Live Show: 12/17/97


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Rosemary

The Details

Here's the little ditty that MF closed the Breakfast Television show with, this morning: (to the tune of "Minnie the Moocher", with a considerable helping of irony)

Intro:  (Jian) Well, folks, it's Moxy Fruvous and old Grampa . . .
        (Mike) And my offspring . . .

Well, folks, here's the story of Minnie the Moocher
She was one real hootchie-coocher
Talking Christmas carols, she wrote the primer
And Minnie had a heart as big as Moses Znaimer
Hi dee hi dee hi (repeat)
Hey dee hey dee hey (repeat)
Oh Minnie! (echo, "Oh Minnie")
Wahahaho, wahahaho.

Now those big toy maufacturers being pious and sober
Showing us frosty Rudolphs in early October
Gosh, they know you gotta start them kids early
Buy a Barbie that looks like Elizabeth Hurley . . .
Hi dee hi dee hi
The Christmas brainwash
Oshkosh B-Gosh! ("Oh, beHAVE!")
("Come on Barbie, let's go party . . . hee hee hee hee")
Yes, this way Minnie learned the high cost of lovin'
In department stores all that pushin' and shovin'
Tired of the jingle jangle and the noise that was bringin'
Said she'd rather hear some Fruvous scat singin'
("A one, a one, a one, two, three, four  . . . .)
(scat stuff here -- you didn't HONESTLY think I'd attempt
Our recent mayor elections have got us all elated,
'Cuz we know it's Queen's Park that *should* be mistrusted and hated.
But our new mayor elect's coming in like a fine sea-breeze,
Thank God with Mel Lastman we'll get the tax freeze!
Bwahahahaha,  I don't *think* so! ("I don't *think* so . . .)
The joke's on us (the joke . . .etc)
After all the fuss.
"Revenue neutral!" (ha ha ha)
("Here comes the key change . ..)
Ontario folk all acting beaten and listless
Mike Harris once again as the Grinch who stole Christmas
Not even little Suzie Who of Whoville could reverse him,
I say bring out the vat of boilin' oil and immerse him!
Hi dee hi dee hi
Tuitions treble!
May his Christmas tree tremble!
(fade out . . .)
This one's for Anne Rohmer, in the BT diner . . .

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