Live Show: 9/26/98


Seattle, WA

Reviewed by: Doug Levy & Sirilyan

The Details

For a first time in Seattle, the boys did well: there were more people there to see them than I had expected. Actually was surrounded by people who knew the words to some of the songs. One guy I met heard of them through his local record store's listening post, some others heard the All Things Considered piece, others had friends from New York. But the venue was awful. Limited the show in many ways. Very small stage, very many people there to drink beer instead of enjoy the music. The fact that the set got cut short by the place's curfew didn't help any. Those who were there got a treat, and I'm fairly sure that Moxy Fruvous' next time in Seattle will be a lot better.

Got some deviation from the standard recent sets: a good mix of old and new. Opened with Sahara. Some of the others (not in order): Ash Hash. Boo. River Valley. Car. Saucep'n. Militia. Moon. Message. Horseshoes. BJ. GE&H. Slightly abbreviated KofS.

Next stop: San Francisco.

From Doug (Sirilyan):

Most prominent sign I was truly in the belly of the beast: Interstate exit to Redmond

Secondmost prominent sign that only true geeks will understand: Interstate exit to Renton

Grungers I saw, even though I'd thought they were all dead except the ones the environmentalists were protecting in special refuges: 4

Average distance, in yards, between Starbucks: 300

Average distance, in yards, between all coffee shops: 150

Monks who tried to sell me a book in front of the monorail station: 1

Parking lots I saw that take credit cards: 0

The Pictures

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The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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