Live Show: 10/3/98


Carbondale, CO

Reviewed by: Jordan, Allan & Bridget

The Details

i have a few minutes so i'm gonna try to review last night's carbondale show... hopefully it won't be quite as long-winded as the last one...

As we had planned it, 4 of us would be taking the beautiful trip from Denver to Carbondale... Rachel, Lindsey, Lindsey, and Myself. However, the two lindsey's found out they had stomp tickets or something and well they bailed... suckers.

So rachel and i trekked it up to Carbondale. Let me just say that i was reeeeally glad that Moxy Fruvous and all the rest of you fruheads that were there got a taste of Colorado in the fall. The drive along I-70 is one of the most beautiful trips this time of year. They picked the perfect day as well... it was 80 degrees out and sunny the whole way on Saturday driving up there where you could see the multiple colors of all teh aspen trees... and on Sunday when we drove home, it was pure white covered in snow (just to give you a taste of how cool Colorado weather is).

They also got a cool glimpse of all the awesome ski resorts here in the heart of the Rocky mountains, not just Vail and Aspen but the real resorts.

Anyways, we got to Carbondale and checked into a hotel... we stayed there for a bit and decided we'd better head over to the barn (the venue) and get tickets cuz well... there was nothing else to do in C-dale. So as we're walking out our door, who do we see walking down the hall? Jian. we didn't stop them or anything cuz they looked like they were in a hurry.

So we went to dinner and then to the barn... very cool place. It was larger than Swallow Hill but because of the way they'd arranged the seating (cafe style on the floor and then up a few stairs there were just chairs along the walls) it held fewer people.

The show was awesome... I snagged a set-list again, but they didn't follow it... here goes:

(at this point rachel and i were getting concerned that they were gonna
play the same set as last night... which seemed odd... but i wouldn't put
it past a band).
Jason, recording the show, got to be an active participant of the
"pyrotechnic portion" of the song because of it.  :P
- Hold
this song is reeeally growing on me...  Jian looks like he's gonna cry
every time he sings it tho.
okay so this has since taken the space of my favorite frusong. :)  I hope
they play it again tonight 
very cool...  except that in denver the boxes are PURPLE!!! 
at this point the setlist has -ash - tureen -sauce  listed but they
didn't play any of them. :(
-Ging  (heh, it has a G).  They didn't mention Mile High but who cares...
the score as i write this e-mail is currently Broncos 41 - Philly 2. This
time i think they said "now the avs call me up"  which was a lot easier
then the 'lanche
wow, i was supa-dupa-alice-cooper psyched to hear that live 

I realize now that i'm going to all these shows for the banter as much as i am for the music :P

I also got my indie tape j-card signed (in that tiny itty-bitty white portion on the inside) by all of them. They each commented something to the effect of "wow, never seen one of these out here." and i had to explain how exactly i managed to get a copy of it to each of them... :P

After the show we went back to the hotel and our room smelled reeeally skanky so we turned on the fan and opened the door. So we're just sitting there watching SNL (yay! Tony Millionare cartoon with the TMBG cover art) and I look up to see Mike standing right outside our room waving :) Then all the Nields started trekking in but they seemed kinda grumpy...

anyways, i'm on my way to tonights show. And since the halloween show is sold out already i guess while i'm out there in MA i'll just have to go to cambridge and see Brian Dewan instead... i think i heard he's playing on halloween.

Ah well, guess i'll get my keychain or whatever it is at 300 miles :P

From Allan:

After a 4 hr trip to Carbondale, we arrived at what was indeed a giant tin-roofed barn, and immediately proceeded to begin waiting in earnest. Along with me on this trip was my good friend Bob from Buffalo NY who introduced me to the band via the indy cassette which he picked up at a Moxy show in Toronto in '92. We again met up with Fruheads Leah, Rob, and Jason; and later were introduced to Katherine (sp?). I had heard about these concerts in advance, and had asked to be seated as close to the stage as possible. I got my wish as I was led to table 9, directly in front of the center stage. On my ticket I was instructed to bring my own mug, so I journeyed to a lavish refreshment table and was told that my mug was too large to be serviced by their limited establishment without a much more significant cash donation. As I paid $5 for my cup of what seemed to be Sanka, I had my Frumiles card stamped by Toby, and began to listen to the 15 min oratory by the school's Arts director.

Again, Jordan's set list matches what I remember, so no repetition, just the highlights.

Jockey- I have the honor of having heard Waits do this song once (Chicago , I think), and I'm pretty sure he would like this rendition, at least a little.

Spiderman- What is Moxy's official stand on tapers? Because this pyrotechnic portion of the show would have intimidated me a little had I been Jason. Allow me just to add that I'm not easily intimidated by much.

Hold- I have to agree with Jordan here, it grows on you. Jian wasn't the only one in the barn who looked like he was going to cry.

Pisco- More fun every time I hear it!

