Live Show: 10/2/97


Albany, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley & Chad Maloney

The Details

I can tell it's going to be one of *those* weekends. You know, no sleep, long drives, but hey, it's all worth it...

Jo and I left Rochester promptly at four on Thursday afternoon, and after a very enjoyable drive, made it to Albany by half past seven. We proceeded right to Valentine's; Chad Maloney was enjoying dinner at a pizza place next door. We sat and chatted for a bit, and Jennifer (whom I'd met at the Kew Gardens show) also joined us.

Doors opened around 9:30. John Greene and Josh from yeP! drove from Boston and were partaking of some drinks at the bar; I'd met Josh before, but not John. I think they finally convinced me that I need to see an Iron Horse show one of these days. After a bit, we headed upstairs where Jenn was waiting for us.

I hunkered down on a couch and relaxed with Marcus for a bit, but shortly thereafter, Jason Reiser, Rob Johnson, and Jason's friend Leah arrived. And before we knew it (it was like 10:30 at this point), Hammel on Trial started. He was a little more abrasive than the time I saw him in Burlington, but I still enjoyed his performance.

Dan and Jered were also there, staking their claim right in front of the stage. Fruvous came on around 11:15, and played for a little under two hours. The set is very similar to what has been done at the last week's worth of shows, but I'm not complaining. The crowd went nuts, and it was definitely the best reception they've had at Albany thus far. During the Drinking Song, Fruvous invited John Greene and some guy named Glenn that John had met during the show up on stage. Moxy ended up letting Glenn sing most of the second half of the song, and he had a pretty nice voice. I've never seen "guest artists" for that song before. :)

Afterwards, Jo and I only chatted with everyone for a few moments, as we had a long drive ahead of us. We said our goodbyes, and left Albany at about two in the morning, which meant our arrival time in Rochester was a healthy 5:30 AM. Uggh!!

As I'm writing this, I'm getting ready for the Buffalo show at the Tralf. Oh my, how I'm going to sleep on Sunday!!!

From Chad Maloney:

Well, in everyone's life there comes a time when all the email is caught up with and there is time to post a review so that Zard can read it when she gets back =) And for me, now is that time.

I took a couple days off work (not counting the days of anticipation for the new set) to go see the Albany->Buffalo->Buffalo->Saratoga Springs shows. So, I got up bright and early and started the drive over to Albany in the beautiful Indianapolis night, which turned into a nice Ohio sunrise and eventually, a New York sunset. What did I learn in all this? Well, I can now define what is a long distance to drive in my tastes. Well, estimate at least. Somewhere between 10 hours and 13 hours lies the too far mark and I hit it going down I90 for what seemed like years. But eventually I rolled into Albany at 5pm ready for an adventure of venue and parking finding.

Mapquest was good to me, so the adventure was short lived and I shacked up in a Pizza/Deli place next door to Valentine's. I got some pizza and read for a while after making the acquaintence of the nice people working there. Around 7:30 I spotted a familiar face. Chris O'Malley had arrived and so I jumped up and stuck my head in front of him. Good, company for the waiting. I met Jo there too. She came with Chris and brought along her wonderful laugh. We met Jennifer from Rochester waiting in the Pizza place too and we all talked and laughed for awhile. We decided that when someone tells a joke, you to do the "joke" hand motion (which a little circle thing with your hands). Chris also informed me of the cancellation of the Saratoga Springs show. Well, at least that'll leave me 5 hours closer to home in Buffalo. Oh, and I still have two pieces of pizza left if anyone wants some. Just send a SASE and... oh nevermind.

Right before doors, we met up with John Greene and Josh (two Yep!pers) and chatted a bit. The venue was really great. Marcus had a couch (and no arm sling for all those following the recovery) and some great new merch (I got a cool YWGTTM sticker and a shirt too). While we were chatting it up with Marcus, Jason Reiser arrived with Rob and Jason's friend Leah. I don't remember when Jenn got there, but she was there too.

