Live Show: 6/20/98


Ft. Smith, AR

Reviewed by: "wild" Bill

The Details

This was a 45 minute mini-show.

This should be a lot shorter than my previous concert post. The concert was in a tent and ~ 100 people were in attendance for this concert mostly (I believe) people who had seen the concert the next previous and wanted to see more. It was about 100 degrees out and humid.. yuck.

The cabaret show. This was billed as a vocal workshop so the concentration was on the more vocal oriented songs. We, the group from the previous concert, had placed ourselves strategically at the front of the stage, Andy (starfox) was stage center and sitting on a chair which made him the perfect target...

I love my boss - Guys are cooking... Jian wanders out into the crowd, grabs Andy by the hair and begins to twist and grot... way cool.

You will go to the moon Spiderman - Mike wanders into the middle of the tent and peerchs himself on a table. In the middle of the song, spiderman tells the audience (to their dismay) that spiderman is made of wax and is melting. Spiderman then goes into wicked witch melting impersonation. Realizes that he is in AR-kansas not kansas and the song completes.

Guys jaw about how they were able to pronounce arkansas in the trailer just fine 20 minutes ago...

Guys talk about how they know nobody in arkansas does drugs, esp. grass. and that the song is really a warning on not to do it..

Ash Hash - this is a special treat for me since I hadn't heard this song ever (I don't have B sides yet, its in the mail, or so they say).

I've got to get a message to you - everyone is really into this song, the guys clean house (angel and I get a good laugh ...).

Guys talk about being back home in Ontario.

Present Tense Tureen

Johnny Saucep'n - guys are jammin', Angel lets hair fly and goes nuts for local tv camera man who is filming the odd fans sitting the front doing weird hand jive motions to the song.

Jian talks to the crowd asking if the next person to come on stage is a major world leader or soccer player or world cup english holligan. (crowd answers no)

Mike intros by telling the crowd that they don't need any shameless self promotion, but if they did, they might do something like beating up a local radio personality. Heads turn towards radio guy, Mike jumps from the stage and attempts to accost radio person whom happens to be 2 x bigger than mike. Mike runs with tail between legs, guys comment on how radio people in canada are much smaller.

King of spain arrives...

King of Spain - Dave wanders into the crowd a bit, during the epilogue Andy finds out that Dave and him are actually twins that he is not the rightful king of spain. Shock abounds, didn't know I was carting around a commoner...

Green Eggs and Ham.

Signed Sealed Delivered - the addition of REO just kicks ass.

The cabaret show was excellent, I probably enjoyed it more than the night's performance. The crowd was great and I think being able to get out and interact with the crowd helped out a lot...

"wild" Bill (captain of the nowhere nobodies)

From the Ft. Smith Southwest Times:

PaperDate: Thu, June 11, 1998
Publication: Southwest Times Record, Fort Smith, Arkansas, U.S.A.

Old Fort River Festival Musical Lineup

Moxy Fruvous -- an unusually fun, talented Canadian band with a name to match. Funky, punky, brainy, zany, thought-provoking, energetic performers, they are known for their musical moxie and sizzling live performances.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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