Live Show: 10/4/98


Boulder, CO

Reviewed by: Jordan, Allan & Bridget

The Details

HEy HEy! allright... don't worry, this will be the last post from me for awhile (or at least close to the last post) :P

So here it is October 4th, 1998 @ The Fox Theater in Boulder, CO... uh... USA.

First things first... despite my OCD-type problem with They Might Be Giants (check out my boot-list, etc.) for the past few years... I think i now have a *new* (and may i say extremely improved) favorite band to start tweaking about :)

a bit about the Fox theater... weird seeing them there... I make it up to the fox at least once a month and every other band i had ever seen there had been a punk rock or ska type group... aquabats - lunachicks - homegrown - hagfish - save ferris etc. We counted a total of 107 people at the show tonight...

For almost a month I had been working on making this show open to the 21 and under crowd as well. Luckily, my work payed off. I managed to get us all in the balcony... which was cool because we got to listen to sound check while all the elderly-skanks had to wait in the lobby...

i didn't grab a set-list cuz well i was caged off in the balcony all night... so here it is from my humble boot of the show:

---Sahara... started with Murray and Jian and i guess Mike and Dave were
supposed to come out together but only Mike did at first... they
commented on this later :)
---BJ... "found the balcony too high"  (i cheered)
They started laughing at all of us kiddies in the balcony  "leper colony"
---Elton John fun with Dave (blue eyes)  :)
---YWGTTM... into some banter about how they're not a baber-shop quartet.
 Yet another TMBG reference here too, along with a bunch of simpsons...
--- "we're not supposed to take liberties, we're the opening band"...  we
thought they were just being funny but turns out there's some hostility
behind it... the nields wouldn't let them play for the full time... so i
say throw it back in their faces three times at the shows where they're
--Fly...that made lindsey's night, her fave song :)
---Jian asked what happens when there are like 400 people that are
under-21...from experience at the last TMBG show I was at... they take
away all the liquor and let the kiddies down... due to "fire hazards"
---Minnie the Moocher... excellent cover... very amusing :)  They all
threw on some hats for it.  I love crowd participation :)
"Well this town here will once again host the great american beer fest,
160 microbrews take the true test.
a lot of people will end up with puke on their shoes and puke on their
sounds just like any average weeknight in boulder"
---Max the Wonderdoll... :)
---Michigan Militia...
---Johnny Saucep'n...
--this was the point where they made fun  lindsey and my
indian-tpye-call... very cool and unique way to cheer :) 
---King Of Spain... mile high...avs...
---Green Eggs & Ham... "hey...not the eagles"  which lead into them
singing a grip of eagles songs but replacing any location/proper noun
with "colorado" or "boulder."  then they all started discussing how they
hated the eagles :P
---Get in the car... cool to hear live :)

The end.

After the show we talked to a few people... The Pisco shirts ROCK!! i'm very very impressed! :)

From Allan:

Let me start this review with an expression of my gratitude to the Fruheads that made the journey out to CO. You folks have every right in the world to try and keep knowledge of the band your intellectual property, and not let anyone into your clique. Instead, you were all truly open and helpful to an initiate into the flock of Fruvous. Rob, Jason, Katherine (sp?), Robert, Dave, Leah, and Toby; you seven especially were incredible as far as welcoming all of us Colorado newbies to the joys of the music we now share. We know why you kept Fruvous to yourselves for so long, and you will never know how much we appreciate you sharing them with us. I don't want to lose contact with any of you, so here's the email for anyone who doesn't have it - Anytime you're in town in the future, you all have a place to stay. And I expect to see you all in Colorado whenever Moxy comes back through this bucolic paradise.

I wandered around the entire show with a camera weighing me down to find that I had bought color film from a recalled batch. All the black -and - white came out ok, but the color film was exposed in shipping to lovely Colorado and came out like an acidhead's art project.

Once again, no new addition to Jordan's set list. (Nice job, Jordan!)

