Live Show: 8/31/98


CBC, Canada

Reviewed by: Christine

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Intro: part of 'Fly' video

If you are a pop music fan, chances are you know Moxy Fruvous. In fact, you might have seen them singing on the streets in your neighborhood. They began as buskers, travelling across the country performing unusual songs with campy lyrics. They have just released their 5th CD, called 'Live Noise.'

Brent Bambury: Moxy Fruvous is here. This is Jian, Mike, Murray and Dave over there on the Steinway Grand Piano. Hi!

Jian: Hello, we uh, we're moving up in the world. We, uh, we got an entire piano on a column - over there.

B: Now is that your column or is that from our props department.

J: No, that's our column - uh we carry that -- what people don't know is that it's very, very heavy, so uh...

Dave: it's the 6th Column actually.

B: Has it actually been 10 years almost for you guys now?

J: Uh, no it hasn't, Brent -- uh that's lack of preparation on your part - it's actually been almost 6 months. Yeah, it's about 7 and a half years.

B: yeah

J: So we're getting there...getting to the 10 year plateau and we're all going to get gold watches from the mother core.

B: Well you got the live album too -- this is the mid-career move for a lot of bands. For you, there is an experience of seeing you live that I guess is not replicated on your studio albums. Can you tell us what that is?

J: Um, that's an experience of joy, Brent. Uh, joy and sometimes pain depending on how we treat members of the audience, but um we always felt like our forte was our live show and there's things that we can't communicate in the studio like good music and banter and tuning. So we thought it was time to make a live album, um which was also a good segue way between albums and it's been great - it's been out for a month or so.

B: This is all American dates. Now what is the story--you have a funny relationship with Canada and a funny relationship with the United States. Can you define that a little bit for us?

J: Latent hatred for Canada and an unspoken love for America.

B: We're glad we invited you on the national network.

J: I was just going to say like every Canadian. But no, I mean, this just happened to be we did a fall tour in America and we taped there. But, uh, see we go down to America and we let them think that they....that we like them, I'm not sure if I got that right. B

: And then you insult Rush Limbaugh. What happened?

J: That's our way of telling them ...well, what happened where?

B: You played a Rush Limbaugh song and people walked out?

J: *laughs* We played...and..we were in Arkansas...we have this song cutting up Rush Limbaugh. Although, it's a song called "The Greatest man in America." It's celebrating Rush Limbaugh and was like maybe 2000 people in the audience and about 300 of them walked out.

B: Wow!

J: They weren't very happy with our take on Rush Limbaugh.

B: But it took a minute for them to go. "Hey! Wait a minute? They don't like him!"

J: But we were cutting up Preston Manning but they didn't know who he was. So we had to move on to Rush Limbaugh.

B: Are you going to do a political song for us today or a love song?

J: We're going to do uh, the politics of love.

B: alright.

J: Sort of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez.....

B: Go ahead take it away...

J: This is actually a new song that is um, is not on, is going to be on our forthcoming album - hopefully next this a debut - it's a song called "Sad Girl."

B: Moxy Fruvous.

B: Moxy Fruvous, very nice, thank you very much. That's great!

J: Thank you.

B: So, uh a tour's coming up I understand.

J: A tour's coming up. We start in a couple of weeks, a big North American tour and we start in our -- in a loveable place we love very much called Winnipeg.

B: Oh, what's the date?

J: That's September 16, it's the West End Cultural Centre. Which is also a great room uh, in Winnipeg and then we follow right after Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Salmon Arm, uh Vancouver...

B: Winter is going to chase you across the land you understand.

J: Well, we hope so.

Mike: Winter's cold bite chasing you across the bald prairie.

B: Yeah, the bald prairie -- you guys give away points, right? to the Fruheads that come to see your shows -- like frequent flier points? You still doing that?

J: We certainly do -- Murray?

M: We do, we uh reward our fans with their devotion and their money invested into us with our own small trinkets and prizes which seems to satisfy them...

J: ...and if you get enough points, you can win a date with Dave.

B: Oh, how many points would that be, Dave?

Murray: Two.

J: That's not very many points.

D: A lot of points.

B: Do you get any points for seeing you on TV?

J: Uh actually you do *wink* you get uh, if you call Midday right now and tell them how much you love the band, you get a whole bunch of points.

B: The phone are lighting up. Moxy Fruvous -- thanks for us to commercial

J: We'll sing you to commercial.

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