Live Show: 11/9/97


Utica, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley, Jered Floyd & Katie Contino

The Details

I was hoping for another show that could have a place in my memories similar to that of the July Syracuse show. I think this show qualifies...

Jo, Jen and I in one car, Jenn in another, and Jered in another constituted our little caravan from Rochester to Utica, leaving at around four in the afternoon. We got there by six-thirty, and stopped in a little pizza place across the street from the venue for some food. Mike and Kelly showed up shortly thereafter, so we chatted till eight, when doors opened.

I've never really been to Utica before, but Sunday night, in the middle of the pouring rain equals not too many people out seeing concerts. Captain Trip's Rainforest Preserve is a quaint place with still enough room to hold a decent size crowd (like Valentine's in Albany). Before the main area opened up, I met up with Chris Bray and his dad, Clairice, and others. I would say there were about 100 people there total.

Tory Cassis went on around nine and played for about forty-five minutes. The crowd seemed to like him; at least they were listening somewhat, not like Rochester the night before. Before Fruvous came on, I met a guy named Gary who had never seen Moxy before, but really liked Bargainville. I told him he was in for a treat...

Fruvous went on somewhere near ten or so. They played for about two hours, but the encores weren't that long, and I was surprised that they didn't come out for a third, considering how much the crowd was applauding. The set, though, was pretty varied from the night before, and the crowd was so great. During 'Fell in Love', complete silence... Ahh...

Afterwards, the guys were extremely social, and a bunch of us hung around and talked till something like one-thirty in the morning. Dave and I discussed the doom of my impending ass brand, Mike told us his Office Depot story, and I met a bunch of new friends, and also said hello again to Rattlebasket, a band that has played with Fruvous in the past.

Jo, Jen, and I headed home and got back to Rochester by three-thirty. I should have just gone straight to work for the amount of sleep I ended up getting. :-)

What a great show. I'll definitely be visiting this neck of the woods again when Fruvous returns.

From Jered Floyd:

The Utica show was excellent! I always enjoy the smaller shows better, the guys always seem more relaxed and off-the-wall, and Utica was no exception. Yeah, I suppose that it wasn't a perfect show technically (there were a few missed lines, especially on songs that hadn't been done in a while) but, darn it, it was FUN! If I want to hear flawless execution without chatter, I'l listen to the CD...

Speaking of CDs...a number of songs on CDs have little "embellishments" at the ends of songs, for example the strange notes at the end of "Michigan Militia", or the little riff at the very end of "fly"

(which is, btw, my favorite Fruvous song, but I won't get into that meta-level in this message)

I think there's another example or two, but I'm can't name any offhand. Anyhow, since these are studio recordings and presumably can be and were mixed extensively post-production, these things were consciously added to the songs. I wonder if there's rhyme or reason to this...they certainly don't sound wrong or out of place, but they're definitely _different_ and not present in any live performance I've seen.

What do you think? Hidden messages from Fruvous? A secret Canadian government conspiracy? (The US gov't gets accused of enough conspiracies, I think we should let those wily Canadians in on some of the action.) Space aliens? Inquiring minds want to know!

Anyhoo, I was talking about Utica. A bunch of us rolled into town earlier after traveling through the unpleasant weather, and had dinner at the pizza place across from the venue, where everyone seems to have eaten before or after the show (you've got to admit, they have a great location).

Oh, another thing about the weather in the northeast. Back home in Michigan, we had thunderstorms. Real thunderstorms, with thunder and lightning. None of this wimpy drizzle. I have yet to see anything even approximating a thunderstorm in my 3 years here in Boston. _Sigh_. I miss those thunderstorms. Just go and lie down in a room with lots of windows, and the lights (and preferably all electrical and mechanical gizmos) turned off. Crack open a window slightly. Stay there and watch the lightning, smell the fresh, crisp air, feel the thunder, and the light giddiness from the low pressure. I tell you, there's nothing more calming than experiencing a good thunderstorm. _Sigh_

Then we went over to the venue and milled around until Tory came on. He's very good, and I'm sure we'll be hearing more about him in the future. He has an incredible voice...I think he reminded me in several ways of Duncan Sheik. My main constructive criticism is that his songs often feel a bit sparse on lyrics; it's not that there aren't enough of them, it's just that they feel too spaced apart which really threw off the pacing for me. I can't wait until I have a chance to see him live with his band.

Moxy came on not too long after Tory finished. I won't go over the setlist again, other that to say that it was very different from most of the tour, and a lot of fun. "It's Too Cold" and the "Dancing Queen" medley were great to hear again. Personally, I'm very curious as to what Mike was going to do with the plastic sax before he kicked it across the stage because it wouldn't cooperate. (And then almost kicked Murray across the stage because he wouldn't cooperate :-)

They also did "Psycho Killer" (and did so the previous night in Rochester); I think this is a really excellent addition to the repertoire.

After the show, I stayed around for about an hour chatting with people, and then left to drive back to Boston around 1:30 am. Ugh. Normally about a 4.5 hour drive, but I made 3 stops where I rested for about 30 minutes-an hour, so I didn't really get home until 7 am. (It's certainly disorienting to wake up and not recognize where you are because all the cars in the parking lot have moved around...) I've never seen so many trucks in my life...ooh, and I hate passing those things because they like to swing into my lane when I do.