Sahara- Really a neat opening, glad I got to see this.

Fly- Man, is this song powerful live. Great tune, and it kinda tugs a little at my heartstrings.

Johnny- Still an impressive bit of linguistic exercise, and it's got a good beat that you can dance to- I give it an 86.

-Commentary on yell that sounded nothing like Indians, but quite a bit like Xena on Heroin-

Car- Very nice rendition, the entire crowd seemed to like this one.

No encore this show. I think we understand why, but that doesn't mean I like it.

Notes to Self: Plug this band to everyone with ears. Get e-mail from all the fruheads I met. See the band and the fans as soon as possible. Thank the band.

Thanks Guys!

From Bridget:

Well, the weekend is winding to a close....... :-( I am going to try to keep this short (yeah, right!!) I wasn't able to get a setlist, and I don't remember song for song. I think Jordan has one again, tho.....

This night was not as electric as the first two. To begin with, little sis Beck couldn't make it. I had to settle for some other friends who wouldn't know what a Fruhead was if one came up & bit 'em in the ass. Bummer. I had a hard time pulling them away from the (blowout) Broncos game. Finally got on the road to Boulder at 5:15. About the 2nd group of fans to arrive (Jason beat me.....) I was shooting for #1, but considering my company, did OK. The bartender let us watch about 10 minutes of sound check. Unfortunately, it was the Nields check, not Moxy's. Kinda cool, tho. We were sitting at the bar when the Fruvan showed up and the guys started unloading equipment. Wanted to chat but it was 6:00 and it seemed they were already in a hurry, so I kept my mouth shut. Heard from other fans that snow had caused some major accidents on the road from C-dale, so both bands were late getting to Boulder. Could hear some of Moxy's sound check thru the closed doors.

Finally got in the doors. All I can say is, I was quite disappointed at the turnout. Any Fruheads interested in moving to beautiful Colorado?!?!? Maybe 'cause it was a bigger venue than the first two, but the place seemed deserted.

Show started with a killer, long-intro version of "Sahara". It was great, but I preferred "Message" from the previous nights. My personal highlights were the banter (of course!!), "Fly", and "Get in the Car". The guys were in rare form (ummmmm, from what little I've seen & heard.....) I loved the 'leper colony' stuff, Jian's discovery that Dave IS Moxy Fruvous, Max the WonderDoll, and the Eagles replacing the Beatles in GEH. Classic material. Just wish little sis Beck was there with me. My posse was standing toward the back of the dance floor like a couple of stiffs. Time & time again, I urged them to dance, but to no avail. Poopheads.....

The show was fabulous, but I was left with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Part (maybe most) of it was the company I was with, although after a while I ditched them for the fans dancin' in front of the stage. It was also kinda sad that they were playing on a 'real' stage, so no more "Boss" and "Spidey" from the crowd. Didn't get to talk to the guys. Wanted to hear some more "Hold" and "Pisco", too, and was rejected there. No encore - SUCKED!!! I understand, however, that's not Moxy's fault. Also, I was hoping to hear "Authors", "Bargainville", "Kid's" or "KitA" at some point during the weekend. Didn't happen, tho. Maybe next time....... :-)

So now, as I said in Colorado review #1, it's Thursday, and I have almost (not quite) come down off of this incredible Moxy high I got on last weekend. If you'll bear with me for a couple closing comments.......

I have all the CD's, and some boots (thx mostly to my bud Matt) but absolutely NOTHING even came close to preparing me for the astonishing, wonderful, amazing, intense (need I go on?) totally unbelievable weekend I have just spent. I would say that the whole experience left me completely speechless, but as you can tell by my posts, that's not even close to the truth.......

Big thank you's to Moxy Fruvous and their entourage for coming this far west....... I only hope that the small crowds this weekend don't discourage you guys from coming back. Please please please don't stay away for too long..........

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over & out



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