Live Show: 10/18/98


Lafayette, IN

Reviewed by: Donald Garner, Jordan & Risa

The Details

Friday's Bloomington show was also great, they came out and said that they were glad to be back in the Buckeye State (lots of boos from the audience). At one point (I think during Green Eggs and Ham) Mike came up from the bongos with his shirt sleeves pulled up and the look of someone with a big wad of chew in his mouth (impersonating someone from Indiana) but then he jumped off the stage into his West Side Story songs (when your'e a Jet). During Boo Time someone from the opening band walked in front of Mike, and he took the guys pitcher of beer. They talked about Canada and America's trading, and they made fun of the opening bands name---Vagabond something or other (someone help with the name), they also mentioned Canadian super-heros (aside from Wolverine, I think the most popular is Captain Canuck or something). At the end of the show they said that a speial guest from New York was at the show----the one and only Lou Reed----which was Mike with sunglasses on, they then went into Walk on the Wildside/Dancing Queen.

I finally got to hear the Kids' song live, and I will always love B.J. Don't Cry, they did Psycho Killer, Gotta Get a Message, Get in the Car, I love my Boss, Dinking Song.

I talked to them after the show and they autographed YWGTTM for me, they are a bunch of great guys.

If someone could help with some of my memories about either show, that would be great.

From Jordan McClure:

Yes a very long review shall come tomorrow, but here's tonight's setlist (more or less) in random order (a so-so show; the band seemed a bit off and there were technical problems galore).

Road Runner Song (!!!) - Seemed like it wasn't a spur of the moment
thing either.. nice harmonies and everything!
Sad Girl
Spain -> Eggs

Brown Eyed Girl

In the morning, it was back to Indiana. It was at this point that I made a discovery: Indiana is superior to Illinois. Previously, I had considered both states equally boring, but Indiana does have more than corn it has hills. And trees. The countryside beats Illinois hands down, especially in the fall. So we drove to Lafayette and found ourselves outside the Brewing Company just before Fruvous started their sound check. We wondered: It was the last show of the tour . . Could they top Kentucky? Highly doubtful special shows like that only fall together once in a blue moon, especially in the Midwest. We were just expecting a fun night of rocking Fruvous music and that's what we got.

The opening singer, Peter Mulvey, had sound problems galore. He may have been good, but I couldn't really tell over the repeated ear-shattering popping noises. Out came Fruvous, opening with Authors followed by Jockey and Horseshoes. Somewhere in there was a hilarious tango/rhumba improv about the pole sitting right in front of Jian called "Embrace the Pole." And then came a real treat - The Road Runner Song! They should really do that one more often - it's hilarious and Mike has the signature "meep meep" down to a Q. But the show was not all . It was crowded... and the world series was playing in the next room over, resulting in a very loud background noise. To top that off, the staff wouldn't let us stand in chairs (we were in the back) so it was difficult to see, despite Jian's kind request for those in front to sit on the floor.

And then there were sound problems. Technical difficulties that really brought the show to a halt for what seemed like about 10 minutes. The band finished out their set, but the enthusiasm they had built up in the first part of the show never really came back for me. But that's just me. Many other people thought it was a fantastic show... I was probably just still drooling over that Kentucky show. After closing with the usual Love Potion Medley, the band came out for a single encore - one of my favorite Fruvous covers, Brown-Eyed Girl! It's always great to hear that one and it really picked me back up. After Brown Eyed, the audience kept clapping for a good five minutes (proving that it was a great show, I think). But alas, the band did not return.

Tired, I hopped in the P3 and headed back to lovely Chambana before the post show adrenaline rush wore off and my complete deprivation of sleep over the weekend caught up with me. The drive home was a relaxing 90 minutes, filled with memories of three wonderful shows and many new friends. My non-Fruhead friends think I'm crazy for travelling across the continent, whether it be to Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Toronto, or Northampton just to see "a band." Yes the band is fantastic, but the real fun is in the people - and what goes on between the shows. Thanks to all who helped to make a great weekend!

I would like to dedicate this review to the memory of Bear Bear. Bear Bear was a brave friend; a friend I never met; a friend who was yanked, torn, beaten, and urinated on in a dark Michigan alley. May he rest in peace.

From Risa:

Before the show, I liked Fruvous' music.

Now I am possessed completely, undergoing the strange and beautiful transformation into Fruheadedness! (plus I think I am in love with Jian--he announced to the entire audience that I was cool for wearing a NIN shirt and being at a Fruvous show, attesting to my "eclectic taste in music" Sigh...:) )

Besides my own personal validation, the show was musically incredible. I was blown away by the chemistry between the band members, the quick-witted hilarity, the rocket-high energy. I happen to have been lucky enough to be in the front row. Jian actually stepped on me while getting a chair for an older guy who "looked uncomfortable." What a sweetie. Because of my fortuitous placement, I was able to snag Dave's set list (and I quote):

	Don't BJ
	Drink it

They didn't play BJ though; I don't remember what they played instead. Everything was really well executed, and there was a lot of audience-band interaction.

What else is there to say (besides I love Jian!)

The Music

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