Live Show: 10/9/97


Pontiac, MI

Reviewed by: Frank Maynard, Guy Albertelli & Josh Woodward

The Details

They added Boss after the setlist was written and had originally planned Darlington as the last encore.

The show went late. I didn't have my watch but they must have played at least two hours. Crowd was around 100.

From Guy Albertelli:

Enjoyable concert, definately worth the driving time.

BTW apparently the Fruvan broke down in Detroit, but they did make it in time so I guess it all worked out well in the end.

From Josh Woodward:

Hello again! Just wanted to fill in some highlights from last night's show in Pontiac, MI. I unfortunately didn't record this one, it turned out to be by _far_ the best Fruvous show I've yet seen. 7th House was a really great place to see the band, and the audience was very receptive and polite.

Johny Vegas once again rocked. I really enjoy listening to them; the crowd was fairly dead but I found myself in the rare position of wanting them to play a little longer. Ahwell, I came out with a CD so that's cool. Keith recognized me and my small group immediately and made references to us at a couple points during the set since we were the only ones there who also saw Columbus, I believe.

The show was a little late beginning, and after the show I found out from Murray why this was. Their van broke down in mid-Detroit. While looking for help from a gas station attendant behind 3 inches of bullet-proof glass, told them they "needed to get out of here before sunset". They found a guy who fixed their van really quickly and told them the same thing, to get out of there by sunset. It freaked them out just a tad; their van just screams "steal me!"

So Fruvous came out alive. And immediately their energy on Message was amazing. They were musically perfect, and truly were enjoying the show. Everything flowed beautifully. After Doorstep, I believe, Dave breaks in to Age of Aquarius, which was hilarious. This led into some teases of Jesus Christ Superstar songs, which the rest of the band joined in on despite the fact they didn't even know what it was. The set was a bit different from recent sets. They open similarly, but in the second half it reverted a bit back to old setlists, especially the unexpected but welcomed King>Eggs, Potion #9 closer.

At some point, there was some banter about Ohio. They had stopped at a small town in Ohio for some food on the way to Pontiac. Jian was in a restroom "minding his business" when an old guy came up and patted his shoulder, saying "hello" to him. This really freaked him out.

Fell in Love was again a wonderful treat, especially with a silent audience. Throughout most of the song, I closed my eyes. Being in the front row with a quiet PA, most of what I heard was the raw instruments and voices, and during Fell, it was very surreal. Following that with Michigan Militia was strange, but ahwell.

Talked to the guys a bit after the show.. congratulated them on a job very well done. Then came the long drive back to Ohio. :)

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