Live Show: 12/3/98


Clinton, NY

Reviewed by: Dan Godwin, Angie, Adam, Bridget & Caroline

The Details

I'm gonna post the to come later

There Come's a Time
Sad Girl
Too Careful
Boo Time
My Poor Generation
I Will Hold On  (note:  Changed.  Sped Up.  Jian on acoustic guitar playin
chords.  Dave also on acoustic picking different than before.  Mike on
Tambourine, and Murray on Bass.)
Michigan Milita
Shook Me All Night Long (Tease....also stretch break)
Sleepy Drinker (Changed also:  Sped up.  Dave on Accordian)
Love Potion
encore 1:
Encore 2:
Drinking Song   (Off Mic)

Somewhere in the early they did a extended tease of Octopus' Garden. Banter was great. Banter included Les' Miserable mentions. Other banter was also good. Anyways....

From Angie Armstrong:

Ok, I have a slight problem. I remember many a detail (tho not with 100% accuracy) about the concert, and my mind wants me to record everything but between the laziness of my fingers and sympathy for your eyes, I'm hesitant to post. Bear with me:

Part I - Pre Show

12/3 2:00p

I bolt outta here like I'm on fire... and well, I was! I leave work, change, gather up my Fabulous FrüBars, my money, tapes and high hopes... and drive over to Taryn's. Half-way there it occurs to me that I left the directions (pulled from Mapquest & Hamilton's Web page and we later discovered that both sets SUCKED) on my desk at work. So, we hop in Taryn's car, drive very briefly to work... where i discover my cloaking device still works wonderfully, only 2 people noticed me as I ducked in and ducked out... and not nary a notice from any managers!

Anyway, we're on the road... a delightful 2+ hour drive, with one stop on the Thruway for Mickey D's... and we arrive at exit 32 Westmoreland. After a few unexpected turns (it certainly didn't _seem_ like 2 mi to rte. 233!) we are headed in the right direction towards Clinton. Well, suffice it to say that between the lack of markings on the roads and the lack of route numbers on the Mapquest directions... Taryn and I got quite the extensive tour of picturesque Clinton, NY. before heading up College Road to College Hill road which coincidentally was the intersecting road to rte. 233 that we passed about 4 times because there was no street sign that said it was college hill road!!! (yeah, I'm still a little peeved about that. Mapquest sucks).

So then we cruise around looking for the "Events Barn," which the not so pleasant person I had spoken to at the Student Activities desk the week before described as the big yellow barn with the Visitors lot adjacent. Well, the Filius Events barn looks NOTHING like any barn I'd ever seen! But, we found it, we parked... we wandered through a maze of doors and ended up on bridge overlooking this building were OH MY GOD!!! its the guys!!! They were doing their soundcheck on stage. I grabbed a couple of pics (which didn't come out, and i even used my flash... i don't get it), they're backs were to us. So we go through another maze of doors and find the entrance to the coffee house. There's a crew of people sitting there, and after finding the bathroom we decide food and drink are in order.

We take food back to the front area by the doors, an octagonal room with a high ceiling... and as we get cozy Toby comes out to see what's up (its about 5:30 or 6 by now). He looks out and sees us sitting on the floor and calls out "who brought the geek?" Then comes over to talk and hang for a few minutes. He's the first of the Frü crew to sample my FrüBars, and was quite pleased with them. So I give him the tin of 'bars for the guys to take in, he steals some of Taryn's fries, I get a pic, and then he heads back to the door. Well, during that time there was quite a bit of innuendo tossing, some sparked by the cap on my SoBe Tea "Have you hugged a lizard today?" But we won't go into that ;^)

After an eternity, they finally let us in and we discover that all of the tables have been reserved for the Hamilton students and us outsiders were forced to sit on the floor or in chairs off to the side, or up on the balcony (kudos to the balcony crowd, as you'll discover later!) Jess Klein went on... i guess she's alright. This was my first time hearing her. She has that Tori Amos/Sheryl Crowe/Jewel thing going on, it wasn't painful to listen to and she does have a nice voice... but I wouldn't buy her CD or pay to see her as the headliner (no offense intended to any Jess Klein fans, of course). Then we were told that Früvous would be coming on in 5 min... which turned out to be about 25 - 30min...

