Live Show: 11/08/97


Rochester, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley & Jered Floyd

The Details

Why do Rochester shows also have to be so...interesting? :-)

After listening to the WBER interview at noon, and lounging around the apartment all afternoon, I sauntered down to the venue at 5:30. Nothing beats being ten minutes away from where the show is. There were about five people in line at this point, and doors weren't supposed to open till seven. More and more people started showing up, and fairly soon the line got very long, and we were all freezing our tushies off...

Doors opened a little past seven. My mom and my godmother came to the show with me, and we headed up to the balcony area; no seats, but a great view of the stage. All of the other people that were there: Jenn, Heather, Jered, Jo, Laurie, Zac, Spidey, Katie, Sarah Hoffman, Kelly SL, Sam Park, my boss (whom I love :-) and his brother, and a bunch of other people whose names I've forgotten.

Tory Cassis was the opener and he went on around eight. The crowd seemed a little disinterested, in my opinion. The place was packed but everyone was talking during Tory's whole set. :-( He played for a little less than an hour, and, as always, I enjoyed his set greatly.

Fruvous come on pretty much as planned, a little past nine. They played a two hour set, and the crowd was into it for the most part. At first, the crowd seemed like they had all taken a community valium or something; they were so dead! But as the show progressed, things kicked in.

After the show (around eleven), we all chatted for a bit, but the venue kicked us out fairly soon, unfortunately. At that point, the night took an interesting turn. Jered, Jenn, Heather, Laurie, Kelly and I attempted to drive 5 cars from the city to a Perkins near where I live. We all ended up getting separated, and two hours later, and after getting lost, locking keys in cars, etc..., we finally all met up at the Perkins for some much needed food.

Jen, Jered and I headed back to my place and finally hit the sack around three in the morning. Ughh... What a night. The show was decent (the crowd seemed a little so-so in my opinion), and the after show 'festivities' definitely made this a show to put in the fruvous archives.

From Jered Floyd:

Well, now for my whirlwind review and comments before I head off to sleep; Rochester was fun (although I wasn't feeling that great), but the crowd really irked me. Many people were really rude and obnoxious, talking through Tory's set and songs like "Fell in Love". I couldn't really hear Tory that well (I was up on the balcony that night), so I'm glad he opened on Saturday too.

I had an interesting time getting directions to the venues. I normally use MapQuest for directions, but they denied the existance of Andrews Road (where the Harro East is), and ended up using Maps-On-Us Big mistake! Besides the facts that MapQuest is easier to use and makes nicer maps, the directions I got from Maps-On-Us were just _wrong_ as far as I could tell. Well, lessons learned...

From Freetime magazine (11/5-11/19/97, Vol. 21, No. 12, pg. 10):

Harro East, November 8

Before being signed by Warner Music Canada, quasi-acappella group Moxy Fruvous had reached "gold" (50,000) units in Canada with its six-song eponymous indie cassette release and had opened for the like of Bryan Adams and Bob Dylan.

In 1993, the Toronto groups's debut album Bargainville, went platinum in Canada while the band toured sold-out theaters across Canada and garnered a Juno nomiation for Group of the Year. They followed this with non-stop touring throughout the U.S. and Europe allowing Moxy to hone their skills and develop a fanatical fan following who are known internationally as the "Fruheads."

In 1995, the band released their second album, Wood, a more intimate and personal record and have just put out their third full-length record, You Will Go To The Moon. The experimental sounds of Moxy Fruvous combines "gansta banjo hip-hop", "accordion love songs", "Persian epics" and "solid pop songs" into one cohesive package.

From City magazine (Volume 27, Number 7 - November 5-11, 1997; pg. 19):


Moxy Fruvous is a band that has won over an awful lot of fans by nature of it eclecticism and wacky sense of humor. On the other hand, Moxy Fruvous haters say this self-consciously eclectic outfit is just plain annoying, and the jokes aren't that funny anyway. Well, at least they're getting a reaction. Moxy Fruvous plays the Harro East Ballroom, 155 Chestnut Street, 8 p.m. Saturday, November 8.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle (Weekend 11/6/97; pg. 3)

Moxy Fruvous. This Canadian quartet has grown into one of the more popular acts to regularly pass through Rochester, offering a blend of unique pop sounds, amusing lyrics and pointed political commentary. Moxy Fruvous performs at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Harro East Ballroom, 155 Chestnut St. Tickets are $12.50 and are available at Record Archive, Lakeshore Record Exchange, Fantastic Records, RNK Music and Aaron's Alley and Ticketmaster (232-1900). Call 454-0230.

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