Live Show: 9/16/98


Winnipeg, MB

Reviewed by: Drea

The Details

The quote in the title comes from a comment I overheard while waiting for the guys after the Saskatoon show: "...must be one of those Internet wingnuts." I turned around and was promptly asked "Oh, are you one of them?" My response was "Wingnut, no...slightly cracked, yes." *g* (Then again, if you'd told me a year ago that I'd be making this trip, I'd have called *you* crazy too *lol*) We talked for a few minutes, and hopefully I managed to dispel her notion - at least a bit - that all Fruheads are insane. On the other hand, being in a different city and time zone every day for three days isn't exactly an indication of sanity (if you're not touring, that is). In order to make this 'review' easier to read (and to write!), I'm dividing it into separate posts by city. Though the term 'review' isn't entirely accurate; it's a trip diary too - that's right, you're stuck with some (edited) travelling details as well. You have been warned ;>

Thunder Bay to Winnipeg: The Adventure Begins There's something to be said for having an 8am class to start off the day you're supposed to be leaving on a Frutrip on the 11:30 *pm* bus - but as it's not exactly PG (*smile* Misty), I won't say it here. Let it merely be said that a post-school nap is your best bet in that case ;> I quickly discover that though inconvenient time-wise, leaving Thunder Bay on the late bus has its advantages, one of which is the decided lack of many other passengers. Mind you, it also can lead to bad jokes from one's driver: "It seems almost pointless with just the 3 of you, but let's go to Winnipeg." As I write this, Live Noise is playing in my discman, my fellow passengers are settling down to sleep, and glancing out the window makes me ponder the difference between leaving Thunder Bay by night from the air and from the ground. Thunder Bay in the dark from above seems like a magical wonderland of lights - from the ground, it's merely the same streets as always, with the only difference being the number of cars on the road. I've done some long bus trips before (the longest being 36 hours to Daytona Beach), but I can't imagine doing it for months on end as part of my livelihood. Riding a bus for a Frutrip (even for the short time of 9hrs) gives a greater appreciation of what the guys do when they're touring. We wonder how they can keep the energy up night after night; perhaps a part of it is a way of working off the boredom and 'cabin fever' feelings that emerge on a long trip, looking out the windows to see nothing but highway and trees, knowing you're still hours from your destination. Then again, it's probably just my own experience speaking - there's no way to compare the two, and I probably shouldn't even try. 1 am - Tracy was right, I probably won't be sleeping tonight. At least, all attempts so far have been unsuccessful. Time to switch to a quieter cd... 2 am - Ignace ON. I look jealously back at my fellow passengers (both of whom have been asleep pretty much since we left Thunder Bay), then take advantage of the stop to grab some food. Sleep is still eluding me, despite the change in cds...but with the mood I'm in, Wood was the only appropriate one to put on. Oh well. 5:29 am - Kenora ON. Sitting here, my thoughts turn to Winnipeg. Not about the concert, but about all the other things that have to be done beforehand: getting to the hotel, how to occupy the time until Doug's plane arrives, remembering to listen to the radio interview, getting to the venue. Still over two hours to go *sigh* 8:27 am - Airliner Hotel, Winnipeg MB. I'm surprised how close the hotel is to (for me) the only recognizable Winnipeg landmark - Winnipeg Stadium. (Yes, I've only been to this city for sporting events before *g*) Once inside the room, I put the radio on CJUM, set the alarm for 12:30pm, and get ready to catch up on my sleep. Stage 1 of the Frutrip finally over :)

