Live Show: 5/23/98


Rochester, NY

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley & A.J. LoCicero

The Details

The '96 Lilac Festival Fruvous show was my _second_ fru-show ever. At that time, Fruvous wasn't as well known in Rochester, and the show was at a very tiny stage, with about 100 people in the audience, if that. This year, Fruvous was one of the headlining acts, playing at Highland Bowl (big, big, big) and drawing a crowd of over a thousand.

After the in-store, a bunch of us headed back to my apartment to re-group, and then took the shuttle from MCC to the Festival. Got some food (fried dough...yum) and sat on the grass, basking in the warm sun. By this point, it was already between four & five in the afternoon, so we'd missed some of the "opening" bands that played before Fruvous. By the time we actually went to the stage (which was a separate, fenced off area), 'Into the Now' was about halfway through their set. We staked out a place on the grass close to the stage and enjoyed the nice weather and music.

Between Into the Now & Moxy, Vika and I were "recruited" to do merch while Toby helped out with setting up the stage. Fruvous hit the stage a little late, around 6:30 (not too bad), and started a high energy set with the extended version of Sahara, which the crowd immediately started boogeying to. The guys played for about 90 minutes or so, and the crowd ate up every minute of it. I really enjoy outdoor Rochester shows, especially for the energy of the crowd. Some people were throwing lollipops on stage, some of which hit Murray and Jian (that was definitely not cool), but for the most part the crowd was great.

After the set, the guys came out by one of the fences and talked to fans, signed autographs, and the like. A huge group of us Fruheads headed to Jack Astor's (where the DJ played pretty much every song that Moxy has ever covered!) for some much needed food. By around eleven in the evening, Vika, Chris, Zard, AJ and I headed back to my apartment for some R&R.

What a fun day. Two great sets, nice weather & a ton of friends makes for a very happy Rochester Fruvous-weekend... See ya all soon!

From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle (Weekend section - Thursday, May 21, 1998):

Saturday, 1 p.m., Rochester

Moxy Fruvous' irreverent live show is brilliant captured on the Canadian pop band's new CD, Live Noise. It's also a reminder of what you're be hearing when the band takes the stage at Highland Bowl; amusing stage banter, fine harmonies, hits such as King of Spain and interesting covers such as the Talking Heads' Psycho Killer and Tom Waits' Jockey Full of Bourbon. Also performing: Linda Rutherford & Celtic Fire, Into the Now and the Riff Monsters. Gates open at noon. Tickets are $10 in advance, $13 the day of the show and are available at Ticket Express, 100 East Ave. (222-5000). Moxy Fruvous also performs free that day at noon at Record Archive, 1880 East Ave. Call 244-1210.

From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle (Saturday, May 23, 1998):

Event of the day

Irreverent music. You can cound on funny stage banter as well as fine harmonies when pop band Moxy Fruvous takes the Highland Bowl stage.

Linda Rutherford & Celtic Fire, Into the Now and the Riff Monsterts open at 1 p.m. Lilac Festival show at South and Reservoir Avenues. Tickets are $13, call Ticket Express, 100 East Ave., at 222-5000 or 800-722-3939.

From A.J. LoCicero:

After the in-store, a number of us attempted to caravan back to Chris O's, but with 6 cars, this proved a bit difficult. Fortunately we all made it eventually. Once there we did what Chris described as re-grouping, which consisted of listening to bits of the MIT show from the 15th, and playing with Chris's adorable cat MGM.

Reenrgized, we set out for the Lilac Festival. Driving to someplace or other and then taking a shuttle bus. When we arrived at the festival, there was only one thing on most of our minds: (No, not Fruvous, not even close!) FOOD! We had a nice little picnic on the lawn eating not just fried dough, but fried everything. (Greasiest Chicken Teriyaki I've ever had!). At one point someone came up to us to ask if we knew where Fruvous was playing. This was amusing, because no one was really wearing much frugear. I've no idea how this person could have known that we'd even know who they were. Unfortunately, we couldn't really answer their question, since we didn't really know where the place was ourselves.

After lunch we went and found the place where the show was, and staked out a spot near the front. I started wandering around snapping pictures. This was only 3rd time I'd ever had a camera at a show, and the very first time that I'd brought a REAL camera, so I was really gettin' into the photography thing. I think I got some great shots of various fruheads (Including Vika as Merchmistress), but unfortunately, we'll never know, because that roll didn't turn out. It is double exposed with somebody's wedding--Not my fault--bummer.) :(

Anyway, the show was fun. Good sound yet again. I danced until I was sore. Zard had said that she was looking forward to a nice quiet show, sitting on the lawn. HA! That didn't last 5 minutes into the set. She was up and bopping with the rest of them.

After the show we got back to our cars and bid good-bye to Mary who had to head back to Philly. Then after a bit of organizational bruhaha, we wound up at a place called Jack Astor's for food, drink, and merriment. We? Let's see if I can remember... Chris T., Zard, Chris O., Vika, Chris and Moe, Michelle, Chrissie K. (What is it with this Chris thing?), Jo, Dan G. and me. (Am I leaving anyone out? I just did that list more for my benefit than yours, because I'm awful with names. If I got everyone, I'll be impressed!) Anyway at the restaurant we ate fattening foods and drank delightful concoctions, and listened to the muzak which was all 70's and early 80's stuff. It had the more senior members of this group in stitches. (Zard would have bought the tape if it had been a tape, but alas It was a DJ.) (Zard, did you consider buying him?)

When we'd scarfed our fill, we said our good-byes and then Chris, Chris, Vika, Zard and I headed back to ChateauMally. Chris (Fantastically cool dude that he is) kindly donated some floor space to me for the night, which was not only fun, but also helped my bottom line immensely. We talked, and Chris showed us some of the stuff he does with his keyboard and sequencer (MF: If you guys ever need a keyboardist there is probably a darned good one standing right down front.)

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