Part II - the show

Ok, i geeked a little and tried to jot down stuff during the show, my notes are well, weird. anyone else who was there by all means please fill in the blanks!!!

They opened with "I've Gotta Get a Message to You." Taryn and I, plus Brenda, Novac and people who's names I didn't get or remember were sitting stage Murray... man I have _never_ been that close... one sitting and one stretched out person away from the MurMan himself. Anyway...

-commentary.  here's where the notes are blurry.  Somehow they got into this
discussion of Les Mis, I think it started when they noticed a young lad of
about 12 sitting on a window sill and said he was from the cast of Newsies
because of the hat he was wearing... then Mike broke into his "Gavroche" voice
and started singing "Little People" then mimed getting shot... Jian and Mike
then started talking about Les Mis and that scene where Gavroche gets shot
about 6 times to drive the point home and that while everyone else in the
theatre was crying and sobbing... he was just thinking how sick it is.
I have a comment about "Blue Eyed Devil" and I know Jian made this comment,
that he was going on about oppression of his people twice in on century and
was referring to something Dave had said, but I don't remember.  
-started talking about how they would classify this song and it degenerated
into comments about the liner notes in YWGTTM and how they're gonna release an
album and just put Gangsta in front of everything... Gangsta classical and
Gangsta folk, etc.
*Sad Girl
*Spiderman- Mike wasn't done with our young lad in the window sill.  During
the "Commentary" section of the song he runs over to the window and announced
the next exciting feature, Spiderman vs. Gavroche and starts "Beating up" on
the kid.  After the song Jian talks with him and we find out his name is Maris
and he's here to see Moxy and that his dad brought him.  One of the Frülads
said they were glad he finally decided to leave David Hyde Pierce (Frasier
reference, for those unfamiliar)
*Octopus Garden/Starkey's Theme - I don't remember what inspired it, but they
were talking about Starky's theme and it segued into a Reggae version of
Octopus Garden(?) - I'd never heard it before.
*You Can't Be too Careful- I like it, it's a keeper!
*Downsizing- cool song, a little long and the sound didn't seem to be mixed
quite right... but still very cool.
*Boo Time - with references to Les Mis (spec, Gavroche), Filius Barn
-Talking about George Harrisons release of Beatles covers by celebs, and they
started mocking Sean Connery doing "In my life," then Mike goes on about the
funniest one being Goldie Hawn singing "Hard Days Night" and starts mimicing
her and her funny hand gestures when she sings.
*My Poor Generation- this was a cool song, I am really looking forward to
hearing it again.
*I will Hold On- Jian and Dave both on Acoustic Guitar... Jian started singing
the first few lines then stopped, looked at Dave and said, "That was too fast,
wasn't it?"  Dave, "oh, a little"  So they turn away from the audience and
softly strum and beat out a tempo on the guitars... and Murray narrates: 
In-studio with Moxy Früvous.  They start again and finish the song.  I like
the slightly faster tempo... I had a lump in my throat and tears standing in
my eyes by the time it was over.  I _really_ love that song.  They seemed to
try and emphasize Hold On and Hold Off a little more.
-Dave plugs in the banjo and starts to tune up will the guys get in their
places, and while they're setting up Dave strums the first line to "Dueling
Banjos."  Jian looks at him and grins, then beats out the corresponding rhythm
on his drums... Dave plays the second line, and as Jian plays it on the drums
Murray matches it with the Bass then they point at Mike, who's got the
keyboard... and he says, "i can't do that... I need weeks of rehearsal and
then you'll decide to change it last minute!".  They start smiling at each
other and Dave plays the third line (right before the "Yankee Doodle Dandy"
bit) and they point at Mike again, who kinda glares at Dave... and Murray
comes in with the Yankee Doodle Dandy bit. (I right now have this huge a$$
grin as I'm remembering it)
*Michigan Militia
*Present Tense Tureen- I think I surprised the girls sitting in front of me
because during the chorus I was singing Mike's harmony line instead of the
melody (it's easier for my range)
*Johnny Saucep'n
*Sleepy Drinker (first time I heard it, pretty cool sittin' on a porch kickin'
back kinda song)
*BJ- another Gavroche reference, if i'm not mistaken
*Love Potion #9 Medley- this one stills kills me "who will saaaaaave your
soul? yodel-le-hee-ho?"