Radio to Stage: Winnipeg Show. Returning from the airport, Doug and I quickly discover that we're in for a great show tonight, if the radio interview on CJUM is any indication. The wisecracks are flying, the live stuff sounds great...from the comments alone you get the feeling they're well rested and ready for the new tour (see review if you want details *g*). At that point, there was the temptation to call in and say hi to the guys over the airwaves to surprise them. I, however, chickened out, and then had to spend the last 10 mins of the interview alternately writing down what I could and jokingly keeping Doug away from the phone. (At that point, I discovered the only person who's nearly as dangerous as Mike during Spiderman is Doug Sheppard on sufficient sleep *lol* I don't know who was making me laugh more, the guys or Doug!) We arrived at the West End Cultural Centre to find about 10 people already sitting outside waiting. Following them downstairs to the office, we discovered that they were actually volunteers and that we were in the wrong place to pick up our tickets *oops!* We headed back upstairs and sat on the few steps leading to the actual theatre part of the venue, wondering if anyone was going to make us go back outdoors (no one did). Just after we sat down, we heard the very welcome sound of the dumbek coming from the other side of the doors and knew that 1)we'd managed to hit the sound check yet again (shades of the Thunder Bay show), and 2)the guys would be doing Sahara that night. Then we were treated to a new song: "Half as Much". Add this one to the list of new songs that are really going to do well if they get released as singles :) After that, we could hear Dayna Manning starting her sound check, said hi to Tobey (on his way downstairs), finally were able to pick up our tickets, and waited for the doors to open. We were row C, stage Dave, a vantage point I haven't had for a while. Once we were inside, I discovered two things about the venue - it's a very nice (but small) place, and the first row was *right* in front of the stage..which meant no dancing *sigh* It's by far the smallest place I've seen Fruvous play, which gave me hope for an off-mic Gulf War Song later in the night. (Quick note for the bass people *g* - looks like Murray's sticking with the Spector...) As for the show itself... Fruvous time also affects opening acts *lol* as Dayna Manning started off 25 mins late. She has a beautiful voice, but her music is a little too Jewel-like for me - another couple more upbeat songs would be nice :) Finally, Jian and Murray came out to the now familiar 'hero music'. I managed to get a picture of them and a bit later of Dave and Mike before a woman in the row ahead of me complained :(. Putting the camera down, I started to drum along to the rhythm on my legs...and got caught, earning a grin (kept going though ;>). It ended up being about a 10 minute Sahara, amazing as usual. Next was Jockey, then a "It's great to be back in Saskatchewan!" from Jian. (Glad I didn't bet Doug about that...) BJ, then an improv about Mike's throat, a discussion about Winnipeg Marxists (where both bosses and workers were mocked), and Horseshoes. They then thanked the lady (Lisa something) who made the friendship bracelets that they were wearing...and shortly were used as Star Trek-like communicators. Poor Dave - he tried to join in the conversation that Murray and Jian were having over their 'communicators', and was told "this is a secure channel, you shouldn't be on here." *lol* (The communicators became the night's running joke) Sad Girl was next, followed by Pisco Bandito (the Pisco Dance hits Winnipeg, one night only, courtesy of Doug). There were a few people who had got up to dance in the very small space to the right of the stage, in front of the last section of seats, who were recognized at this time by the Frulads. I wish I could remember the comment that lead to it, but Murray promptly launched into the last part of 'Copacobana' (yes, I'm old enough to remember that song!), with the rest joining in within a few lines. "If you can't dance there, where can you dance?" (Mike) Then something about Schlessinger, and Moon..eventually. Before Moon was a long improv on the 'hunt for the lost chord'. Murray was having problems with the pitch pipe (or the guys were having problems matching it, I don't know which), to the extent that Mike began a 'nature documentary' about the lost chord, complete with Richard Attenborough voice...which caused Mur to crack up every time he tried to put the pitch pipe back to his lips. Of course, Jian's 'local review' of the show to that point didn't help much either *lol* We did eventually get Moon though. Next was Kick in the Ass, and's Grandpa Fruvous! Seeing Minnie the Moocher again was a real treat for me :) The rhymes were: "something arty/heart as big as a St. Boniface party/let's give a hand for that Dayna Manning/her music's like sunshine and we're all suntanning/all that voice from that little body/put on her record make yourself a hot toddy/now it's time for another Leafs season/with management moves without rhyme or reason/maybe kick into life if they kick Chuck Connors/maybe they'll end up with a record like the Blue Bombers..../papers/capers/bringin/singin.../Jean Chretien's having trouble of late/no matter he'll still get a third mandate/of that job he'll never be tirin'/as long as he can throttle protesters/and do some pepper spray firin'" (Gotham City dream sequence, Val Kilmer and George Clooney not included)/ something Bill Clinton/something old fashioned sinnin/it's time to take him out of the pressure cooker/and keep an eye on Chelsea/I think she's a lesbian hooker" (I still can't believe you finished that line Mike!)