Live Show: 9/28/98


Canadian TV

Reviewed by: Gabby

The Details

Moxy Fruvous appeared briefly on Gabereau Live yesterday. The show opened showing the four guys singing "Message" out on the street. Then Vicki (sp?) came walking along, and basically said, "Gee, you guys sound pretty good. How'd you like to be on my show this morning?" (this was all completely pre-planned, of course. Ha Ha.) So the Fru-lads went in and played Michigan Militia. Then Vicki went on to her other guests, but Moxy Fruvous re-emerged right at the end to play "Fly".

Musially the guys seemed to be quite on, but they seemed to feel kind of uncomfortable and tense. This is probably because Vicki didn't give them a chance to say much. She talked briefly with them at the end, but basically she was putting her own pre-planned sound-bytes into their mouths. She made a big fuss about the name "Moxy Fruvous", saying "No one really has any idea in hell what Moxy Fruvous means!" Right. Now *there's* an original thing to ask the band about :-|! She also mentioned that the band had many "devoted fans" called Fruheads, and that was about it for their conversation.

The best part was the ending credits, when the guys sang a song about Vicki Gabereau to the tune of "the Brady Bunch" theme song. It's always great to see them doing something a bit different, so I enjoyed that.

All in all, I must say I would have enjoyed watching it more if I could have deleted Vicki Gabereau off of my tape. (If you're getting the sense that I don't really like Vicki Gabereau, you would be correct. I hope I'm not insulting anyone by saying this. Knowing my luck, Vicky's probably the aunt or best-friend of someone on this newsgroup :-). I will now end this slightly off-topic parenthesis.)

Take care, Gabby

From Hugo:

Vicki Gabereau is based in Vancouver, just as she was when she had her show on CBC Radio. The show started on the CTV network as part of the offering by Baton (CTV parent company, controlled by the Eaton family) to the CRTC to let them open a station in Vancouver last fall.

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

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