Live Show: 2/24/98


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Rosemary

The Details

Late last year, a local TO radio station, Mix 99.9, held an auction to raise funds
for the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital Fund, and our Frulads contributed to this cause by
offering to perform for the individual or company who was the highest bidder.  The lucky
winners, with a $5,000 high bid, were the staff of Ash Temple Dental Supplies in Don
Mills  This morning, the staff enjoyed an egg breakfast, Egg Olympics and a performance
by MF, live, on the air.
     Fruvous performed several songs, the first of which was a modified version of King
of Spain, as follows:
Once I was the King of Spain (now I eat humble pie)
I ruled the land with compassion and great skill (niehp)
I'm telling you I was the King of Spain (niehp)
Now I'm watching the Grammys with "Kevin from Stouffville" [a contest winner from
earlier in the morning]
1, 2, 3, 4
Royalty, lord it looked good on me
 . . . . . . . . . . .
Once I was the King of Spain (niehp)
I had a ship and a crew waiting dock-side
I'm telling you I was the King of Spain (niehp)
And now I'm testing the nitrous oxide!
I can't wait, I'm lowering interest rates
My people say, "King, how are you such a dentist?"
"There's a roof over head, and . . . FLOURIDE!"
It's laissez faire . . .
Once I was the King of Spain (niehp)
Now we had a dental plan, smooth-sailing.
I'm telling you I was the King of Spain (niehp)
And now I can't even pay for a scaling!
"Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the Hygenist-assistants!"
"Now some of you may be wondering what I'm doing here in North America
After being royalty in Spain."
J:  "How'd it happen, King?"
"Well, it has something to do with my bridgework."
M:  Ha ha!  Tell us more!"
"I can tell you more if you're interested in teh epilogue.  Do you want to know?"
 . . . . . . .
So next time you DROOL in the pizza line,
Remember slower pizza's more luscious,
The King of Spain never BRUSHES!
 . . . . . . .
And now I'm flossing with Moxy Fruvous!
Rob Christie DJ:  Moxy Fruvous had a big fund-raiser at Lee's Palace on the weekend.
Jian:  We did!  We had our fourth annual Pro-Choice show at Lee's Palace . . it was
packed . . .
RCDJ:  A "flock of fruvi" were there . . .
Mike:  A gaggle!
Jian:  A great time . . it was great to play in Toronto . . . we were just talking about
how we spend so much time on the road and it's really nice to get to play a show that
our friends can come to becuse it's in Toronto . . .
RCDJ:  So, what ARE your groupies like?
Jian:  Uhm, really really really nice looking guys . . .
RCDJ:  Any weird stuff happen to you guys, like, y'know, in the middle of a performance,
when something went wrong . . .?
Jian:  Nothing, nothing weird has ever happened, really . . .
RCDJ:  Life on the road . . . there's gotta be something that's happened?
Mike:  We lost our transimission in the middle of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  We
had to pull over . . . burning smoke was coming out of the engine, and we looked
underneath and there was a blob of . . . viscous goo . . . underneath the truck.
Dave:  But, when we remembereed the old show biz adage, and just went on with the show .
. . .
RCDJ:  A blob of viscous goo?  I have a feeling that "viscous goo" is going to be a
lyric in one of your songs in the future . . .
Jian:  Actually, right before that, though, we played in Minneapolis, and Weird Al
Yankovic, was playing too, it was this festival, and he played right before us, and
right afterwards some 'handlers' sorta came over and said, uh, "can you come over to
Weird Al's bus, MISTER Yankovic's bus?", and , like, we thought we'd done something
wrong, but we said, uh, "sure", or maybe he's just a nice guy who gets to say "hello" to
peple, so we went in there and, uh, and we sorta said, uh, "hi, we're Moxy Fruvous" and
he was, like, "I KNOW, man, I'm a huge fan of yours!", and he had our t-shirt and stuff
and all our CDs, and so we ended up inviting him to come on stage with us, and he played
. . .
Murray:  Accordion.
Jian:  Yeah, accordion, on a Tom Waits tune, and actually he . . . sucked!  I mean, he
was pretty bad, terrible, really, but a really nice guy.
Murray:  And a good dancer.
RCDJ:  And a good dancer as well, too?  And did you lead?
Murray:  Uh, no, he lead, but no, I deferred.
RCDJ:  Yeah, Weird Al . . . he's a pretty bizarre individual.  He'd fit right in with
you guys.
Jian:  Thanks.  That means a lot to us!
RCDJ:  You'll be performing another song for us after 8 o'clock, right?  And you've been
working on a special ditty for our "egg roulette" bit?
Dave:  Oh, achhh, this is a ditty that will win the hearts of those who aren't sure
about egg roulette.

Barker is our favourite sports guy
Christie's our best best
And there comes a time on every show
For eggs "sur la tete".
It's time for egg roulette, it's time for eggs roulette,
Everybody!  It's time for eggs roulette!

(Object of game:  to choose one of 12 eggs from a tray, among which only 4 are
hardboiled, and the rest are not.  You choose an egg and crack it squarely on your

    The lads wrapped up the show with a rendition of "River Valley" and were presented
with turtle neck sweaters from the dental group.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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