Live Show: 6/17/98


Champaign, IL

Reviewed by: Jordan McClure, Cthulhu Spawn, & Julia Burns

The Details

Well if you thought my first review was long, that was when I was rushed so here goes one when I'm not. :) I went through all the trouble of writing down the setlist, but then I lost it so I'll have to give this my best shot from memory.

I left my comfy desk at the Interactive Coupon Network in Chicago around 3:30 p.m. and after battling a bit of Chicago traffic, made it on to I-57, where law enforcement was in force (I saw no less than nine cops on ~100 mile stretch downstate). Fortunately, though, my stealth purple car was able to avoid all those pesky radar guns. I arrived in Champaign at just after six, with just enough time to pick up a friend and stop by Ren's Chinese for some of that tasty food I so miss while not living in Chambana. After dinner, we headed over to Periscope records, where the in-store was to take place. We arrived at just the right time, and were able to get a good spot just before the crowd started rolling in. And what a crown it was. There must have been 200 or so people crammed in the small store. At lot of young, high-school age looking people too

At around 7:45, Todd, a DJ from the Web 93.5 radio station came up and introduced Moxy. Out came the band and Jian, surprised at how we were all packed like sardines in front of the small stage, asked if we wanted to sit down. That didn't happen. They talked for about ten minutes or so before it was time for another introduction, just in case we forgot who they were. This time they picked a girl from the audience, who came right up to the microphone and said "Chicken." After many quizzical looks from the band and the crowd, she explained that it was her favorite word and she just had to say it. Then she introduced the band. They kicked off the music with a rollicking version of "My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors" followed by "Michigan Militia" and "Jockey". The sound was really not that great, but the band really seemed to be having a lot of fun the songs more fun than they had in Chicago at least.

At this point in the show, Jian ordered us to sit down, which received much applause from the back of the room. The actual sitting down process was a funny sight, as seated people take up more room than non-seated ones, and there wasn't any extra room. We managed though and Jian proceeded to tell the tale of the Frubus breaking down. Before I get into that story, I should mention that the band had to cancel an in-store at Periscope last spring, because the van broke down in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and they couldn't get it fixed in time. So once again, on the way from Minneapolis to Champaign, the Fruvan broke down in bumblefuck, Wisconsin, outside of a small town with one mechanic (at a shell station). Apparantly this guy was very reluctant to take a look at the van, and complained a lot, but eventually managed to get it fixed.

So after story-time (that story went on at least 15 minutes), the band played "Fly". After that, Jian explained to the crowd that it was a good idea to do anything corporate America, as long as they pay you enough money. Then you can just ignore any unethical things they are doing and buy stuff (or something like that) This kicked of a long tease, called "Oh, Tannenbaum," more or less to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree" with at least a half a dozen verses on this very subject. Next, the band sang a great version of "I Love My Boss," after which Jian asked the crowd who we should call when there's a fire. Firemen, of course. And if you need help? The police. But for anything else, there was Spiderman. By this time, Mike was perched up by the speakers over on the side of the stage (there really wasn't much room for anything else). In the middle of the song, Spidey got some inspiration from a spirit medium, who turned out to be this plastic female head that was sitting on the shelf, affectionately named Gladys by Mike. Spidey spoke through this spirit medium (I forget what she said) and then tossed her on the ground for a bit of world cup soccer at the end of the tune.

After Spiderman, out came the hats and it was Boo Time. Of course, there were many Champaign-Urbana oriented lyrics but I can't remember them. After Boo, came I've Gotta Get a Message to You, always good but not great due to the sub-par sound system. After this, the band talked about how they used to play in ravines when they were kids, and that you could so all sorts of fun stuff in them, like have your first kiss, your first beer, your first cigarette. (They then added a disclaimer that any kids thinking about smoking their first cigarette should do so in the comfort of their own home, under their parents' watchful eyes, not in a ravine.) This intro led into The Present Tense Tureen followed by the always fun Johnny Saucep'n.

After this, it was time for the usual monarchy talk, and then the introduction. Oddly, the introduction wasn't done by Mike, but by the head of Gladys, who apparently had recovered from her stint as a soccer ball. After the King came out, it was discovered that his wife was not Lisa, but in fact Gladys and there was a bit of talk about why he would marry just a head It was a great version of the song (despite the fact that we were all still sitting down I don't think there was any way this many people could stand up and start dancing). After King of Spain came, of course, Green Eggs and Ham. During Not the Beatles, Murray pointed out that you shouldn't diss the Beatles here because they were playing at Periscope and the Beatles wrote Yellow Submarine.

Finally, the band closed with the Love Potion #9 medley, after which, came the only disappointing part of the evening Todd came out and announced that the band would come back out for autographs in about 10-15 minutes. No encore! I know it was only an in-store, but the crown really deserved one. We hung around for a bit, then took off to procure some tasty custard at the Custard Cup and it was back to Chicago for me (work in the morning, bleh). All an all a great in-store!