Marcus and Dave both have shaved their heads (old news)'s strange. It definitely looks good on Dave. As for Marcus, well, I guess there's not much that he could do that would look _bad_, but he had such nice hair before... Maybe it's just a plot to get people to go rub their heads.

Well, this message has already inexplicably expanded beyond all reasonable size limits, so I'll end it now; that, and because I'm tired and don't have anything more to say. I'll be at the NYC shows, so I'll see folks there...

From Katie Contino:

The natives are scarry, but the bar guys were nice. The Rainforest Preserve reminded me a lot of Styleen's in Syracuse, both are very small, 18+, have cool painings on the walls (Styleen's are better) and have rocking Frushows in them =)

But back to the begining so I can dole out thanks where they are due. My plans fell through, totaly shot to hell. My dad was going to take a friend and I, but got quite ill quite quickly, and was unable to drive us. I woke up early Sunday morning becasue I couldn't sleep and was greeted by a nice letter from Clarice (dedesfru) that sugested I ask Kimberly (Shilfiell) for a ride. I worked up my gall and did just that. Actually I sent Kris, her son, and email, but cought her online long before he was out of bed. Before I even had the chance to ask, but after I'd told my story Kimberly offered my friend and I a ride, just like that. I was very touched, and very greatful. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyways (hey this *is* my reivew), we worked everthing out and met Kimberly on the Thur-way (Sleeping on the inerstate, owhoao. we got some wild wild life, oh... sorry) and were off to Utica. It was a pleasent drive, rain and all.

Ariving in Utica very early (5:30!) we desided it would be nice to eat something (Yes, we support food =)) There was this quaint little dinner type pizza place across the street, which we went to. It wasn't so good, wasn't so bad. Thay had a grossly rich penuttbutter pie though. (mmmm) As we were leaving some other fruheads came in to the same place. I believe it was *the* place to eat, so close and all. We left the resturant to cross back to the venue around 6:30, looking at the long cold wait ahead, I was feeling pretty dumb. I'd worn a thin sweater, tank top, and sandels without socks. (feel free to yell at the dumb teen) but right infront of the venue was this parking space! SO, Shilfiell and Kris went to get there car from the lot down the street while Kristen (my friend 'member her from FRFF?) and I stood in the spot and waited for them. Boy, was THAT ever cold.

The doors opened at 8. Luck for sick me, we were allowed to wat inside by the door the "doorman" was very nice and chatty with a sweet giggle. I like to meet people and the club owners and workers were nice people to meet. After wards they didnt get mean untill 1:30 or so. It was nice not to be screamed at till we left like in Rochester on Saturday. However that club closed at 2am, according to their sign. Whats up with that? Well, anyways. Luck for Kristen and I were were never required to show ID. We'd told the guy we were in 12th grade (which has the possiblity of being 18, unlike 11th, where we really are) and he never questioned us =) Thank goodness! I;m rambling too much. Onto the show!

Tory took the stage at about 9pm, and played about 45-50 minutes. Again, this man is a treat. I'd travel to see him as much as I have to see Fruvous, yes, seriously. He mentioned how it was nice to play smaller venues where he could see people, and comented about people having been in Rochester. He played some great swing tunes, love songs, and unrequited love songs.

Fruvous came on about 10:15, early! imagin that! and played for close to or over 2 hours. A mush different set from the night before. Very Woodey. Yes, it has all the new song versions they've been doing on the YNB tour, but had special treats through in like "It's too cold," "Darlington Darling" and if I had gotten the set list, I'd tell you the others, but I enjoyed the show instead of copying down the songs. They did a few impromptu songs that I didnt know. Either they're dating themselves, or I'm a musical idiot, probably the later. Mike has some wild bits including "Happy Face Man" and a solo on a toy saxaphone deemed "the quivering chicken song" which related to what Jian was saying about Roy Rogers, a disgusting fast food place, and the only one between Rochester and Syracuse on I90.

Again they played PSYCHO KILLER! but I thought they weren't going to because Jian stoped Murray when he started doing the thing on his bass. Instead they did "Get in the Car" then PSYCHO KILLER and again, it *rocked the house*. I only have one quam with that song, the ending, and thats not even so ban, just that I can't keep up =) If Fruvous want to keep covering my favorite bands, I bet they could so some neat stuff with Ani, Vance Gilbert, or maybe some Fruvisized techo. Dave's fasion seems to be leaning that way anyhow.

In the encore they attempted the Billie Jean Medley... I guess they havn't done that in a while since they forgot the words =) Murray was cranking out the "Love fool" parts and people behind me were cheering for him. I'm still amazed by the versitility of the human voice.

I forget what they ended ended with, but it wasn't the "Drinking Song" or "The Gulf War Song" and ya know what? I didn't mind one bit, and I didn't miss it either. The energy of the crowd when all was said and done was fantastic, and it kept me pumped all the way home so I could keep Kimberly company.

After the show we were allowed to mingle for quite awhile which was very nice. It's so nice to catch up with you people. I must say though, Jered, you have a great vertical. You should change lightbulbs or play basketball =) Hello again to everyone. I guess I'll end about here. The ride home was so nice! I got to take my shoes off, not like I didn't during the show, but ya know... they had wooden soles, NO shuish what-so-ever! I should think more about my feet, they keep me dancing! I'll end my tale here, with a thanks for listening and until the next, keep Fruvin and Happy trails.

(Be sure to check out the article from the Observer-Dispatch).

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