4 foot high orange plastic fence seperating the stage and dance area from the bar and tables. (To keep the drunks in, or to keep the underage out, I'm not sure.) Anyhow, after arriving we found Stan and Shabby (two other MIT fruheads) and sat down against the fence.

As with the previous evening, Hammel on Trial was the opening act. Chris & Zard got the description of him right...he's loud. Entertaining, in-your-face, and loud. Did I mention he was loud? Anyhow, he's opening with Fruvous for a bunch of shows (including the ones coming this weekend) and I think I'm going to tire of him fast. (Sorry....)

Fruvous went on at about 10:30...really late for a Sunday. The crowd was about the same size as the previous night, and was fun and energetic. Much to everyone's relief, I'm sure, I did not wear the Fruvous baby-T (stretchy shirt) that I bought the previous day...if you really want to see that you'll have to wait for the picture of the 948 cans of Canadian Coca-Cola...but I digress. (It'd not that it looks bad, per se, it just looks like something you would never expect me to wear.)

Continuing with the 'Your New Boyfriend' tour style, they started with the excellent a cappella 'I've Gotta Get a Message to You', followed by 'Poor Mary Lane' and 'On Her Doorstep'. The setlist typed below is correct...Boo Time and YWGTTM got swapped in the show. I think the most notable item of this show was the King of Spain's new hat. Dave has a spiffy new hat that's blue and yellow and big and has a tassel that swings around like a tetherball. The show was a good, fun one, set along the same lines as the previous nights. (Now, the Boston show was different...Murray was innocently causing all sorts of mischief, although the only thing I can remember offhand is him causing Jian to totally crack up during the 'Your New Boyfriend' intro...more details in a Boston review to follow.)

Well, sorry to ramble on...but I didn't even mention shabby hitting me in the face from across the room with my hat, all of the soda, or even Canadian customs...I'll get better at this next time. :-)

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