Live Show: 11/3/98


Rochester, NY

Reviewed by: Nancy

The Details

Well, I got to listen to the first hour of the WCMF radio appearance this morning but even the best planning is never good enough... I had to substitute chaperone my 4 year old daughter's preschool class to The Strong Museum to see Gary the Happy Pirate (think Raffi on a more local level) perform so I missed the rest - did I miss anything so good that it will make me curse Gary the Pirate for the rest of his life? I actually tried to listen a bit even after I loaded the van up with 5 preschoolers which was impossible until my daughter heard jian's voice on the radio and started yelling, "Hey you guys shush - be quiet - Mommy, is that Moxy Foo-pus???" I can't believe she recognized his voice but she got so excited and she thought we were going to a Früvous show. I tried to call in and request The Kids Song for them, but the cell phone cut out on my while I was in radio never-land so I gave up. The rest of the 4 year olds were enthralled by gary, Madeleine was pouting the whole time because it WASN"T Früvous... Anyway, I entertained/consoled myself by thinking of all the ways Gary the Happy Pirate (or Raffi for that matter) represents something on the order of a Früvous show for preschoolers. Good music, some bad puns, lots of audience participation, wide range of ages present, the fans knew all the words (and the hand motions), occasional political references that were foreign to half the audience (things only the adults get), puppets (not naked), good times together w/ good friends... I could go on forever but I need to work and I'm boring those of you who are kids and therefore don't have kids (I hope!)...

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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