Potion- Noticed something the 2nd time I heard this- "looks like turpentine and smells like India ink," I think the original line was "smells like turpentine, looks like india ink," because turpentine looks a lot like water but smells horrid and India ink doesn't smell like anything in particular. Was this on purpose?

Drinking- Fun to hear as a Sing-a-long.

Well, Bob got his book signed and we drove back in what seemed to be some of the foulest weather Colorado could throw at us, but a solid show for the band.

From Bridget:

New Bohemian Coffee House

(aka the CRMS Barn)

Well, little sis Becky had to work from 8 - 12 in the morning. It was an agonizing 4 hours for me, but don't worry - I SURVIVED!!!!!!! Finally on the road to C-dale at about 12:45. Got to our motel at 4:00, cleaned ourselves up a bit, then went to find the barn. This in itself was quite an adventure, I won't go into the details. Let's just say that neither of us will ever be a professional navigator....... :-)

Got to the barn at 5, met a couple great people and chatted for awhile. Hi Stacey!! Hi David!! (We like David even tho he came for the Nields.......) The Fruguys showed up in the van, Beck held the door for them while they brought in their equipment. Way cool. The guy running the show set up to sell tix, and since ours were reserved (weeks in advance, of course!!) he ever so kindly showed us where we'd be sitting. TABLE 5!!!!! Now, that may not mean ANYTHING to you people reading this, but table 5 was the BEST in the house. I'm talking front row center, baby!! Yes, crank up that excite-o-meter just a notch or two.....

So, the show is two hours away, and Becky's hungry. We cruise over to Subway for a bite, then back to the barn so as not to miss anything good. We were standing outside the barn, talking to Stacey, when the Fruvan pulls up & the guys get out. Jian's eating "the best cookie he's ever tasted", and what a doll, he offers us one. Beck & I turn it down (I don't know what we were thinking, so DON'T ASK!!!) Stacey takes it, and what a sweetie, gives us each a bite. Still warm, mmmmm........ Finally people start showing up, and just when I think I can't stand the wait, the doors open!!!!! We grab some java and go to our beloved TABLE 5 to get ready to be AMAZED. And amazed we were.......

Opened with the same beyond awesome rendition of "Message"

"BJ" - I can see why this is THE staple of their show......... very fun

"Jockey" - KILLER!!!

"Horseshoes" - Glad to see this at least once this weekend

"Boss" and "Spidey" again from the midst of the audience. Or as Jian put it, the "have-nots". Loved when Mike threatened Jason (our friendly taper) with the scream into the mic "THE LAST SHOW HE'LL EVER TAPE!!!!!!!"

"Hold On" - ok, this has very quickly become Beck's new fave Frusong. What Michigan Militia??

"Pisco" - I can't put into words how much I dig groovin' to this song. ROCKS!!!

"Marion Fruvous" - loved to hear this one. I have some Moxy boots, but had never heard this one before. Fave part? Dave as Marion, of course!!!!

It was at this point where Jian turned to Mike and I could read his lips - "Why don't we just skip to (something)........." so, now I', wondering what the heck I misse?!?!?

"King" - there's a barn overhead (loved it, Mur!)
"Darlin" - I think this was the moment that made my weekend. Absolutely AWESOME to hear this tune live!!!
"Drinking" - great encore, I daresay the weekend would not have been complete without it.

So, after the show, we manage to snag Dave & Mike's setlists, and get to find out what the guys skipped over. "Ash Hash" - this was a major downer, I would have died to hear this song live...... :-( "Tureen" - heard it last night, not a huge deal. "Sauce" - heard it last night also, but a very fun live tune. Missed it. Also, both setlists had "Dancing" after "Potion". I hate thinking that we may have missed an appearance by Lou???

Hung around between sets, met all the guys. Would have loved to have my "Live Noise" cover signed, but like a fool I lent it to a friend who didn't return it in time. AARRRRGGHHH!!!!!!! Had YWGGTM on me, though, so not a total disaster. All 4 guys signed the cover for me. Here are our opinions after meeting them..... Jian is still (and always) an absolute doll. Very friendly, very appreciative of fan support, just a sweet guy to talk to. Signed my cover "Merci, cookie-less Bridget". LOVED IT!!!!!! Dave has forever endeared himself to Becky: recognized her from the front row both nights. Plus she's in love with his facial expressions, unparalleled talent on the banjo, and the overall energy he shows on stage. He told us he was glad we were there in the front row, in case he forgot any of the words........ :-) Murray seemed rather shy, but very friendly also. I must admit, however, that I am a little biased......... and in total agreement with Jordan and her friends "MURRAY IS THE MAN!!!" Mike was very nice, but not so eager to strike up a conversation as the other guys. He's the only one who didn't ask our names. Did make a comment however that he has fun - every day every night, nothing but fun fun fun!!! I asked him how he does it....... "CAFFEINE!!! NEED MORE COFFEE!!!" He is a crack up.......

This was a night that I'll not soon forget. Met great people, heard great music, saw a great show. I feel the need to stop now, if you haven't lost interest yet & you've read this far........ THANKS!!!

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