Encore 1 - PsychoKiller

Encore 2 - the Drinking Song, off-mic from the Balcony. Man what a sight and a what a thrill. I could see them chuckling on occasion because most of the crowd was off by about 1 1/2 beats when they sang along or alone.

Ok, I've forgotten where a couple of things took place in the set, but here's what happened:

1) They did YWGTTM, Dave or someone made a comment that got them cracking up, and they lost the starting note. They tried to get it back, but as soon as they looked at each other (Primarily Dave and Jian), they started cracking up again, which got us in the audience cracking up. Jian faced the audience and did that "compose yourself" gesture across his face, Murray blew on the pitch pipe, they looked at each other, and Dave I think started giggling again. They finally got it together and started the song. My sides hurt so bad from laughing I thought I was going to have to leave!

2) Part way through Murray looked at us on the floor and asked us if we wanted to stretch, and told us to stand up. Jian looked at him and said, "now what do they do?" and Murray starts singing, "You put your right foot in you put your right foot out, you do the hokey pokey and your turn yourself about," which some of us promptly did! Jian says, "now what to do they do," and Murray looks at us and says, "well, they sit down now" and some of the crowd did... Jian said that was cheap and a tease, and one of the Lads asks if we want to dance, and Dave starts playing this hoe-down version of "Shook me all night long" He actually got through the first verse and chorus and started the second verse...

I know I'm forgetting a lot or just omitting a lot... but I just can't post much more. Tomorrow I'll post Part III - post show. I was given a mission with 3 objectives... and I'll recount my tale of meeting those objectives (which really impressed Taryn). I finally have pics of me and the guys!!!! whoooo hooooo!!!

Until then, good night my fanciful FrüMates. I am officially an instructor again... no more sales for me!!!! So, I need to finish cleaning out my cubicle and get to rehearsal. ciao!!

Part III - Mission Früpossible

HQ: Agent Angie, you have been selected for a mission of the utmost importance. You may choose to withdraw from this mission, but then you will be forced to endure regrets, heart-wrenching sighs and self mocking until the next Moxy Früvous concert. Do you accept your mission?

ME: Yes.

HQ: Ok, your mission consists of 5 objectives. The first three are your top priority. Objective 4 should be accomplished, but if your success rate is low you will not suffer. The fifth objective is entirely up to your discretion, but I would highly recommend you make every attempt to succeed.

ME: What are the objectives?

HQ: 1) Purchase Live Noise Poster from undercover contact, Code name "Toby." upon purchase, obtain autographs from all four members of Canadian band Moxy Früvous. 2) Obtain photographic evidence of your encounters with Moxy Früvous members and undercover contact. 3) Deliver homemade comestibles to members of Moxy Früvous, code name Fabulous FrüBars. 4) Collect physical affirmation in the form of hugs from Moxy Früvous members. 5) Deliver secret message to anonymous Frü, (leave the microfilm at home this time). Can you meet these objectives?

ME: yes. I'm on my way. Full report after Friday.

1) bought my poster, and actually did get all four FrüLads to sign it (ran into Dave just as he ducked out to catch last call at the Hamilton College "Little Pub"). While at the pub I had a drink with Dave and we talked for awhile and I got a pic with him. Murray signed my poster with a comment about watching me sing the drinking song... *blush* they could actually _see_ me from way up ther in the balcony... ack! As for Jian, "infectious enthusiasm?" do I _want_ to know what I was doing to inspire that one? Mike drew me a budgie-dog... whoo hoo, too cool!! Dave said "Thanks," but he made up for it after he got his drink, hahaha. Objective 1 - 100% successful.

