Live Show: 6/24/98


Pittsburgh, PA

Reviewed by: Jen Brewer, Wendy, & Mike Wood

The Details

As Jo and I parked on a hill within walking distance to Rosebuds I spotted the "Have a nice day" cafe, and I screamed to Jo "oh my god they have a Partridge family bus . We began to hope that the band had changed the venus they were playing (knowing the Murray would fit in perfectly) but knowing this was not going to happen we walked to Rosebuds. After fighting with the door guy, Jo and I finally got in and found Tobey. I only wish someone could have warned us about lied ahead, topics that would be great for Jenny Washington.

Murray and Jian came out first with the opening of Sahara, and with Mike and Dave finally coming out, the show really started. The show went along without a hitch, playing my favorites Jockey and then the soon to be cult favorite Pisco. Of course the famous "how you got your name?" came up and the Amish Marion Fruvous came out to answer it for the crowed. The show continued and one main secret was about to be revealed. The King of Spain is Murray's father. (does this make Murray the Prince of Spain?) The song ended and Green Eggs and Hams started and the show got violent, a very hostile William Shattner appeared beating the crap out of Mr. Cheese for dissing the Beatles. The show calmed downed, Murray decided that is was the males with navel piercings that didn't get asked in the campaign across canada and the band ended with there famous rendition of Signed Sealed Delivered and two great encores.

This show was defiantly worth the drive through Zelienople and the temptation to stop in Mercer, Pa (Trent Reznors home town) for this somewhat bitter tongue pierced fan who wasn't asked in the campaign

With special thanks to my new anut and uncle's, you know who you are.

From Wendy:

Hiya everyone! Still trying to recover from the hectic roadtrip to Pittsburgh from DC last night. This is my first attempt at a review so be nice, :o).

Unfortunately, couldn't get the whole day off work, so I worked until noon, then met up with Rodney in Rockville and off to the Burgh. Made it there in just over four hours (with no speeding tickets - wahoo!!) got great parking in fromt of the club and went up to the Rosebud, saw a few folks already in line. No knowing quite when the doors were going to open, we decided to go grab some much needed dinner and them come back - mistake! By the time we got back the club had opened and almost every table was taken - yikes! We stole a couple of chairs from the balcony and brought them down behind the tables and chairs. The whole time I am carrying around a birthday balloon, looking for Mike Wood who was _supposed_ to be wearing a birthday hat. (Hi Mike and Karen!) A friend of Mike's asked "oh, is it your birthday too?" I said, "Nope, it's some guy named Mike, who I don't know" After a chuckle she (Melody) asked if I meant Mike Wood, YES! So she pointed him out and birthday greetings were exchanged. And, major bonus, Mike graciously squeezed us in to his table, which was to my joy right against the stage, Murray side. Great spot to watch the show!

Okay, on to the music! Finally got to hear Sahara that everyone has been raving about, and now I see why - great!!!! Into Jockey Full Of Bourbon, and then Horseshoes. A new one for me, Marion Fruvous (Ballad of???) to which Jian forgot the lyrics momentarily, with a Les Miserables twist. Then both new songs, Sad Girl and Pisco Bandito - both I loved!!! You Will Go To the Moon, Kids Song, Stuck In the 90's, Boo Time (listed on Jian's setlist as "Booty"), I've Got to Get A Message to You (love this!), Michigan Militia, Johnny Saucepan. Mike Wood and crew had flashcards for this one which were great! As each food was said the flashcards were held up around the table (cards were flying!). About 8 people were involved with 2 sets of cards (I think?!?!). The guys seemed to absolutely love it!

Then King of Spain into Green Eggs and Ham and Get In the Car (which someone in the audience yelled for early on in the show and was luckily on the setlist!). Encores were Sign, Sealed, Delivered, with Papa was a Rolling Stone and Rio (yes!! I was a Duranie too!), Psycho Killer, My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors and The Drinking Song. I think they came out 3 times, but I can't remember (help me guys!!!). Hung out for a bit, got some pics with the guys (all but Dave) and then had to hit the road back to DC (had to work this morning - ugh!)

But what a great show and well worth the 9 hour roundtrip roadtrip! Can't wait for tomorrow!!!! See you guys there!!!


Wendy :o)

Working on 3 1/2 hours of sleep please forgive the review!

From Mike Wood:

Well Well Well.

I turned 25 today.

That's a QUARTER of a century. And in honor of this great occasion, the boys came down and played here in MY town.

Okay, actually they had NO idea it was my birthday...But a guy can dream, yes?

Here in Pittsburgh on a HOT HOT HOT day in June, the 24th to be precise, the Moxy Fruvous lads returned to Rosebud's.

And did they ever. Let me tell you something, kiddies..The fanbase here in the steel city is GROWING..Quickly. I PERSONALLY know of 2 new converts.. Phil (and Lil) and Bronwyn, friends of mine, experienced the MIND ALTERING live show (I'm convinced of subliminal messages during the accapella numbers "RENOUNCE, CONVERT") and snatched up some CD's and really enjoyed themselves.

The setup: Phil, Scotty Boo-Boo and I, after narrowly escaping the towering inferno that was my apartment (okay, not REALLY, it was just a SMALL fire downstairs) hit downtown Pittsburgh to snatch my angel Karen from work (hi, baby), and headed out to the show after dropping Scotty off at HIS place. The three of us met up with Bronwyn and entered the show. We LUCKILY found Joshy and Mel already inside and met up with Madeline (who, I think, only appears at Fruvous shows)as well as Jay and my roomie Moo Foo. We pulled some tables together in the frontest FRONT row you've ever seen and met up with Wendy and Rodney..Who, through word of mouth found out who I was and gave me a Happy Birthday Balloon! What a cool gesture, guys..I appreciate it. Then I talked to some of the usual faces, Troy, the Tall One and the Short One, and Bent (thanks for the boot of the Border's show..Sounds great).

The show began with a HELL of an amazing rendition of Sahara...STUNNING... Just passionate and strong. Scotty and the Sprout unfortunately missed the opening of the song, which was stunning.

Me, never being one to keep track of set-lists, will rely on someone else to list that. I'll just point out a few highlights...2 new songs, "Sad Girl" and "Pisco Bandito" which were fantastic...I FINALLY heard "Marion Fruvous"... "Get in the Car" which I THINK is the first time I have heard that live...

Of course, as always, the show was great..I mean, really, are there ever any negative reviews? I didn't think so.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

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