/ Jenny Jones/Maury Povitch/Montell (Yes, I did pick up Mike's lyrics sheet, how can you tell? *g*) Then I Will Hold On, Half as Much, Jian discussing the Starr report ('I read the whole thing'), Michigan Militia, anti-anti-food people, Saucep'n (caught Murray taking a breath during the last line and a half of the chorus!), and acapella Message. We were then informed that "We here at Moxy Fruvous Inc. are interested in world economies, in fact, all our proceeds from this tour are going to help save the Russian economy!" Then we were told that someone else was also interested in the Russian economy, as interested as he was in the economy he oversaw from his royal throne - 'the King of Spain!' At this point Doug and I gave in and joined the dancers, happy to discover that we weren't the only ones who didn't want the King to mention Lisa ;> (Dave and Jian made a point of coming over to sing to the 'dancers' a few times during both KoS and GE&H.) The communicators reappeared during Green Eggs & Ham, as Mike used his to chastise Dave for slagging the Beatles. For a moment I thought it would lead into an 'intercession' - until Murray looked at them both and said sternly into his 'communicator' "This is neither the time *nor* the place," and the song continued. Next was Authors, during the first verse of which one of the ushers came by and told us all "either go back to your seats or move to the back." I resigned myself to a 'bouncing in the chair' Authors and sat down. (This was the first time I'd heard the 'I was looking straight' bit, and Mur's Elvis-like 'turnin' pages') Then Get in the Car, and the always rocking Love Potion#9 (Ohio, Staying Alive, Who Will Save Your Soul, Portage&Main (Winnipeg reference), Barbie, Love Shack). After a standing ovation and much cheering, the Frus returned for encore #1- Psychokiller (which had somewhere between 3-5 false starts, making people laugh every time he pulled back). Another ovation, and another return for encore #2 - Drinking Song. It was nice to hear so many of the people there singing, even if there wasn't really any room to sway sitting down. After the show, I snagged Mike's setlist and lyrics sheet, went back to say hi to Tobey again and grab a tshirt (where I saw quite a few people picking up Live Noise and other cds, definitely there were some fans made tonight), then rejoined Doug to wait for the Frulads. It really says something about how much the guys appreciate their fans when Dave, who even Cal thought had left already, not only signed things for the fans who found him outside, but also *went back in* in case anyone there was waiting to talk to him. ("I'll feel guilty if I don't go in") Outside, Doug and I ran into the DJ who'd interviewed Fruvous that afternoon and ended up talking to him for a long time. While we were talking, Mike came out for a quick smoke, leaning against the wall near where we were. On the spur of the moment, I leaned around Dan and half jokingly asked 'Hey Mike, how much white chocolate would it take to bribe Jian into playing Fly tomorrow night? You guys skipped it when you were in Thunder Bay in November and I've never heard it." I also mentioned the fact that I'd been whining about not hearing it on IRC...which led to a quick IRC lesson for Mike, as he didn't know what it was. (For the record..the answer was 'A bit.' The only reason why I'm mentioning the comment is because it comes into the Saskatoon story...which will be in my next post) After Mike left, we said our goodbyes to Dan and headed back to the hotel, stopping for pizza along the way. (If you're ever in Winnipeg, be sure to hit the Capri pizzeria on Ellice Ave - it's a cool little place with great pizza :)) Back at the hotel, we watched tv and attempted to work on this review before sleeping. Doug crashed at 3am...I attempted to crash at 4:30, but gave up and read till 6:30am. This was definitely going to be a sleep-deprived Frutrip ;>

If you've managed to make it all the way through this, I salute you *g*, especially since there's another show to go. You have been warned :)

Drea Part 2 to come: Adventures in Saskatoon, where surprises await the unsuspecting Fruheads :>

Caffeine and Fruvous: the accounting student's keys to sanity...

Winnipeg Setlist Opened with: Extended Sahara Show: Jockey, "It's great to be back in Saskatchewan", BJ, Mike's throat improv, Winnipeg Marxists improv, Horseshoes, 'communicators' improv, Sad Girl, Pisco Bandito, Copacobana (tease), Schlessinger improv, 'the hunt for the lost chord' improv, Moon, KITA, Minnie, I Will Hold On, Half as Much, Starr report rant/ improv, Michigan, "We're the anti-anti-food people" improv, Saucep'n, acapella Message, "Save the Ruble" intro, KoS/GE&H, Authors, Car, LP#9 (Ohio, Stayin, Save, Portage&Main, Barbie, Love Shack)

Encore #1: Psychokiller

#2: Drinking Song

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