Live Show: 12/4/98


Clinton, NY

Reviewed by: Dan Godwin, Bridget & Caroline

The Details

Wow....It's bad when we get reviews of sat. nights show, before a friday night review. I'll try and fix the situation.

After planning on meeting in syracuse with a bunch of other fruheads at 4, and finally having all of them get here at 5, and leaving a whole lot later than planned, we were on the road. After an uneventful drive through utica, and onto clinton, we found the Kirkland Art Centre (Center???) We managed just to squeeze into the building, waiting in the foyer (sp??) After waiting a while, they finally let us in. They had chairs set up in front of the stage. Maybe 8 rows of them. There were steps surrounding the stage (4) as well. The dancin' area was in the back. I sat on the stairs, stage murray. I really didn't want to sit at all, but I did want to be up close.

Jess Klein came on. I love her. She might be my favorite opener now. She played a relatively short set. :( She invited Jian to play the dumbec and sing with her on "The Cloud Song." The song orginally features Congos. It was great. She also did a new song, totally a capella. It totally blew me away. anyways...

Fruvous came on a while later. Longer than announced, but we knew that, didn't we.

Opened with:

Poor Napolean (porno on the set list.) What a suprise. I totally didn't expect this. I love any Elvis Costello cover!

Early Morning Rain: I asked Murray on Thursday if they might be able to play it. I love this song. The harmonies are amazin'. If the show had ended there, I would've still said it was a great show...good thing it didn't though.

Authors: Jian: "We're the Philosopher Kings from Toronto..." I knew the show was gonna be great!

River Valley: a Song I hadn't heard in a while. I was glad they played it.

GITC: The song I expected...Good rockin version.

Horseshoes: Mike was on the piano. (did I forget to mention about the piano?) I like this song with it.

Boss: (without mics) The guys went off stage, and moved down to the stairs that were surrounding the stage. Jian commented that he wasn't sure if this guy who was leaning up against the wall was standing on the stairs or not. He looked to be about 7 ft tall. I couldn't tell if he was or not. Anyways...Jian proceded to kick one of the stuffed animals off the stairs. (what's with them anyways?) The thing proceded to vibrate and make funny noises. Jian picked it up, and started laughing. This really killed the crowd. Anyways...They mentioned they liked being in clinton, because they can go back to their roots. Being street Buskers. Murray Then mentioned that they were all going outside, and that they'll be back later. After all the joking, they finally got to the song. (boss in case you forgot) JIan proceded to climb on the speaker near the 7ft tall guy, and climbed on his shoulders. Jian was up there for about a min. singing the song.

Kick In The Ass: (Jian's setlist had Spidey on it) I've only seen this song a couple of times, and I love it.

Downsizing: (The first of the new songs. The first time I heard this song (Ithica) it seemed twice as long as it does now.)

If Only You Knew: Jian was talking before the song about how they like having songs that are only one word for the setlist, but they can't figure out what to do for this song. They put Dave on the Piano for this song. Mike was using the Les Paul. I liked it better with the acoustic. The Bass and Drums also still seemed overpowering. (My opinons...take them as you want)

Jam: Started because The electic guitar wasn't working. Dave played a riff on it, and the guys liked it. Went into Fly Like an Eagle, Broadway, Love Shack, Liar Liar (your pants are on fire.....not a real song that I know anyways.) There were others, but I didn't know them. It was a great jam.

Grudge: Dave was on the piano. This song is sooo catchy. I still have it in my head. I don't remember if Dave played the piano when I saw it in Buffalo. I like it though.

There Comes a Time (T-Cat on most setlists, although "Comes Time" on Jian's) I think I like this song. I will have to hear it a bunch more though to be sure. This time they had Mike on Piano. I also liked that.

Greatest Man in America: I love this song. The crowd really got into it as well.

Pisco: (Piszco on setlist) I love this song. (I asked Murray on Thursday why they got rid of the whole apple strudel part. He said that the song was trying to make fun of a serious subject, and that it just didn't fit in, and was too silly. They didn't play it this time, but he did say they might bring it back)

Fly: Jian mentioned that some people were really pissed that they didn't do this at Hamilton College. So they're playing it now, even though those people prolly aren't here.

Tureen and sauce were skipped. Because of time.

Sleepy Drinker: The faster version with Dave on the Accordian.

King Of Spain: No Green Eggs and Ham at all in Clinton.

Darlington Darling: I love this song. (which one don't I though)

Ended with:

Dancin' Queen: Special Guest: Lou Reed.

Encore 1:

Jockey Full of Burbon: Wierd time for it, since I've been used to it in the first part of the setlist.

Gulf War Song: (Off Mic) I love this song. Almost dead silence during the song from the crowd. After the song was over, everyone seemed to sit there and absorb it, before applauding.

