Radio Show: 1/31/98 & 6/20/98

1/31/98 & 6/20/98

CBC Radio, Canada

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley & Arbie Fru

The Details

A taped live performance of Moxy was broadcast on CBC Radio One from 4-5pm. Definitely Not the Opera! (hosted by Nora Young) played portions of the 10/25/97 show from Winnipeg, Manitoba at the West End Cultural Centre. The Winnipeg show was part of a 10th Anniversary celebration of that venue.

From CBC Radio's website:

Definite!y Not The Opera

Define!ly Not The Opera, hosted by Nora Young .From their early days busking on the Toronto streets, Moxy Fruvous has gone on to create a delightful blend of funk and folk. They've toured extensively through Canada, The United States and Europe and this Saturday they bring their live show to the DEFINITELY NOT THE OPERA Act IV stage in a concert recorded live at the West End Cultural Center in Winnipeg.

From DNTO's website:

Saturday, January 31

Hi, here's a look ahead at this week's show:


*OK,'s finally here: Moxy Fruvous recorded live in concert. The concert was part of the 10th anniversary celebrations for the West End Cultural Centre, a real cultural institution in Winnipeg. There was a special energy there that night, and it should make for a great concert. Incidentally, we'll be broadcasting more concerts from the 10th anniversary parties, including Lyle Lovett next month.

From Arbie Fru (6/22/98):

I know the DNTO show was a repeat but I thought I'd post it anyway. FYI and
all that stuff.
I have a good tape (except for a skip in Doorstep thanks to CBC's DAT) if
anyone wants.

Gotta Get a Message to You (a capella version)
Poor Mary Lane
On Her Doorstep
The Lazy Boy (they got the vocal mix evened out by here)
Boo Time - good audience participation
Video Bargainville
King of Spain  - Counted straight in - no unspeakable wife!
Get in the Car
Green Eggs & Ham - I'll keep my tape just for this
Grunge of Spain / Grumpy Monarch
The Drinkin' Song - good audience participation

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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