2) Got pics with Toby, Dave, Jian, Mike and Murray... plus of Taryn and Toby. I got them back on Saturday, so hopefully I'll get ahold of a scanner, email them to Chris O, then I'll be one of the cool one's with my own pics on my FrüFans entry!!! Objective 2 - 100% successful.

3) I handed off the FrüBars to Toby while we were waiting to get in, and I know that they were seen by at least two and sampled by at least one Frü because: Jian thanked me for them and said they looked really good, he hadn't had one yet but they looked like the healthiest thing they'd received so far. I laughed and said, "um, not hardly... Butter, sugar, chocolate chips, etc" He groaned and said, "What are you trying to do to us??" me, "Ha! Please! The way you jump around?" he laughed and shrugged his shoulders. I mentioned to Murray that I had been up late the night before baking, and he asked me what I was baking, and I told him the tin of FrüBars over there (they were sitting next to Jian's stuff). He said, "Oh those were good!" I said, " you had one??" he said, "Yeah, I had two! I had one, then I went and got coffee, and had another one." So, the FrüBars seemed to have received the Früvous seal of approval. Objective 3 - 100% successful.

4) Well, I got hugs from Murray and Jian, plus throwing an arm around me for the pics... Mike didn't really seems overly affectionate that night, so I settled for leaning on his shoulder, and Dave threw an arm around me for the pic, too. Objective 4 - 62.5% Successful

5) Objective 5 - 100% Successful. Results forthcoming [?], we'll see.

One of the things that made Thurs night so great was after the show... it's weird but I didn't feel so much like a "Fan" or "Groupie," I actually felt more like a good acquaintance or friend. I got a chance to just talk to the guys, esp. Dave (who I'd only met once a year ago and didn't get to say more than hi) and Murray (who was actually getting ready to go, but _he_ decided to hang around and chat for quite a bit). It was a lot of fun and made me feel good about myself and the fact that I'm following these guys religiously. Oh, I just remembered too... when I was talking to Murray he made a few comments that were right out of the ng, but he had had no idea that they were.

He was asking about the melted m&m minis throughout the bars, and he thought they were some kind of colorful mold at first (sheesh!), then asked, "What are they, Smarties or something?" which sent me into gales of giggling. Later he made a comment about following Früvous being a religion... that we should spread the word and preach the gospel... which again sent me giggling (me being the self-proclaimed Proselyte of Frü, after all).

Between that and the fact that guys were _on_ (even when they made a mistake like losing the intro to YWGTTM, they didn't skip a beat with improv or lose their energy or anything), it made Thurs night's show the best I'd ever been to, by far. I was a basket-case for the next three days... but it was _so_ worth it.

Thus concludes my incredibly lengthy review of our (Taryn and I) Frütrip. I can't wait until the next little jaunt... but I'll have to because it won't be until FrüCon and Lee's Palace *sigh*. To those of you too full to sample them... you missed out on a tasty treat but I suppose I could make more FrüBars (in fact, I believe it was Murray who told me to bake more and bake often). ;^) I felt so loved Thursday... even if it _was_ just my imagination running wild!!!

From Adam Abbate:

Almost exactly one year later, Früvous returned to Hamilton College for a show that was EVEN MORE packed than the one the year before. The usual Hamilton College Acoustic Coffehouse setup was altered slightly because of the expected larger crowd. The table section in the center was reserved for the Hamilton Community only, but there was some space made between the tables and the stage for people to sit on the floor. Many Früheads took advantage of this and it was practically impossible to walk across the front of the stage as a result! I arrived at 6:45 to see a huge line of people outside the Fillius Events Barn. I took a quick poll and discovered that none of the people in line were Hamilton students, showing little change from the year before, when I was the only Hamilton student in line until around 7:30. Hamilton's own Jess Klein, class of 1995, went on shortly after 8:00 and played a lengthy (but good) set that included a number of tunes from her debut album just released this summer. She closed with a powerful rendition of Rose Polenzani's "Olga's Birthday" and left the stage to loud applause. Around 9:30, Früvous took the stage. There was a large number of Hamilton students in the crowd who had clearly been "converted" the year before. The band opened with the a cappella version of "I've Gotta Get a Message to You", then played "Laika" before moving into an extended set of new material. I unfortunately do not remember the titles of everything, but "Downsizing", "Sad Girl", "Pisco Bandito", "I Will Hold On", "I Wouldn't Hold a Grudge About It", and "You Can't Be Too Careful" were included. They interspersed these with a brief a cappella interlude ("Spiderman" and "You Will Go To The Moon") and a couple other "classics" ("Boo Time" and "Johnny Saucep'n") before moving completely back into familiar material. At this point, they played "a song you all know", "Michigan Militia." Just seeing Mike put on the megaphone after Dave put on the banjo drove the crowd wild. After "Michigan", they played "Present Tense Tureen", "BJ Don't Cry", and then closed with the "Love Potion #9" medley, which (this time) included "Staying Alive", "Jungle Boogie", and "Barbie Girl", and was clearly the highlight of the evening. After a standing ovation, the band came back to play "Psycho Killer", which further energized the crowd, who was still buzzed from "Love Potion". The guys left the stage again, but another standing ovation brought Mike sneaking up on stage for his acoustic guitar. After he grabbed it, he darted back out and up the stairs to the balcony, where the other three cleared a space and gave Mike a chair the stand on. They had sung "The Gulf War Song" from this very place the year before, so this time they sang "The Drinking Song", and asked everyone to join in. Those who didn't know it were singing right along to the chorus by the end. Overall, this one wasn't quite as good as last year's show, but they were clearly feeling their way through a little bit with the new stuff, some of which they've never performed live before. It feels great to have seen them twice now. If only we could get them to come to Connecticut...

From Bridget:

OK, here's the second of my New York reviews... we had a couple more people along tonight, Dan's friend Dale and fruheads Carrie and Lynne. So the bunch of us meet in Syracuse around 4:30 and head off to Clinton. Get to Hamilton College pretty darn early, the guys are still sound checking. We can see them (from behind) and hear them from a bridge outside the venue, so we hang for a couple minutes. The weather is absolutely beautiful, clear and almost no need for a jacket. But we finally head in to ensure that we get those front row stage Murray seats... (o:

The line is forming in a gazebo-type structure near the 'barn'. The venue is advertised as a barn, but I don't see it... the campus is gorgeous, though. But I digress... There're only about 7 or 8 people in front of us, so we figure all will be well. We get some food and begin the arduous task of waiting for fruvous. The waiting gets tiresome soon enough, so we are forced to find ways to entertain ourselves. We play a couple grade-school type games, solve some riddles, read Bazooka Joe comics, hey it was a blast!!

When we finally get in, we find the tables are reserved for students. ACK!! So we grab the floor in front of Murray. It'll work. More waiting, then Jess Klein. I had never seen her before, I loved her! She has a beautiful voice. She only played for about 30 - 40 minutes, and I won't often say this when waiting for a fruvous show, but I wouldn't have minded hearing more. Well, at least she'll be back tomorrow. Now the setlist and my random thoughts...

Message - this a capella version ALWAYS gives me chills!!

Laika - YAY! First time... 'twas awesome

There Comes a Time - likin' it...

Grudge - the first time I've heard this one. I've been reading opinions about it on the newsgroup for some time now, and it was WONDERFUL to finally hear it!! I LOVED IT!! And, yes, I am biased because it's Murray, but I really enjoyed hearing this song...

Sad Girl - Hadn't heard this one since the first show in Colorado. It is growing on me very very much

Spiderman - Love this one!!

YWGGTM - I'm tellin' ya, likin' this one more & more every time...

Can't Be Too Careful - sounded better I think than the other night

Downsizing - growing on me...

Pisco Bandito - another in a long line of fruvous songs that I will never never never get tired of hearing

Boo Time - FIRST TIME AGAIN!! It was great

My Poor Generation - OK, so does anyone know why this is NPG on the setlists? (well, at least on Murray's...)

