Live Show: 6/8/98


Pittsburgh, PA

Reviewed by: Brent & Marianne Miller, & Mike Wood

The Details

Last year at this time we had never even heard of Moxy Früvous; today of course is a different story. Monday, as they say, we returned to the scene of the crime; Borders Books and Music in Pittsburgh, PA. That's where we first saw Moxy Früvous perform live on Wednesday August 6, 1997.

Back in August we had never heard of Moxy Früvous, today we are certified 'Früheads.' Our stated mission is to convert as many people as we can into Früvous fans. Consequently, we brought a dozen friends and family members to see Früvous. EVERYONE thought they were great, the ages of our contingent ranged from 2 to 76 and we came in five separate vehicles.

Prior to the Borders show, the band made an on-air appearance on WYEP 91.3 FM. (a great listener supported public radio station) They performed two songs on the radio: My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors and I've Gotta Get a Message to You. We were a little disappointed with the short amount of time they were on the air because they're always fun to listen to.

Borders is a two story book store and people were everywhere. Around the balcony, on the stairs and even on the escalator which was stopped for the performance. But one of the funniest things that happened was during the 'The King of Spain' introduction when the elevator door opened (located right next to the band) and out stepped an older - perplexed gentleman who was immediately introduced by Murray as 'Arnold Palmer.'

Marianne and I came equipped with a camera and a tape deck. (Many thanks to Jason Reiser for his valuable input on taping.) After talking to Cal, I decided the best way to tape the show was from my seat in the audience. And let me tell you, I got something pretty special on tape. Specifically, 'Spiderman,' that's when Mike came through the audience to where I was sitting on the floor with my tape deck. The following is a direct quote from Mike's rap session during Spiderman:

'Spiderman has arrived just in time to tell you how excited he is about the new Früvous live album. The best thing about this live album, is that it means from now on, people in the audience won't have to bootleg Früvous performances. They won't need to bring chunks from the home stereo system AND TAPE THE FRUVOUS SHOW! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE MAN! I'M GOING TO MAKE THOSE LITTLE UV METERS JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! IT'S RIDING, IT'S TOTALLY WRECKING THE THING... (back into Spiderman) eight legs good...two legs bad...'

It was a good thing I was sitting on the floor because I was already doubled over laughing so hard I was crying. Mike had his face right in the mics, the Borders crowd absolutely loved it. There were lots of memorable Früvous moments that evening.

Früvous played for about an hour, then stayed for almost another hour signing autographs and talking to their new fans.

All told, it was an amazingly fun night, and the guys put on a great show, giving their all as usual!!!

From Mike Wood:

Hey Kids:

It wasn't posted on the board, because of such short notice, but I wanted to drop a line to tell you about the boys' suprise In-Store show here in Pittsburgh last night...(6/8).

About a week back it was announced that Fruvous would be preforming at Border's books here in Pittsburgh's South Hills. Well, after appearing on the local radio station, WYEP (the most, and I mean MOST eclectic station I have ever had the pleasure of listening to) at around 1 in the afternoon which I MISSED due to work, the boys appeared as planned.

I decided to go up early, as we fanboys tend to do, to get a seat right in front...Along with me I took along a new convert, the lovely Karen (hi honey), Chris Bowser Man About Time, and planned to meet up with the usual crew of Pittsburgh Fruheads, (IE: Scotty, The Sproute, Joshy and Mel).

All went as planned...karen and I and Chris and Scotty arrived at about 6:30 (an hour early, but it's a good good seats). We got there to hear a bit of soundcheck...Murray (the man) and the others recognized me from past shows which, in all honesty, make this fellah feel mighty appreciated, thank you very much.

ANYHOO...we were finally joined by the Sproute and her mumsie and a friend from school and we all gathered in a group on the floor that reminded the Scottster of "storytime" back in the good old days of fruit roll-ups and drink boxes (wait...that was yesterday...). Joshy and Mel showed up with Mel's 4 year old son Evan...Who, BY THE WAY, was the hit of the party, giving all the chickees hugs. Lady Killer.

SO, the show started. Poor Jian tried to coax an intro out of a fellow fruhead's little daughter Indianna, and then from Evan with no avail. Evan managed to get out "This is weird" before the audience erupted into laughter.

Finally the show was announced by an older youngin.

They began, as did last time at Border's, with "Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors". This led to Michigan Militia, and then to Jockey Full of Bourbon. since it WAS a promo for the new LIVE NOISE album, they mentioned it a few times and went on to do more somgs. A version of "Fly" that made my eyes tear, a hyperactive "Spiderman", the Scat version of "Boo-Time" and "Johnny Sauce P'n" (in which Karen knew all the words...So proud of her, she practiced so hard). Of course "King of Spain" was in there...

Then, much to my suprise, they treated us to Green Eggs and Ham...which grabs the new fans and REELS them in...

All in all, it was a great time, as always. The crowd was pretty big, for an in-store and for Pittsburegh..And it seems the fanbase here is growing. We actually had to form a LINE to meet the boys at the end of the show, which was new for me...Usually they just mosey (is that a word?) around after the show.

The only NEGATIVE part was that Me and The Man About Time's attempt to record the show failed miserably...We taped about an hour's worth of radio instead,, ,

BUT, and this is important, there was ANOTHER taping the show..And man, if you read this, I'd love a copy...Get in touch with me.

So, a great time was had by all. Good music, laughter, conversation, and hugs from a 4 year old.

Can't think of much better.

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