Live Show: 10/10/98


Chicago, IL

Reviewed by: Jun Nogami & Drea

The Details

This concert was webcasted. The following URL should take you to the archived webcast (RealAudio & RealVideo available):

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From Jun:

I just wanted to add a few impressions of the Chicago show. All in all it was a great evening. It blew me away how the band can put out so much energy for almost two hours, plus encores.

This is the third time that I've seen MF at Martyr's, and every time the crowd gets bigger, though I guess that since the concert sold out, last night was about as packed as it would get. The band really fed on the energy of the crowd, and they also tried to reach out to their "larger audience" on the web.

Count me in as a relatively serious fan: not like you frufolk in the front, center stage. I salute you for your energy and devotion! I was happier hanging back in the fourth row with the missus. Which brings me to the one sore point of the evening: there seemed to be more pushy people in the crowded than I've seen before: you know, the type that decides during the set that they have the right to push their way into the crowd in front of you where you've been standing since the beginning and all the way through the Nields' set. I am starting to understand why people hang out just in front of the stage. Maybe it's just a big city / Chicago thing, but it makes me think fondly of the less crowded days. I wish every success to the band, i.e. big crowds, but I'll always remember the show they did in Milwaukee to about thirty of us, with Mike scampering around our table, throwing small bits contact explosive into my beer.

I'll probably catch them more at venues like the Ark, where everyone sits and listens. I know that it's now as much fun in a lot of ways, but being able to really listen to the music has its benefits too.

High points for me:

Mike with Minnie the Moocher. Mike really was on fire all night, thought it's a mystery to me why he spit into the crowd at one point.

Dave with the Jane Sibbery bit during the request-o-matic improv.

The sixtyish guy standing beside us with his mouth hanging open in delight for most of the evening.

"I shall be released" with the Nields.

The winner of the chess set has already been mentioned.

Thanks to the bands, and all you frufans for a terrific evening.

From Drea:

Wow...what a show! Just some impressions and the setlist for those who couldn't see it either *really* live in Chicago or through the webcast :)

(1)Webcast guy Anthony wasn't all bad..he was, after all, able to make fun of himself, and he *did* eventually pronounce Fruvous correctly *lol*

(2)Having Jian stop in before the show both on the broadcast and in the Rolling Stone chat room (at the same time, I might add) was a nice touch and appreciated by those of us in it :) We'd told Anthony that one of the reasons why we liked Fruvous was the way they treat their fans, and that was some of the best proof the guys could've provided *g*

(3)One word: "request-o-matic" *ROTFL*

(4)Mike's Thanksgiving song was beautiful...thanks for being willing to share such personal songs with us, especially while you're far from home...

(5)/me crosses another 2 songs off the 'never heard live' list, though not among the top 5 :) (Laika and Greatest Man in America)

(6)Tonight we learned that Frufans can do improv too *lol* The guy who won the chess set (/me is jealous) not only had a song done in his honour, but did two verses himself (well done btw Ronald, if you're reading this)

(7)*Three* encores! "I Shall Be Released" with the Nields during the second encore...the mono sound on RealPlayer probably didn't do it justice, but still incredible :)

Extended Sahara
Incredible Medicine Show (1.5yrs since I've heard this!)
Pisco (seems like the strudel bit has been permanently removed)
AJ & Lisa (improv)
I Will Hold On
Mike's Thanksgiving Song
Laika (*cheer*)
Minnie (great Chicago lyrics Mike!!)
Greatest Man in America (was beginning to think I'd never hear this one live)
Fly (no tears this time, but was shaking through the whole song..)
"Request-o-matic" (improv)
nhl intro
LP#9 (Ohio, Stayin, Who Will Save, Gotta Get Over Greta, Barbie, Love Shack)

Encore #1 - GitC

       #2 - Chess Set (Ronald Maruzak (sp?))
            I Shall Be Released (w/The Nields)

       #3 - Drinking Song

Hopefully sometime in the future there'll be another webcast of a Fruvous show :) Great show guys! The 'computer geeks' thank you *g*

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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