Live Show: 6/27/98


New York, NY

Reviewed by: Gordon, Mikey, Moe, Nora, & Erica Chow

The Details

The Bowery Ballroom could conceivably be hard to find if there weren't a bunch of people waiting in line. Nestled in between Chinatown and Little Italy, the club's outside looks like any other building in the neighborhood. The flag for the business in the same building is written in Chinese and English, and I did not see a marquee for the Ballroom anywhere, but maybe I wasn't looking.

The venue was very nice. Brand spanking new, nice and clean. The staff was pleasant and friendly. The bar stunk. They had no tap water and no milk for a kahlua drink. Imagine not being able to order a White Russian. And no ice water? I would end up feeling very dehydrated by the end of the show. I didn't want to spend everything on bottled water at three dollars a pop.

Jess Klein opened for the second of my Fru-shows in a row. She is pleasant and entertaining. Of course most of the crowd continued their conversation throughout her performance. By the time Fruvous came on, the place was rather packed. Capacity in the performance room is 795. I'd guess there were about 740 people there, including staff. But I'm not that good of a counter. If I were the organizer of a rally, I am sure I would say "approximately 2500 people showed up for the Fruvous rally today in New York City,'" but that would be a downright lie.

The show started with the extended Sahara. As soon as this started, the crazy screaming Murheads "whoohooed" - they didn't much stop for a while. They kept yelling "we're Murray's people" until their screams were acknowledged (but we'll get to that later). This crowd was very into yelling out song suggestions. One person spent the entire evening yelling "Kick in the Ass!!!!" which is what he deserved. "That guy who won't stop screaming for just one song, he gets a kick in the ass, kick in the ass. That guy who's been yelling in my ear too long, he gets a kick in the ass, kick in the ass." I even heard one person continually yelling "Lowest Highest Point!" which really made me laugh.

We continued on with Jockey and BJ. The crazy screaming Murheads kept yelling. Finally Murray acknowledged his people. Jian asked if people had been to Albany. Some people over at Stage Dave yelled "we're Murray's people!" So one of the lads, I forget which, told them they were standing in the wrong place. They then launched into "Dave-O's people" which sounded an awful lot like Murray's People. But by the end, it had transformed itself into a reggae version. Then we heard Horseshoes.

After Horseshoes, the band changed instruments to the Sad Girl configuration. Mike started playing the bass. Next thing we know, Mike is playing a bad bass solo making all sorts of faces. This, I am sorry to say, is indescribable, but I know a lot of people were snapping photos. I hope one makes it on to FDC. And then they played Sad Girl.

Next was Pisco Bandito, which I had termed Moxy's Jimmy Buffet song. But roB! in his musical wisdom said it reminded him of the Kinks Come Dancing and I believe he may have hit the nail right on the head. And what did roB! get for his troubles? A cuddle and a peck on the cheek.*

*No one that I know of actually gave roB! a cuddle and a peck on the cheek for that pealr od wisdeom. The Kinks song has a line that says "he'd end up blowing all his wages for the week all for a cuddle and a peck on the cheek." But if you'd care to arrange this reward for roB!, please feel free to do so.

They then started talking about the littering of sytrofoam cups. I heard a couple of random whispers about Marion Fruvous. I had never heard this before, so of course I grew very excited (and very confused, not knowing that this song had anything to do with littering because I refuse to read the lyrics of the songs I haven't heard - it blows the joke when I finally do). But then they sang You Will Go to the Moon. Oh well.

We then heard The Kids Song. One minute Mike is a small kid, next minute he is Grandpa Fruvous! Yes - Minnie the Moocher for the second night in a row. A nice set of lyrics, good crowd participation on the sing along.

What followed soon after was I Will Hold You which I didn't like the first time I heard it. I may have been wrong because I like it now. I'm starting to doubt myself like maybe I had actually heard a different song and thought I had heard this. Or maybe I'm just dumb.

Now they say they are going to tell us a story of how they got their name. Well I'll be darned, they started an introduction to Ballad of Marion Fruvous. And they did it! It was indescribably good. Just a great combination of music and lyric and jump around the stage showmanship and a Les Miserables (NOT Andrew Lloyd Webber) cover/tease thrown in there for good measure. Why this is not a part of their regular rotation I have no idea. I think it shows off Fruvous wonderfully. People want to ask, what is Fruvous like? Let them watch a performance of that number. It's a real great one.

