Live Show: 3/22/98


Ontario, Canada

Reviewed by: Hugo Rodrigues

The Details

(Show aired at 9:00pm EST)

Well, sat down and watched the episode on fame after taping it on Sunday.

Mr. Jones is kind of an arts/variety/call in show, where the presenters show pre-taped clips surrounding a central theme. The public is then invited to call a 1-888 number to comment on the night's theme. Some shows had guests to assist in evolving the episode.

The spot on the FruCon was the first pre-taped segment on Sunday night's show. It featured a little bit of everything, but highlighted the tatoo! (Man, what a huge and hairy ass!) :P~~ It was edited in (what to me is) City-TV style, bouncing around from one person to another, but very well put together. Some of the featured people were Ceecee, the hand-jivers, ChrisO, Vika, *ahem*me*ahem*, DanJ, Angel and Sara, Jian, someone with a broken foot, and someone who thought we were all obsessed. -- Who us? Pah!

I got a kick out the into for the spot though... the male said the next spot was on the band Moxy Fruvous. "You're probably asking yourself who Moxy Fruvous is... Well they're a Toronto band with somewhat leftist leanings..." He would then comment after the Moxy bit that he likes a band called Suede, but would never get a tatoo on his ass. Smartass. :)

The rest of the show had some interesting features (like one on a Andy Worhal --sp? show at the Ont. Art Gallery) and good calls. The guest was the actor who recently played Agent Spender on X-Files. He said he would play an important role in the cliffhanger season finale, and might play a greater role in the show when Duchovny is rumoured to start spending more time with his knock-out wife, Tea Leoni. This of course, was enough to content me and all my X-phile friends. :)

Anyways... an interesting show, and overall a fairly well done spot on Moxy.

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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