Live Show: 10/8/98


Minneapolis, MN

Reviewed by: Drea

The Details

Ok guys, here's the setlist from Thursday's Minneapolis show, review to come hopefully tomorrow when I've fully recovered from the 7.5hr drive :)

Extended Sahara
'Get the guitar' (improv/parody)
Krag's Brain/Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon (improv)
Spiderman (moved up in setlist due to acoustic guitar problem)
Horseshoes (after guitar problem fixed)
Half as Much
Sad Girl (Spidey originally followed here)
Minnie (partial lyrics to come)
Mistra-Know-It-All (finally! *plus* a very (<2'!) close view of Mur's solo)
I Will Hold On
'people who like food'
(Raja->skipped - "not up to it tonight" (Jian))
anti-monarchy intro
KoS/GE&H (Beatles became the Eagles, some songs by The Who, some Eagles)
'Secret Agent Man' (extended tease)
LP#9 (Ohio, Stayin, Who Will Save, song I didn't catch, Love Shack)

Encore #1: Tureen (been over 2yrs, good to hear again)
           Dancing Queen (the other 'finally heard' for me tonight)

#2: Drinking Song (sounded like the *whole* place was singing, amazing..)

Jian and Murray both seemed to be feeling better tonight (for those of you who were concerned after the Urbana show), especially Murray. I've never seen him so energetic during a set or come out from behind his mic so often to play at the front of the crowd! (What *did* you have to eat before the show Mur? *lol*)

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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