Jian had Marion crossed out after jockey. I don't know if they were thinking about ending with that, but I still like Gulf War better. Jian mentioned how it was funny in a sad way, that a song that was written over 6 years ago keeps being relevent.

The show was great, even though The Banjo was totally ignored. I was kinda dissappointed. After the Show Jian and Dave came out. I asked Dave when they were going to finish (Start?) the song book, as I got my 15th stamp on thursday. He said maybe over the holidays, and to shoot for FruCon. I'm excited, but also kinda bummed, as I wish I had it to practice with, before FruCon. Anyways...That's my review of the show. I hope you made it to here. Enjoy!

From Bridget:

Same group of us meet in Syracuse again for this one (Dan, Dale, Brandie, Jen, Kate, Carrie, Lynne, and I). I would like to take a short moment at the outset of my final review to thank all of you guys for making the Colorado girl feel more than welcome. You guys are great and I hope to see you all soon.

Anyway, the plan was to leave Syracuse around 4:30, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we didn't get on the road until almost 6. So all the way to Clinton I'm wondering if this will be the first frushow I see from somewhere other than the first row... We get to Clinton, find the Kirkland Arts Center, and I point out that there're only a few people out front. Dan, ever the optimist, says 'Yeah, they're probably all inside...' But we were fine, there really were only a few people in line in front of us. Unfortunately, the lobby is very small, and it's very cold outside, so we're like sardines in there until the doors finally open.

So it turns out we had no reason to worry... we end up (you guessed it!) front row stage Murray. I think I should just start referring to this week as 'Murray week'. It's catchy... I didn't really like the set-up of the room. The stage was pretty low, with 3 steps leading up. Dan and Carrie sat on the steps, the rest of us in chairs in the first 2 rows. There were maybe about ten rows of chairs, then standing room on the sides and in the back. It just seemed like it would be difficult for many people to see. I was SO glad we got there early enough (despite the scare we had...). Anyway, the setlist and my random thoughts...

Poor Napoleon - a complete surprise!! This is the first show I've seen that didn't start with either Jockey or Message, plus I'd never seen this one before, so my night is off to a perfect start. And it only gets better...

Early Morning Rain - Dan had just been talking about this one, he refers to it just as the 'Gordon Lightfoot Song'. Maybe he's psychic... it was AWESOME!!

Authors - Ha ha again Becky, oh sorry... Murray - short works of fiction...

River Valley - My first time!! YAY!!

Get in the Car - I've heard mixed stuff on this song, but I don't care, I love hearing it anytime, anywhere... but then I've always had a predilection for catchy tunes

Horseshoes - Mike played the piano, and we were treated to the album introduction. it was great

I Love My Boss - One of the greatest moments of the show. Jian actually climbs onto an amp, then onto the shoulders of a guy they'd been teasing earlier for being so tall. It was absolutely hilarious, but I think that guy was kinda frightened...

Kick in the Ass - OK, maybe the highlight of my night. Could've been the highlight of the week, but they did Kids' on Tuesday... I have been waiting and waiting to see this one. It was beyond incredible!!!

Downsizing - This song sounded GREAT tonight. I am now wondering how I could have not cared for it before. Definitely growing on me...

If Only You Knew

Then a long Steve Miller / Broadway / Etc jam. Loved it.

Grudge - I am SO GLAD to hear this one again this week

There Comes A Time - Or as we are now calling it, T-CAT

Greatest Man in America - YET ANOTHER FIRST!!! You are probably all wondering what I HAVE seen them play, but remember the only other time I've been to a show were the 3 Colorado shows, where they opened for The Nields, so I hadn't seen a whole show before this week. Anyway, loved the song

Pisco - I will be the most depressed girl in the world if this song doesn't make the new album...

Fly - Jian played it because someone requested it in Ithaca, even though they probably weren't at this show... that's OK, though, I love this song, and this is only the 2nd time I've seen it

Sleepy Drinker - love it!!

King of Spain - I'm glad to hear this one, conspicuous by its absence last night...

Darlington Darling - Heard this once in Colorado, and I wish I wish they played it more often. It is absolutely one of my favorite frusongs!!!

Dancing Queen - LOU!! Great to hear this one for the first time, too. I believe this is my favorite of the medleys...


Jockey - kinda strange to hear this one as an encore...


Gulf War Song - I love to hear this one off-mic. So incredibly beautiful...