When the song was over, Jian got behind the kit and sang a bouncy little tune about "that was a rare Fruvous song." Pretty funny. Then they went headlong into Michigan Militia. This song rocks, but my dehydration was getting to me, so when they next played Johnny Saucep'n, I broke down and paid $6 for some drinks.

Then I made my way up front during the a capella Message which I thought was in the wrong place in the set. But like I always say, do I think I could do better?

Next Dave disappeared from the stage and what followed was a long King of Spain introduction. Jian did the thing that there is no name for where he tells us what he is feeling and how he is hurt. If you know the bit, you probably know what I mean. If you don't, then you don't. Well Murray played the game, too. And Mike played the doctor. The whole thing was hilarious. Then somebody (not sure who) said something about Dave being on his second cigarette. So they introduced the King of Spain. He sang his tune and then it was Green Eggs, the short version.

My favorite Fruvous shows are the ones where Mike is crazy bouncing of the walls jumping around acting like a madman drop dead hilarious. And tonight's show as no exception. When the not the Beatles line came about, Mike came out from behind the congas. He did a couple of Bob Fosse dance numbers (including an extremely suggestive chair maneuver), sang a little bit of Cabaret, did some Captain Kirk/Yeoman Rand (the line from "Miri" about "look at my legs") and generally went nuts. I think it was when Dave said "Mr. Perception Sam I Am" that I remembered this was Green Eggs and Ham and not the "Mike Ford the Sidesplitter" number.

Then they played Get in the Car. I heard someone scream "NO!" like maybe they hate this song or something? Or were they expecting something else? I don't get it. Maybe it brings up bad memories for him. They then did the Signed Sealed Delivered, new edition, with Rio and Papa Was a Rolling Stone thrown in. It's a good number, but the dehydration was starting to get to me.

I went to the back of the room near the bar and bought another $6 in spring water. The encore started with Video Bargainville. OK good I didn't have to pay too much attention while trying to hydrate myself. Then they did the Psycho Killer thing. Standing in the back of the room, not singing along, I was able to hear the phantom note really well. You know where everyone sings the note that isn't there during the chorus. Listen for it sometime. The first chorus, lots of people sing it. The second, not that many. The third, almost nobody. This is because repetition is the key to learning. This is because repetition is the key to learning.

They they then left the stage and a big group of people rudely shoved their way past me to get out telling me to "get out of their way - the show's over" and I said "ummm....they're not done" - I got a look that meant "you are an idiot" and I decided that these people didn't need to hear the Drinking Song or Gulf War Song or whatever else may end the show, so that I should just get out of their way and let them leave.

The Drinking Song was sung sans microphones. Every time they sang "and we'd drink" the aforementioned Kick in the Ass guy yelled "whoo!" - does he get it? I have to admit I had a hard time enjoying it because a group of people to my left were having a very loud giggly conversation during the song. This was doubly annoying because the people who were doing this are people with an invested interest in the future of the band. I would hope that people who are in a position to help the band wouldn't spend their time hindering people's enjoyment of the show. I mean, I've seen the Drinking Song. I've seen it sung from the steps at the Irom Horse. I've sung it arm and arm many times. But some people are seeing Fruvous for the first time at every show. These are the people to which you should be considerate. Stepping down from the soapbox . . .

This was a great Fruvous show. The energy in the large hall was fantastic. The club had great sound and light and for the first time in my Fruvous career, it really seemed like Fruvous was on a STAGE and not just a stage. They really carried their charisma to the back of the room and now I can see where a bump here and a blip there and Fruvous could be well on their way to much larger rooms, at least in this region.

Singing off from the front,


From Mikey:

Yes, yes, yes. This show was possibly the best Moxy show I've ever witnessed (I'm up to about 20 by now). The venue was too fab for words; what a gorgeous room, not too big (500 people capacity), horseshoe balcony w/ wrought iron fence, arch windows in the front. And the house sound was beyond reproach. Clean, punchy, perfect EQ; ARGH! I could go awn and awn!!

Hey Gordo, sad to say, but as the crowd's get bigger, they get ruder. It comes with the new turf. I thought a chosen few deserved the "Shut the Fuck Up" Award on a few occassions, but they also did their share of being part of one fired up crowd. Anyway....

