Live Show: 12/1/98


Ithaca, NY

Reviewed by: Dan Godwin, Rob, Kelly & Bridget

The Details

Wow....What a Show. We got a bunch of new songs!!! (and my opinions/Thoughts of them.)

I arrived with a bunch of Frufans in tow, including Bridget from Colorado. THe Haunt to me was a hole in the wall, although everyone that I talked to said that it was their favorite place in Ithica. I guess I've been too spoiled with going to the Tralf numerous times. The show started around 9:45. They opened with Sahara: (The Rockin' version, not the Jam)

Jockey: (Typical follow-up. One I'll never get tired of.)

After Jockey, They went into a Super long (maybe 10 min) jam about New York. MIke mentioned that he thought the Slogan for New York was the Entire State, (Empire state is the real one, like Empire State Building) This evolved into the Jam, which crossed over many musical styles.

Horseshoes: (Another Show favorite!)

Then Came the First of the New Songs!!!

Can't Be Too Careful: This song reminded me a lot like the Beatles. It featured Mike on Lead vocal, acoustic guitar,and harmonica. It was kinda similar to Half as Much as well.

There Comes a Time (I think that's what they said it was, although Cal's setlist says "Comes a Time"): This song kinda reminded me of the Barenaked Ladies song, "She's on Time" I don't know if it was the beat, or the similarity of the titles/chorus'.

How Much I Think of You: This was introed as a new song, but it really isn't. I really love the song, but tonight's version seemed too heavy. They had Mike on the Electric guitar, Dave playing the Keyboard (in like a organ sound), Jian on Drums, and Murray on Bass. I liked it better with Mike on the Acoustic. The Drums and Bass were too overpowering as well. I still love the song though.

Cheek to Cheek: A cover. With a Ithica reference thrown in.

Another New Song: Downsizing: A dark mellow song with Jian on Lead, and acousic. This song reminded me a little bit of the Rheostatics, in particular, "Bad Time To Be Poor" The version on the No-Mega CD anyways. This song was real depressing. Before the Song, Jian asked if they could get the Lights (In particular these two cannon lights that had no color filter. Murray commented that they are the same ones that they use to light the CN Tower. They brought down all the lights, and mike was playing the keyboards in almost total darkness.)

I Love My Boss: A fitting followup to downsizing. Definitely a change in mood.

You Will Go To The Moon: staying in the almost A capella area. Murray added this Sputnik sound during the short break in the song.

The Kids Song: Great version! Mike added a whole Star Trek/Spock reference!

My Poor Generation: This wasn't introduced as a New song. I love the song. I don't know if they're thinking of adding it to the new album.

I Will Hold On: I love this song. They nail it amost everytime.

Michigan Militia: Did I tell you how much I love the Banjo?

Jonny Saucepan: Another Banjo Tune!

King of Spain/GE & H: I was wonderin' when they were gonna throw this in. During Green, and Not The Beatles! part, Jian said this is Ithica, where there are a bunch of Wanna Be Hippies, who probably just Bought Rubber Soul, and are wearing Tan Flare Cords. Murray looked and Jian and was about to say something, but Instead just pointed to Jian's pants.

BJ Don't Cry: Another show favorite!

Ended with: Billy Jean Medley: I love this song! As soon as Dave Picked up the Banjo, I knew it was to be played!

1st Encore: Authors: Murray: My Crucifixion Jian: He was Looking Straight!

Pyscho: I love this song!

2nd Encore: Drinking. Typical crowd swaying and singing off key ending. This was a great show! I loved the new songs. The following were my observations of the show. I'm sure other people will have different opinions of the new songs. I can't wait until Thursday and Friday for the Clinton, NY shows.

From Rob:

awesome show. my first, definitely not my last. played alot of new stuff which they are trying out for a new album coming early next year (that's what jian said). got drinking song in second encore. don't know exactly setlist, due to all the new stuff, but i can give some highlights.

billy jean/lovefool cover
king of spain->green eggs and ham
kids song (?)
johnny saucepan
bj don't cry
baby loves a bunch of authors
psycho killer

nice set. met them all after. overall great night.

From Kelly:

I did a pretty good job keeping the set list at Ithaca last night but I did have one hole if anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it.

Entire State building jam
*You can't be too careful
There comes a time
If you ever knew  (could have been If only you knew, I had trouble 
                                        hearing this one)
Cheek to Cheek
I love my boss
You will go to the moon
Kids Song
?????????? - anyone know this one
I will hold on
Michigan Militia
Johnny Saucep'n
King of Spain
Green Eggs and Ham
BJ don't cry no more
Billy Jean   medly
My baby loves a bunch of authors
Psycho Killer
O Canada
Drinking song

From Bridget:

Well, I realize that I am about a week late in posting my reviews, but you'll have to cut me some slack, as I just got back into Denver on Sunday night, and unfortunately had to work Monday. UGH!!! So, anyway, here's the first of my frureviews, December 1 at The Haunt in Ithaca...