I Will Hold On - SIGH

Michigan Militia

Then we get a badly needed stretch break. The floor is becoming increasingly NOT OK!! We get to do the Hokey Pokey and dance to 'You Shook Me All Night Long'.

Present Tense Tureen - I love this song!! (Bridget giggles in French...)

Johnny Saucep'n

Sleepy Drinker - Yet another first. Love it...

BJ Don't Cry

Love Potion #9


Psycho Killer


Drinking Song - The boys go up to the balcony to sing this one. Great for the folks up there, but not so much for us. Cute Dave moment - when they get up there, he announces that he has a ladybug on his arm, to which there's a collective 'aaaw' from the audience. Never missing a beat, they break into the Jockey chorus, 'hey little bug, fly away home...' It was great! Oh yeah, the song was excellent too...

The setlist said King/GEH before Psycho for the first encore, but they didn't play them. I don't know if it was because of time, or what, but kind of a bummer...

The banter at this show was the best I have ever seen in my extremely limited fruvous experience. I can't remember the exact moments everything happened, but here are my highlights:

There was a kid sitting in a window sill kinda behind the stage, and the guys had all sorts of 'Newsies' and 'Gavroche' references for him (he was wearing a newsies type hat). This kid was great. During Spidey, Mike went over and started shooting his webs, the kid mock karate chops Mike. We find out later that his name is Maris (sp?) and of course the guys break in to all sorts of Frasier references. I can't remember whether it was Murray or Dave, but one of them said they were glad he finally left Niles, and had always wondered what Maris looked like. They also asked him if he wanted to come on the road, Maris rubs his chin and says he'll think about it. What a crack-up!!

Early in the show Dave breaks a string and tries to no avail to get Tobey's attention. Finally an audience member takes the guitar to Tobey. Murray teases Dave for rocking too hard, and explains that sometimes that's the risk they take in Moxy Fruvous, sometimes they rock just a little TOO hard... Jian starts talking about Tobey and how he does most of the driving, etc. and the way he's able to do it all is by taking drugs. He then explains that they aren't necessarily for or against drug use, but it's OK to do drugs as long as it's for a good purpose. Anyway, it was absolutely hilarious, though I'm sure you had to be there...

Dave starts making some obscure references that I'm STILL confused about, and then explains that what he's doing is 'lateral thinking'.

The guys broke into Entropy at one point. Mike was singing, but Jian started talking, so he didn't get through the whole song. Dale and I were talking later about whether or not we can count that as a song we've seen live...?

We find that the secret to doing improv is to base everything on Beatles tunes...

At one point we were treated to dueling banjos. Well, Dave on his banjo and Murray on his bass. Jian was directing the thing, and at one point looked to Mike to join in on the keyboard, but Mike just laughs at the thought of playing something on the spur of the moment. He said he could do it if he had 3 weeks to rehearse... (o:

The table in front of Dave was definitely NOT into the show, and at one point Dave asks if anyone had some Prozac for them. This didn't even get a smile from one of the girls at the table. Of course they continued to pick on that group throughout the show. IMHO, I can't fathom how someone can go to a fruvous show and NOT have fun, but that's just me...

Dave goes to get a drink of his 'coffee' and Jian says something about 'Dave's clear coffee'... and wonders out loud if Dave's been drinking too much. Ha ha. This may have been around the time they played YWGTTM. They had a heckuva time trying to start that one. It began with Jian telling Murray to get Dave's attention before he gave the note, to which Dave said SOMETHING with a wicked little grin on his face, then no one could keep a straight face. Dave said that there's no way the first chord was going to happen... didn't sound TOO bad (I've heard better...) but the song was GREAT!!

Jian thanked us at the end of the show for being a great audience and actually listening to them. Yeah, like it's such a chore!! Anyway, that's why I prefer venues like Hamilton College to bars. People are more inclined to be there for the music, rather than for drinking or picking someone up.