The two outstanding moments for me bookended the show:

The opening number: A downtempo, groove-locked, ready for 12" vinyl version of "Sahara." Murray commented afterwards that they had been trying a while to make that track fly and that's was the vibe settled on. Well, they nailed it. If the Bottom Line folks are reading this, press it on 12" & send it to DanceTracks.

The closer: No surprise, but the Drinking Song floored me this time. Mainly because I've never been to a show where the crowd sang the WHOLE number. Like, right on cue, too. I shut up & just listened because the crowd sounded GREAT.

And just about everything in-between was magic. The improvs were so on that they really cracked each other up on a number of ocassions. Michael had a banner evening. He really couldn't miss. HE, btw, had to skip out of there immediately to take a 9 or 10 hour bus ride (leaving Port Authority @ 1:30am) back to Toronto, in order to be at a friends wedding that afternoon. I believe that gets the Super Stud Award of the Month.

Moxy show usually fall into three categories: Great, Incredible, & Pinch-Me-I'm-Dreaming. Just when you think they can get any higher or better, they outdo themselves. Pinch me, quick.

From Moe:

Hi All,

Chris and I left Maryland around noon and made it to NJ where we were staying around 3:30. Another easy ride WHOHOO!!! After getting directions we took the train from NJ to the city. We successfully navigated the subway, and thought we would make one quick stop at an ATM on the way to the venue. Well, let's just say it's easier to find a rent controlled apartment!!! We walked through some sad little "carnival" and god knows where else, before finding an ATM...only one problem the ATM needed an didn't have any money. Well, we were finally able to locate one and continue on to the Bowery Ballroom. We found Jo, Jen, Cricket, Gordon and a huge group of people waiting outside the club. It was a good thing too, because we probably would have missed it if they weren't there. We waited outside for about 10 or 15 minutes before they let us in. It's always more pleasant standing outside in June as opposed to February!!!

Once inside we saw Lisa (from the Bronx), Ella, Dan J, Jason, Rob (or was that Toby?), and many more I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Jess Klein started around 8:30, I think. She was pretty good, but the audience was kind of noisy during her set, so it was hard to pay attention. Moxy came on around 10:30 to the now familiar, and welcome sound of the extended version of Sahara. Well, it's not familiar to everyone....the guys standing behind me thought it was Raja *smile*. That was followed by Jockey, and BJ. The guys seemed to all be in good moods, so I could tell were in for a fun night!!

It was at this part of the night where what turned out to be the "theme" of the evening made its first appearance. Recently there have been more and more "Murray's People" popping a result of the show in Albany a few weeks ago. There were even people standing "stage Dave" that were claiming to be Murray's people (to which it was remarked that Murray's people should actually stand by Murray!!) Well Dave was feeling left out. So he decided he would create the theme to "Dave-O's People". It was an interesting little number..very catchy!!.

Speaking of the crowd...I guess this is where I can get on my soapbox (anything for some extra height!!), and discuss my opinions on that subject. I must start by saying I love when a crowd reacts to Fruvous, but to just yell things out in the hopes of being recognized is assenine!! Especially during songs that hold very special meanings for many i.e. the Drinking Song!! Please be considerate of those around you. Ok, I'll get down from my soap box now!! Following "Dave-O's people was Horseshoes. Then came the new song section of the evening, Sad Girl - a song that makes me happy- and Pisco Bandito, this was only my second time hearing it and I LOVED it.

Then came You Will Go to the Moon and the always enjoyable Kid's Song. For the second night in a row Grandpa Fruvous made an appearance, and we were treated to Minnie the Moocher. One of my favorite parts of Minnie is watching the guys react to Mike's lyrics just like the rest of us do!!

After some very funny banter on Jewel poetry we got to hear another new one. It is called I will Hold You, and it is beautiful!!