I won't bore with the details of my Greyhound trip from Denver to Syracuse, that's right, I said Greyhound... and yes, I do believe that I AM crazy!!! Really a pretty uneventful trip... well, unless you consider the fact that I spent the first night on the bus going through Kansas in the rain with wipers that don't work... another story, perhaps another time. Anyway, long story short, got to Syracuse Tuesday morning around 5, after 2 days and 2 nights on the bus.

Skipping to the good stuff... my wonderful new frufriend Dan and I left Syracuse around 4:30, went to Cortland to pick up Brandie, Jen and Kate. Their friend Chris came along, though I must say against her wishes. All night she made comments about where she would rather be than a Fruconcert. I know the feeling of trying to convert... I had 3 such people with me when Moxy played in Boulder in October. We just had to keep assuring her that she WOULD have a good time...

So, we get to The Haunt, and there's no line, and they're not letting people in. So, we grab some grub, meet Jen & Kate's mom (a WAY COOL mom, I might add...), and wander the streets of Ithaca. Now, it's not that late, but the only thing we can find to do is loiter in a bookstore. It seems that bookstores are the only places open in Ithaca after about 6:00. Finally head back to The Haunt around 7:30, and a line is forming, so we decide we better stay. Dan asks me where my preference is to be for the show. I am really happy just to be there, and to be able to see, but I do mention that I would not be TOO upset if we end up stage Murray... (o:

Doors finally open about 8:20, and we end up... STAGE MURRAY!!! FRONT ROW!!! I am absolutely ecstatic!! The lads take the stage around 9:45. Setlist and my random thoughts...

Sahara (not the extended jam...) - I like this as a show opener

Jockey - I loved this song before I even heard the Fruvous version. I love it more every time I hear it

Mike then explains to the crowd that he's not ignorant, but when he was little, he thought it was the 'entire state building', not the Empire State Building. Then a long jam about New York. This is my first time in the state, so many references were lost on me... enjoyed it anyway!

Horseshoes - this was my very first favorite frusong and I always enjoy hearing it live

Can't Be Too Careful - I like it...

There Comes a Time - I like it... and I'll stop writing that, 'cause really I like ALL the new songs...

If Only You Knew

Cheek to Cheek - OK, I recognized this song, but not well enough to sing along. Jen & Kate's mom (I feel so bad I didn't get her name...) was singing right along, though

Downsizing - kind of a downer. I will admit that I didn't care as much for this song tonight. Stay tuned for more from Clinton...

I Love My Boss - I prefer to see it off-mic, but will never complain about hearing this one

YWGTTM - this is very very quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite live songs. it just blows me away every time...

Kids' Song - YAY!!! I've never heard this one before. I think this is the epitome of fruvous songs that you MUST see live to totally appreciate. I have never laughed so hard...

My Poor Generation - I know lots o'people have heard this one before, but this was my first time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it

OK, I have VERY few complaints about this show, but we all kind of agreed that the crowd was pretty chatty tonight. You could hear the noise every time there was any silence from stage. And people kept shouting out requests; I am one of the people who finds this very annoying. There was a lot of this happening at this point, and many thanks to the guy who finally said, "Just play what you were getting ready for!!" So they went into...

I Will Hold On - I will never tire of this song...

Michigan Militia - see IWHO notes...

Johnny Saucep'n - always amazing

King of Spain/GEH - turned around to look at Chris during this song and guess what? She's dancing and has as much of a smile on her face as anyone!!

BJ Don't Cry - OK, I'll stop repeating myself, because I KNOW there's NO fruvous song that will ever get tiresome

Billie Jean Medley - Another first for me. In Colorado, they only played Love Potion #9. It was great to hear this one


Authors - YAY AGAIN!! No, I had never heard this live either. It was the one we were hoping for more than ANYTHING in Colorado... ha ha Becky (sorry, that was mean)

Psycho Killer - First time again. loved it


Drinking Song - simply amazing (oxymoron...)

I can't remember when, I think it may have been during one of the encores, they sang 'O Canada'. Just another highlight of a wonderful night!!

So that was my first night in New York fruheaven. Last note, I tried to talk Tobey into giving me an extra stamp for riding a bus for 2 days to see the guys, and he kinda just laughed at me. He did say he'd put it before the committee (what committee??). Anyway, I did end up getting that extra stamp in Clinton... YAY!!!

BTW, yes, Chris had an absolute BLAST!!!

The Music

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