One more thing... I managed to snag Murray's setlist after the show. Before the first encore, he wrote 'crowd goes crazy, demands more'. Then before the second encore, he wrote 'crowd REFUSES to leave, they MUST have more fruvous'. Hee hee.

Anyway, methinks this review is long enough now... a great show, my favorite to this point, and still one left in New York!!!

From Caroline:

The trip from NoHo to Utica/Clinton was fairly uneventful... we got there quite early, checked into our motel, and decided to find the so-called Barn. we got there around 3 (hey, we thought we'd get lost... better early than late, eh?) and decided to kill some time by playing with my Candy Bubbles. fun toy... of course, the exit we'd chosen to use happened to be the band entrance, so we looked up from our bubble frolicking to see the frubus pull up and the guys pile out. we must have looked... amusing, to say the least, eating bubbles as we were (although we convinced jian to eat one, heh heh), so they got us to help them carry the equipment into the barn. they recognized us, interestingly enough (or at least jian did - "oh, it's the college crew!"). talked to toby (or tobey? which is it?) for a while too.

waiting by the door, we met Kim and Chris (Kris?) and some others, and gave out our attempted brownies...

the show itself:

Message to You
There Comes a Time (or T-CAT): first time i'd heard this one. wasn't sure
if i liked it, but i think it's a first-time thing... they played hard on
this one, and dave broke a string, saying "We rocked it a little too hard,"
which led into...
Jess Klein '95 (improv - Mike) - jess made a comment about how since she's
a Hamilton grad, when she's there she's billed as "jess klein '95", and she
wanted to clarify that she's just jess klein everywhere else... mike
started a wacky "pseudo punk" song about it.
[I Wouldn't Carry a] Grudge ("Have you ever tried to lift a grudge? They're
heavy mo-fos." - Dave)
discussion of their genre, how everything should have "gangsta" in front of
it... "gangsta classical", "gangsta folk".
Sad Girl
Spiderman (with a Gavroche reference... he ran out and pretended to beat up
Maris, the kid in the Newsies hat on the windowsill behind the band, and
returned to the stage wearing the hat. lots of follow-up Les Mis & Gavroche
references later in the show, and much picking on Dave.)
Octopus' Garden (reggae version) - "Improv is always easier if you use a
Beatles song as your basis." - Jian (?)
"A round of prozac for this table here." - Dave, about the girls in front
of him who looked *very* tired or bored...
Too Careful
Downsizing: too much guitar this night, methinks, but i like the song. 
Pisco Bandito (woo hoo!)
Boo Time (Dave had to wear Mike's hat & Mike wore his "Grandpa Fruvous"
hat, because Dave's got lost somewhere... Mike's hat was much too small for
him and sat really high on his head. Dave made a comment about this
afterward.) "smoke a little boo with the fruvous crew."
Goldie Hawn "Hard Day's Night" (improv - Mike)
My Poor Generation
I Will Hold On: still my favorite new song, although now i've at least
*heard* the others.
Dueling Banjos
Shook Me All Night Long
Present Tense Tureen
Johnny Saucep'n
Sleepy Drinker
BJ ("He'd rather smoke a bowl with little Gavroche")
Love Potion #9
Psycho Killer: interesting to see this one as an encore... 
Drinking Song: done from the balcony, with everyone below singing along. 

All in all, it was a great set: a bunch of new songs and *hilarious* banter (of course, when is there non-hilarious banter with Fruvous?). Kevin grabbed Mike's setlist out of his notebook, then got him to sign it. ;) We stuck around so that I could get my shirt signed (although Mike and Dave ran off to the Pub next door for last call, but I did catch Murray and Jian). Explanation: the shirt was a birthday gift from Beth (another member of the Smith FruCrew), and has the words "Moxy Fruvous" w/ 2 budgie dogs & a KoS hat painted on the front and "Oh what a trip it has been" painted on the back. Met some more people (hi Dante & Angie & Novak &... oh.... everyone else!), then headed back to the motel.

Guess that's enough for one post... I'll do the next one in a separate email.

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Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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