Then we got to hear the genesis of the name Moxy Fruvous, as we all know by now it was after that fabulous Canadian Crusader Marion Fruvous. I love when Marion makes an appearance, and it is Chris' favorite live song. That was followed by Jian doing an improv as to how that was a "Rare Fruvous Song", to which Mike commented that it wasn't well done, or something to that effect!! That was followed by Michigan Militia, Johnny Saucep'n, Message (a capella), Kos/GE&H, Get in the Car, and they closed with Signed Sealed Delivered Medley The first encore was Video Bargainville followed by Psycho Killer. When they came out again I almost thought we were going to hear Gulf War, but Mike had his guitar and Dave had the accordian, and they were off mic. What we were about to hear was the most amazing rendition of the Drinking Song I have ever heard. It was absolutely incredible, I wish I could have put every person that has asked me why I follow around this band in that room for those five minutes.

It definetly would have answered their question!!

What a fabulous night!!!

Definetly a 3 3/4 Budgie show!!!

From Nora:

hi everyone, it's nora, still hyper and glowing from last night's show at the bowery ballroom. - disclaimer- this is going to be really really have been warned...ok, where to begin? after a misadventure through the subway, trying to figure out how to get to the club without the use of the m/j line, which wasn't running from 96th, and taking 5 subways instead of two, my sister and i arrived at the ballroom at 8:35, resigned to having missed the opening band, but confident that fruvous wouldn't be on until 9. what a surprise it was to still see a line forming by the club when we arrived. i was rather nervous on line, as they were checking id's, and i won't be 18 untill september. when i got to the front, i handed in my driver's permit (yes, im a loser, i dont have my license yet), hoping that they would only look at the year i was born (1980). the guy handed my id back to me and said "no", i swear i was about to cry, " bracelet for you", he continued. i breathed a sigh of relief, and happily agreed, and hurried into the club. we waited around for a while, and then the line began moving. after having expressed to me by the stamper guy ( technical term) the hope that he didn't crush my hand, i went inside. i headed straight for the merchandice counter, where i had my frumiles card stamped with those cool feet, and had cal complement my choice of purchase ( the i love canadian boys t). i then spotted someone who i thought was mary, and tentatively asked her if she was in fact mary. i was pleased to hear that it was, and although we only talked a short while (im sorry, my sister was feeling rather anti-social, and i didn't want to desert her), came across as a really sweet person, it was really nice to meet you, and yes, eventually i will meet and talk to jian about persia and my persian friend ( i still have yet to meet any of the lads, poor me), but my sister wanted to go straight home, so i couldn't stay after the show. anyway, the opening act came on, jess ( introduced as jeff) klein, who was pretty decent and funny. next came the waiting game. after countless technical adjustments, (yes even the tambourine was "tuned"), fruvous came on at around 10:40 with the extended version of sahara. first jian came out and took a seat directly in front of me ( well, almost, i was in the second row), looked right at me, and gave me a big smile. ( i was dying, as i have a bit of a jian thing). murray then appeared, and the two of them began, and soon mike and dave emerged and joined in. wow, what a wonderful version of sahara, im glad i finally got to hear it. this one drunk guy behind me was screaming "kick in the ass, kick in the ass", and others were yelling requests as well, from big fish, to the lowest highest point ( whoever yelled for that apparently has yet to master the concept of improv...).jian commented how this was a "very requesty crowd", and dave asked if they should play "sapphire bullets of pure love", the first tmbg reference of the night. the lads then played jockey full of bourbon, which was fun and energetic, and in top form.( just a note, im doing my best, but alot of the banter is probably out of order, sorry). a bunch of people in the right balcony began yelling "murray's people" , "murray's people", to which mike observed that one of the main criterion for being murray's people is to actually be on murray's side of the room ( he was on the left, from the crowd's point of view). dave then decided that they were dave-o's people, and began a dave-o's people improv which evolved into a regaee beat. jian then decided that if he had people, they wouldn't be jian's people, rather, chomsky's people, and mike decided that his people would be called shlomsky's people. jian then noted that they had just created intra-band secretarianism, where each band member had his own posse to beat up the other members' posses. then came bj dont cry, with a few live noisesque changes, like mike's megaphoned mozart's magic flute part and the changing of the last verse lines to "but he'd rather bee in the mosh pit of the ballroom". horseshoes came next, which i love to hear live, the line "and i was satisfied, god was on our side", especially the word satisfied, sounds so raw, so emotional. i love it. after a beautiful version of horseshoes, the lads all switched instraments and places to play some new songs, but before they could begin, mike started playing cheezy 80's band bass, really hamming it up, it was hysterical. after mike calmed down (relatively, after all, this is mike), they played sad girl, which i love even more than the first time i'd heard it. jian's voice sounds amazing, and the lyrics are funny, yet poignant and sad all at once. after sad girl came pisco bandito, which was introduced, i think, as a song about a renegade illegal alien living in the seas. what a funny song, plus, i love when murray sings lead, it seems so rare. then the lads tried to start you will go to the moon after talking about garbage , earth's pollution and wyoming, but that same drunk guy was still yelling for kick in the ass, mike ripped up his setlist- for shame-, and so it took them a few tries to get the correct pitches ( you should have seen the look of pure exasperation on jian's face), but once they did, it was great. ywgttm is simply a great song, i love the fa fa fa fa fadadadadadafafa hand motions and mike and jians gyrations, funny stuff. i dont remember when this was, so ill add it here, at one point, dave brought up jewel's poetry ( to which all the lads began spouting terrible poetry).jian jokingly decided that it was wrong of them to keep making fun of jewel, and that they should stop. dave then asked why she even put out a poetry book, and mike responded by making a palm rubbing money symbol, and murray said that this way, she can truthfully call herself a best selling poet. ouch. then somehow, a discussion of her, um, endowements commenced, and a rivalry of who has the better chest, jewel, or the lads began. jian then stated how americans are united (ha), and that we're all represented (double ha) etc., but in canada, it wasn't like that. he explains the spicier survey, and asks the "who wasn't asked" question. murray admits that he has no idea, because he wasnt paying any attention, and i forgot what mike and dave said (someone please remind me!), but, yes, finally, it was the kids. i love the kids' song. the highlight- "is there someting you like?- (murray) barney!- is there something you despise? -(dave) barney!". out come the bowler hats, so i naturally assume it's boo time, was i happy to see mike become grandpa fruvous, (spitting into the crowd, and if i had been one step to the right....yuck), and asked the auidence to join him in a little sing along. minnie the moocher was great, even if mike- um, grandpa, did curse the crowd out, but hey " it's for the rhyme". next came another new one, i will hold you, which was beautiful. i wish that somwone would say something like those lyrics to me, a girl can dream, can't she? came a big treat, as the lads started talking about how rumors should be quashed, and so to stop the rumors as to how they got the name moxy fruvous, they would tell us the story of it's namesake, marion fruvous, the first canadian environmental crusader. i had heard about this song, but never actually heard it, so i was rather excited. mike offered us americans a "legend...key...lexicon..." to understand the canadian terms, such as the publication for wannabe liberals, who instead of hugging trees, hug paper. murray explained that in toronto, all schoolchildren learn her tale, and began to recite the spoken part. what a great song! the funniest part was when dave dressed as marion herself, to which murray and jian commented that it looks like marion fruvous was growing facial hair and that she must be into ska music (dave was looking like quite the skamiester). after the song, jian started a beat on the drums and began chanting " that was a rare fruvous song, that was a rare fruvous spng", to which mike added, " rare, not medium or well done". next, the lads started talking about virginia, but they would now salute another state, the state of michigan. the energy of michigian millitia was amazing, as everyone was dancing and jumping up and down. jian the asked " who here likes food?", and we all screamed. murray then told everyone who likes food to raise his or her hand, jump up and down, and roll on the floor ( joke). they played a really fast johnny saucep'n, to which i am proud to say, i recited every word.

