Live Show: 5/30/98


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Rosemary, Jason Hare, & Christine

The Details

Moments ago, my children and I returned from CFTO-CTV studios where Fruvous performed, in aid of the annual telethon to raise funds for research for Toronto's famous Hospital for Sick Children. We arrived at the studios (where Fruvous, earlier this month also taped shows for Dini Petty and Canada AM)around 8:30 p.m., hoping to get into the studio as audience memebers. We didn't know that one had to reserve seats ahead of time, but since we "know people" at CTV, we managed to sweet-talk our way in, and cop a spot on the guest list.

I'm not a big fan of telethons, but I must say spirits were high at this event. We had not consulted the performers list, but were thrilled to know that Dana Manning (whom my 12-year old John Jr. adores -- she was kind enough to sign her autograph for him -- I know someone who's going to have sweet dreams tonight!), Wide Mouth Mason, and Tom Wilson of Junkhouse were also performing during the same two-hour segment as Moxy Fruvous. While we were waiting to enter the studio, Dave Matheson came by to talk to us (looking a wee bit tired after a residential move earlier today)and to share hugs and news. He told us MF would be on around 9:20 p.m. Once inside the studio, the kids were treated to all manner of sweets, and Jeannie Cooper, long-time actress of "Young and the Restless" fame, came over to talk to me, to compliment me on my sons, my "fine and handsome young men with the gorgeous eyes!" I thanked her, told her about Julian's gymnastics exploits, and she kindly signed an autograph for each of us. Nice!

Fruvous came on at 9:30 p.m., shared some banter with hostess Carla Collins, then proceeded to play a rousing "Michigan Militia", to a keen audience, many of whom I'm guessing were hearing Fruvous for the first time. (I'm curious to know who the three familiar-looking lads were, one row behind us, to the far right -- have we met?) The kids and I stayed for another hour, then hied our way home, clutching many goodies generously donated by sponsors of the event. As of midnight, the telethon had raised $687,339, $1,000 of which was raised during Moxy Fruvous' short spot,alone. Way to go, guys! This is not the first time Fruvous has donated their time and energy to charitable causes directed at kids. And as a mother who has had a son who spent six very scary visits to the Hospital for Sick Kids, it is gratifying to know that artists such as Moxy Fruvous help raise funds for such an important institution, to ensure that our children can get the very best in medical treatment.

From Jason Hare:

Just saw Moxy on the Hospital for Sick Children Marathon on CFTO Toronto...I don't know if they played more than one song, but when I turned it on, they were doing "Michigan Militia" and that was it...they asked each for their names, Dave and mike introduced themselves normally, Jian introduced himself as "keep those phones ringing" and Murray introduced himself as "I'm also keep those phones ringing..."

The host then asked Mike about his younger brother, who was apparently sick some years back and spent time in the Hospital For Sick Children. Mike helped promote the hospital pretty well, I thought.

I did find it a bit weird that they played Michigan Militia, as opposed to maybe something a bit more "fun.." but it was nice to see the guys up there...

From Christine:

They also came back on at around 10:45pm and sang "I've gotta get a message to you" a cappella.

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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