Live Show: 10/10/97


Champaign, IL

Reviewed by: Zack & Chad

The Details

Well, the show was great! (What else?) It was nice to FINALLY meet a few of the newsgroup people at the show. The audience seemed better, more into the band, than the show back in April.

Chad has a set list and is going to post it. But I thought I'd cover a few of the highlights. I really LOVED the a cappella version of "Message", "bluesy" version of "Boo Time", WLUV routine, full version of GE&H with costumes, and "Grunge of Spain".

Some of the humorous segments: Michigan Militia began at the start with "I like to keep it in the refrigerator ... cross the line and you're electrocuted", at which time the band stopped playing and went into a several minute routine about how Mike has only a few things he is capable of saying in response to questions, with some examples given.

Johnny Saucep'n was introduced as ... a protest song against people who are against food. The new Moxy Fruvous slogan was introduced ... "EET" (that's the correct spelling) which the audience immediately took up and chanted often during the show.

Murray had a cheering section, despite the absence of Angel ;-)

The only "down" point of the show was that there was some section of the audience farther back that was being kind of boisterous during "Fell In Love". I tend to get emotional when I hear songs like "Fell In Love" and "Fly". I was a bit disappointed that others didn't share that.

However, it seemed the whole audience sang along to the encore "Drinking Song" (another emotional moment.)

After the show I got to chat with the guys a bit. They all seemed to like the audience. Mike said they were something like "a bit gritty but a good audience".

Mike also said that they would have another Frupuzzle out soon. So keep those pencils sharpened!

Well, I hope to get to meet more of you at some of the other Midwest shows. Have fun on the road and travel safely!

From Chad Maloney:

Gotta Get a Message To You (A Capella)
Poor Mary Lane
On Her Doorstep
Michigan Militia
Johnny SauceP'n
Lazy Boy
Boo Time (jazz version)
You Will Go To The Moon
Kick in the Ass
Your New Boyfriend (WLUV intro)
Fell in Love
Darlington Darling
Incredible Medicine Show
BJ Don't Cry
Video Bargainville
King of Spain
Get in the Car

Encore 1:
Green Eggs & Ham (Full Version)
My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors

Encore 2:
Grunge of Spain
Drinking Song

The Pictures

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The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

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