next came the a capella version of message to you, which was beautiful. i got so caught up in the harmony that i clapped of beat half the time, so if anyone saw a short girl in the second row wearing a scooby dooby doo t shirt, ( i was thrilled when mike sang scooby dooby doo during minnie the moocher), clapping off beat, it was me. after message, dave conspiciously left, and jian began the "we, the members of moxy fruvous are repubicans" bit, although it's the second time i've heard it, i think it's hysterical. so he continues with " no, not in the american sense, that would be insane"..."australian republicans"..."anti-monarchy"..."but there's one ex-monarch who we sort of like, who's our special guest tonight..." then the people in the right balcony yell "murray", to which mike retorts that it's impossible for murray to be the special guest, he's in the band. jian then gets mock-offended for being interupted, and goes of on the 'im hurting, we've learned nothing in therapy session 2, we're not acting as a consensus' bit. mike plays the doctor, urging murray and jian to visualize the thimble. murray mocks mike's inability to say symbol, and jian says that the lack of unity has caused dave to leave the stage. murray adds that dave is probably on his second ciggerette by now ( dave had been smoking all night- scandal, scandal), to which jian responds, "hey, thats a seperate issue". mike chimes in with "so is my lisp". finally, jian goes into the "is, is it_____,no..."and the king of spain comes out. it was so nice to see so many hands raised counting the "one,two,three,four", i felt like a part of something great. dave, instead of singing "i dont even give a care" sang "im not wearing underwear", and groped himself. :) after the king of spain, the lads went straight into the short green eggs and ham, where at the "not the beatles" part, jian basicly let mike take control. mike seized this, with renditions of "cabaret", something about looking at his legs, and went into the captian kirk thing. very very funny indeed. after green egg and ham came get in the car, which is always a fun tune to hear and dance to. then jian started a beat that sounded like the begining of authors, but then began thanking everyone, from new fans, to fruheads, to the ballroom, to jess klien, etc. the beat turned out to be the signed sealed delivered medely, with papa was a rolling stone and, to my delight, duran duran's rio thrown in. the lads left the stage, to return a minute later for the first encore. video barginville began the first encore, but not without "problems". apparently, jian was no happy with the crowds' first yelling of "two", and kept restarting. the crowd responded by yelling random numbers like 37, zero, and my addition, .5. finally, we twoed it to jian's satisfaction, and the song was great. it's so much fun to be able to yell "pissed off the video man" along with hundreds of others. then the second song of the first encore began, which was psycho killer, which in my humble opinion, is better performed by fruvous then by the talking heads. the lads left the stage once more, to return 5 minutes later for the final encore. this was the drinking sone, which , you ignored the idiot who kept yelling "yeah!" everytime mike sang ''and we'd drink" was amazing. the crowd sang beautifuly and respectively. jian looked like he was near tears the whole time, and i must admit that i was pretty close myself. mike's voice was strong, expressive and beautiful. murray, jian, and dave harmonised wonderfully and dave's quiet accordian playing provided the melody with elegance. it was lovely. a perfect end to an amzing evening.

