Live Show: 5/26/98


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Rosemary & Dan Godwin

The Details

This morning, as you know, Fruvous was on Toronto's MIX 99.9 FM radio station, from 8:15 - 9:00 a.m., promoting the release of LIVE NOISE in Canada, today. The boys joined Rob Christie, "Daring" Darryl and Maureen Holloway (for whom they did a funny intro) at the station and performed several pieces, live at the studio. They did a rollicking "Jockey" to start. The DJs, recalling that Fruvous began their careers on the streets, on a whim, whisked the boys outside and onto a west-going street car on St. Clair Avenue, where the boys sang, of all things, "Get In The Car" on a streetcar, much to the surprised passengers' delight. The song was transmitted over DJ Darryl's dying cell phone. Once back in the studio, the boys did "Psycho Killer", to close out the morning show, with the best finale I've heard for that song, yet.

From Dan Godwin:

The guys performed this morning on the mix 99.9 FM morning show. They did a little bit for a segment on the show, called "Other People's business." The guys also plugged Live Noise which was released this morning. They Performed Jockey Full of Burbon in studio. They then were asked to perform Get in The Car on a Toronto street car. They didn't do the whole entire song. They sent the performance back via a cellular phone, which they described as being on its last legs. When the guys got back to the studio, they plugged the album more, and then performed Physco Killer.

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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