- Jordan (with the assistance of Kumar)

From Cthulhu Spawn:

I made it...took my wife and a friend (it'll be so much easier after I get a car
with more than two seats).  The set list:

My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors
Michigan Militia
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
    They had the audience right in front sit down at this point...and said that it
felt much
    cooler to them.
Oh, Tannenbaum (They got into a thing about all the nasty corporations we should
be buying
    They talked a bit about the Frubus breaking down in Feb (when they were
    supposed to do the show at Periscope)...the Frubus broke down again Tuesday,
    Wisconsin, on the way from Minnesota, on the way here....coincidence?  or was
    someone/thing trying to stop them from playing in Champaign?
I Love My Boss
Spiderman (Mike climbed up on the low wall next to the stage and grabbed a display
head off
    the shelf...said something about her being "Mabel the Medium" or something
like that)
    They all put on hats (3 bowlers & a [pork pie?])
Boo Time (They put a bunch of stuff about Periscope and what-not in the middle)
I've Gotta Get A Message To You (fairly long intro)
    Starting talking about growing up in Thornhill, Ont. as intro to
The Present Tense Tureen
Johnny Saucep'n
    Started talking about things...claimed that they are republicans...hate
King Of Spain
Green Eggs & Ham
    Talked about the Beatles...claimed Rubber Soul was shipped to Periscope before
    else (Periscope's only been around a few years)
Stairway To Heaven (well, a bit of it...they said they couldn't remember the
rest...earlier in
    the show claimed they were going to play a 27 minute version of it)
Love Potion #9 Medley (I didn't recognize the part after Stayin' Alive)

What I wouldn't have given for a way to record that show....*sigh*....

From Julia Burns:

We arrived at the small store an hour and a half early. "We" being Leah, Lauren, her mom and I. Lauren was a Major Moxy Früvous fan. I had heard a few of their songs, but didn't know much about them. We walked around the store for a while. A few more people arrived and Lauren's mother went and sat in a chair on the side of the room while Lauren, Leah and I went over next to the stage to save "seats". After what seemed like an eternity, we heard the door open on the other end of the store. I, being 4'11 couldn't see over the racks and shelves very well, but we knew they had arrived. We all watched as one by one the members of the band walked past us and into the back room. Lauren pointed out each one as they went by. As soon as they had come in, they had disappeared into the other room. We walked around a bit more and spied a guy testing the sound equiptment. He had a microphone and he kept saying, "Hey hey, too too," into it. He kept repeating this phrase over and over again. Lauren walked up to the man (who I later found out was called "Cal") and asked him if he could say "Spam". He said," Hey hey, too too, hey hey. No. Too, too..." and so on. We gave up trying to bother this "Cal" guy, even though he had a really cool accent. : ) Finally, the band came out of their little room. They picked up their instruments and tuned for a minute. All of a sudden they started playing Michigan Militia. I stood in awe. I had never been to a concert before, let alone Moxy Früvous! It was amazing to me. They played a few bars, tuning and saying things like, "turn the volume on the bass up," and stuff. I can't explain how amazing it was to be standing ten feet away from Moxy Früvous! They set their instruments back down and headed for the back room again. "See you at nine!" Jian joked on his way out. (It was almost seven) The small store started to get more crowded. Lauren, Leah and I moved up and stood net to the stage. More and more people poured in. It seemed like the store would bust open. It was getting realy hot and cramped. At last, Moxy Früvous came out onto the stage! We all clapped (of course). A girl was chosen to go up and introduce them. She walked up on stage and said simply,"Chicken." I was surprised at this, like everyone else. The girl just stood there proudly, looking around. "Chicken?" I heard one of the members of the band ask. "It's my favorite word," the girl stated. Then she introduced the band. At the time, the only songs of Moxy Früvous's that I could recognize were "Michigan Militia", and "King of Spain", so I can't tell you what many of the songs were that they did. I remember them doing Michigan Militia, and then telling us all to sit. (The person behind me kept kicking me in the back) I also remember "Fly", "King of Spain", and "I Love my Boss". A plastic head was named "Gladys" was used in "King of Spain". ". . .Oh my unspeakeable wife, Queen Gladys. . ." I loved the whole performance. I'd never heard the songs before, but I loved them anyway. Leah, Lauren and I had an advantage. We were in the "front row". In other words, our feet were smashed up against the front of the stage, so there was nobody in front of us. Just a big drum. I was sad when the last song was over. The band said thanks and went back, again, into the weird little room. Everyone got up, and the majority left. Lauren had gotten a free poster when we got there from a guy named Jeff who worked at Periscope. After the crowd had gone down and we were able to walk without bumping into someone, we walked over to the desk and asked him for two more. One for Leah, and one for me. He gave them to us and we said thanks and walked over to the side of the room. We waited as Moxy Früvous came out and decided to set up a table to sign autographs on. As soon as they started to go towards the table, Leah, Lauren and I rushed after them. We were very lucky. The line was long, and we were the first three people in line! I was the second. Lauren was first of course. I was SO happy on the way home. It wasn't far, we live in Urbana. I had turned into a Frühead in one evening! I went out and bought "Live Noise" a few days later. I listened to it over and over. Then just recently for my birthday I got "Wood", and "b". I love them all so much. All the songs are great. I just want to say thank you to Moxy Früvous. Thank you Mike, Thank you Dave, Thank you Murray, and Thank you Jian!

Your Fan,

Julia Burns : )

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