From Erica Chow:

hi all :)

(and wake up sleepyhead! ;)

since i went to see moxy fruvous (finally!) and jess klein was opening (and
she mentions tom neff in the credits!) at the bowery ballroom, i figured
i'd blab on a bit :)

first of all, the people who said moxy fruvous were awesome were so right. :)

jess klein was great too.

lessee.  doors opened at 8, room opened at 8:30ish.  got my new frumiles
card stamped , glanced at the cd's, but since i didn't have very much
money, couldn't buy one.  next time, hopefully :)  actually, i did scrounge
$10 to buy _wishes well disguised_, jess' newish cd after her set.

i guess around 9, jess opens.
 . w/ a song of Rose Polenzani's
 . w/ lots of amusing bantering w/ the audience, plugged her cd quite a few
times :)
 . before her "funny song," she made fun of nj a bit.  west windsor though,
so i was okay.  :)
 . her funny song really was funny too :)  about working in a deli, the
second verse about a guy with a top 10 reasons beer is better than women.
ani like in the male-bashing quality.  hehe.
 . she had a guitar player "austin powers", (i really can't remember his
last name, the austin powers stuck) - but "he get's real mean when you call
him that" (i think it was accompanied by a nice "mean" face by him :)
 . the audience was a bit rowdy.  for instance, she did "another man done
gone" (which would have been really awesome a cappella with _hand
clapping_) but the audience chatter just ruined it...
 . songs i remember that i liked, though i didn't catch many words : the
wading pool, angelina, romeo (there may have been more, but i don't
remember their names)
she played for a good hour i think.  and after waiting around another 1/2
or so for moxy fruvous, in which some cheesy lounge music and some amusing
other stuff was played.

and then moxxxxxxy fruvous!
wow.  they were all that i had heard about live and more.  :)  i convinced
my friend to go, based on Cos' short bio.  so she came.  and breaking laws
of deciding if something is nice when it's not even half over, said it was
cool.  :)

i attempted a setlist.