Hammel went on right on time. I was very entertained watching him do his guitar theatrics combined with silly faces. He was one person. I was amazed at that. It is so hard for one person to keep everything down and make a complete sound. I was also amazed that he didn't break a strings that night =) He made some internet jokes about people posting about the Sweaty Bald Guy, but it was all in good fun. The blew a seal joke was good too, but we decided that someone didn't let Hammel in on the joke hand motion and I don't think he ever told a joke with ending it by pointing out how hard it is to get good jokes.

Dan and Jered showed up somewhere in here near the end of Hammel's set or in the break. That was relaxing since I was planning on getting in on a hotel room with them and Dan was the reserver. Why do I have doubts about such travel pros?

Then came the new set. I was so excited at it. I had half worked all week thinking about this show. Message started in (and I felt a loss for the Wah-wah too, but it went away fast =). They the four went off into a small Wood excursion. I love On Her Doorstep!! I had heard Lazy Boy from the Pizza/Deli during the sound check, so I knew it was coming somewhere. Yay! And it just kept going. Blues Boo Time is awesome. Murray lays down some sweet groove on that one. The WLUV intro into the new Boyfriend was great too. Murray and Jian back and forth saying each others names for like 8 times (Troy? Tim? Troy? Tim? Troy? Tim? Troy? I'm here Tim. What is your question for me?).

Then I melted. I love Fell in Love. Live it just hits me. There is that Fly sorta feeling, you know? But Fell in Love just takes me along and just wow! Get in the Car pulled me out that. Dave had a Rockford Files leadin for it (Sky, forget about your karma. Get in the car.)

Hmmm... memory... Video B'ville was somewhere after that. Right after BJ I think just because the transition was familiar (I guess I should use the shuffle mode more on my CD player). Murr was strumming chords for the end and really getting into it when his amp over heated. The equiptment failure allowed the opportunity to speak of the bass troubles and the contingency plan that was formed. The electrics on Murr's Spector friend the night before and he scrounged up a '68 Fender (like I couldn't find a '68 Fender if I tried). So, the bass was dubbed the Messiah and so someone yelled Dan Bern is the Messiah. Murray said that we'd have to ask Dan if he were the Messiah before we pinned him with it, cuz he might now want to be and someone yelled to play Jerusalem (a Dan Bern song). It didn't seem like any of the Frufour payed attention, but later, Dave broke out into I spent 2 long days in Buffalo, sweet Buffalo and Murray added All I ate was white pizza. Lot's of white pizza - all in a Jerusalem style of course).

King of Spain had lots of cone references because the Blue and Yellow coned hat and my heart was shaken hearing King of Spain end with out Green Eggs & Ham. Not bad or good shaken, just a noticable difference. Of course deep down inside, I knew that meant good things, but you know...

Then Signed, Sealed, Delivered came. It was decent. I guess I was more attached to Love Potion that I though. But I liked it. Maybe it'll get better when I hear it more.

Then the encore brought with it a silver hatted Mur-man and a story like something from a Kronenburg flick. Boo-ing Mr. Cheese. Cheering Sam-I-Am! Needless to say I love the full version of Green Eggs & Ham if not just because Murray gets to sizzle.

I normally really like hearing Fly live, but you know, sandwiched in between a full order of Green Eggs and Ham and my first live Grunge of Spain, it just sorta was nice, you know. Grunge was great! Sunglasses and all.

The second encore brought arm and arm swaying and singing along. And even more singing along than normal. John Greene (Go Flyers!) and Glenn (he had another Hockey jersey on too... Montreal maybe?) were invited on stage to sing along. Murray taught Glenn the low harmony on the harmonics realy quick and then Mike got him going on the Melody for the whole second half! It was really good and it all came off as a nice refreshing end to great show.

We stayed around chatting it up and even were allowed to carry some stuff to the Frubus (just like on TV when the older brother "lets" the younger brother clean his room because it is the cool thing to do). Dan, Jered, Jenn, and I headed off to a bit of sleep before the next day's trek. Some to Buffalo, others to there parents =)

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