 . sahara (i think)
 . "hey little bird, your house is on fire"
 . bj don't cry
 . "davo's people" - some people screamed "murray's people"  so murray :
"hello my children...the revelation is still 1 1/2 years away"  (who was
standing on the other side of the room (who by location, would have been
dave's people :))  which turns into this reggae with a little red red wine
thrown in.
"these are of course songs from our new album 'interband sectarianism'"
"we can compare jian's drumming to what happened in east timor..."
 . horseshoes
 . comments about how although the songs from live noise were from ny, they
substituted in the philly audience...hee.
 . mike as the quintessential 80's bass player w/ SOUL! (pictures would have
been awesome here :)
 . sad girl
 . pisco bandito (i love it! :)
 . you will go to the moon
 . the kids song
 . "it's grampa fruvous" ... "he's evil"
 . minnie the moocher "gotham city dream clooney not
 . random people screaming songs out, and "it's a really requesty crowd

 . "you know what i love?  i love the people who have never seen moxy
fruvous...who walk in off the street and people are going, kick in the ass!
 i love my boss...sapphire bullets of pure love (hey, i got that one! :)
 . jewel poetry (with many appreciative (moxy fruvous, and mine) disclaimers
before and after, and yes she does write nice melodies...

                i woke up this morning
                hopped out of bed
                stripped off my pj's
                and my cheeks were all red

                and then i was feeling really bad by the mirror
                so i went to the kitchen and instead of cornflakes, i had a beer

                and my cheeks were all red because of the slappin'
                the slappin' in the darkly night.
                the darkly night is where things are happenin'
                and when i'm slapplin i have quite a fright.

so, i think dave goes into joni's little green.
"joni did it and we all bought it.  the difference is that joni's poetry is
"i think it has something to do with the fact that our tits aren't as nice"
(i think dave)
"i think you just crossed the line, that was very offensive, and i think my
tits are nicer than yours" (i think this was murray!)

so here's the tits song transcribed for you :)

have you seen the tits on shirley?
they don't compare to the ones on jian
when he went to the beach real early
everyone said those tits are really great

yeah yeah, the tits on him
tits like a bull or a moose
yeah yeah, the tits on him
and what a nice caboose

 . a new song: "so i will hold on, and if that's not what you're used to
baby how could i refuse you.."
 . ballad of marion fruvous ("and the rangers won't make it with richter in
net" (no comment... especially since i'm a devils fan.  still.  yep.  :)
and the thenardier song from les misrables :)!!
 . that was a rare fruvous song into i'm my only friend i'm just my only
friend, you're just a little glowing friend ;)
 . michigan militia
 . johnny saucep'n
 . i gotta get a message to you (wow, this was really cool!
 . king of spain "we are so sick and tired of having that woman's face on
our money" (it took forever for dave to get on stage because of this huge
hilarious therapy session before the song :)
"i'm finding that, um, it's really hard to perform.  excuse me?  i just
feel like there isn't a real consensus, that we're not operating as a
collective, and i'm feeling very alone right now." (jian)
 ...mike says something about concentrating on a thimble :)
"excuse me, excuse me, i felt really uncomfortable while you were saying
that because murray was laughing at me...we were told that we should
respect what we were saying, especially when you mentioned the thimble and
i think he should be confronted" (more jian)
something "the friggen thimble...see the thimble...feel the thimble..." :)
 . green eggs & ham (mike as jackie chan! and cabaret! during the beatles
interruption :)
 . ? um, my tape runs out.
i know at least video bargainville, psycho killer, and the drinking songs

my friend from home i guess from not seeing me for a while, told me that
she thought that i found my niche.  i'm just glad she enjoyed the concert.
:)  but the spontaneous songs, bantering, it was so amusing and amazing at
the same time!

on our trip home (which would have been fine, had we not been on the last
train, and missed the stop at newark for our connection.  oops.  after
being randomly whistled at, and other not fun stuff in linden, i had to
(ugh) call my parents to pick us up.  but!  i've decided that i'm going to
start a band with kristin (although she thinks i'm crazy), and one of the
offshoots would be, in the vein of jian's tits (i really think it was jian,
but it's all a blur), "i've got big tits and i cannot lie, no other person
can deny" with all the imaginative choreography you can imagine.  :)

unfortunately coming home at 3 in the morning didn't help my chances to
drive up to schnectedy to see TN though :(

oh yeah, i've been lurking for awhile but it's only a review :)

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