Here's some more of their banter, hilarious again tonight:

Before Pisco, Murray asks Jess Klein if she still has his pick. She left it in the dressing room on the table. Jian starts ripping on Murray about how he shouldn't accuse Jess of stealing his pick, and how this is indicative of his attitude lately. Then Dave starts in on how he didn't appreciate what Murray did to his head before the show. Murray says, 'Yeah, but it's still shiny...'. Then Mike starts on how Murray should have read the pamphlet he gave him on the bus, and Murray tells Mike to use 'the tone' please. Of course, I can't convey 'the tone' in written word, but if you were there you know what I'm talking about. So they go around the stage a couple times, just totally bashing poor Murray. Murray's just standing there the whole time with a goofy grin on his face. Finally Jian says that although maybe nothing was accomplished, sometimes it's good just to talk. So later Murray shows us his pick and explains that it's important to him because it's a .38 Special pick, even though he's never really cared for their music, he thought it was cool that he found a pick of theirs. I laughed so hard through the whole thing that my face hurt...

Someone brought some stuffed animals (again) and Jian kicked the cat at one point, it flew off the stage and apparently made a noise. So he picked it up and discovered that it was a gyrating cat (the thing was hilarious...). The look on his face when he was playing around with it was just classic.

They explained (I think before 'Boss') how they used to be buskers, which basically meant village idiots. Or idiots savant.

Toward the end of the show, Jian commented on the setup of the room. He feels sorry for the people standing at the back and asks if there are any volunteers up front who will give up their seats so others can share the wealth. A couple people did offer their seats. Don't ask me if I did...

Anyway, I will bring the last of my reviews (for now) to a close. This show was the best I've seen yet. They skipped a couple songs from the setlist due to time, but nothing that I haven't heard before.

To wrap it up, I had a blast in my New York experience. Thanks again to my new buddies, you guys are THE BEST!! The week was more than worth the 4 days I spent on the bus. I have to say it was wonderful to get home, but hopefully it won't be long before I am able to go frutripping once again. I never thought I would go to such crazy(?) lengths to see a few concerts, but this band has quite the effect on me. Not only the band, but all you fans who DON'T think I am insane... this is a wonderful community that has sprung up around fruvous, and I thank you all for welcoming me with open arms. My wish is to see you all again soon...

From Caroline:

Here's my pocket-sized version of the Kevin Way & the Smith Crew frutrip, day 2:

Since we were already near Clinton, there was no real travelling required, but we didn't have tickets yet so we had to hang out in town practically all day. We wandered around in search of an ATM and happened upon a grocery store. This ended up providing us with hours of amusement, since they had aisles upon aisles of Saranac beverages, AND they had a whole section of stuffed toys. Mostly fruits and vegetables (which immediately set off Katie's evil sensors), but also a puppy that whimpered when squeezed, a panda named Dong Dong, and, our favorite find of the day, a cat that meow-ed and vibrated when its foot was squeezed. (NO, it was NOT a furby.) Kevin *had* to buy it...

We got tickets from the wonderful ladies at the venue, then went back to the coffee shop across the street to have... more coffee. (and grilled cheese for Kevin) as we tried to decide what to order, we realized Jian and Jess Klein were sitting at the table in the corner. (what's with us running into the band this weekend? first at the barn, then the coffee shop...) Jian later came over and talked to us about the books we were reading, and school, etc. which was nice of him. then we went to wait for more fruheads to show up at Kirkland.

listening to sound check:

"I'll take a little less of Dave in mine." - Murray (as if monitors are coffe or something?)

"Check one two, dooby dooby doo." - Murray

i'll write the setlist with (hopefully) minimal comments:

Poor Napoleon
Early Morning Rain
River Valley
Get in the Car
I Love my Boss: as they came down the stairs, Jian booted the cat (which
we'd placed on the stage), so we picked it up, squeezed its foot, and put
it back on the stage next to him. 
Jian: "Is that thing making that noise?" he then picked it up just as it
started vibrating. 
Dave: "That's a nighttime toy!"  Jian couldn't seem to figure out how to
make the cat work, finally got it, couldn't stop laughing... definitely a
worthwhile purchase. ;) then during the song Jian climbed over the speakers
to sit on the shoulders of a tall guy they'd dubbed "Lars" earlier in the
If Only You Knew
Fly Like an Eagle/Broadway jam
There Comes a Time (T-CAT)
improv: "The Tone", picking on Murray: "amelioration of your
f**ked-upness." - Mike
Pisco: during Murray's guitar solo, he walked off the stage and played to
Beth (one of the SmithFruCrew) for a while. then he walked back up on
stage, continuing the song, but lost it and said, "I f**ked up my solo!"
the whole thing was very amusing.
Fly: Jian played this because some people were angry at him for not doing
it at one of the previous shows, evidently. 
Sleepy Drinker
King of Spain ("It's laissez faire/I'm not wearing underwear" - Dave)
Darlington Darling
Dancing Queen (w/Mike as Lou)
Gulf War Song

other banter (not sure where it fits in):

about 4 or 5 songs in, they made a reference to the "Exquisite Corpse" sign hanging above their heads. There was an art show there, but the juxtaposition of the sign above the band was highly amusing. they also made a comment about Saranac beer, which we found amusing because of our grocery store adventures (there were *aisles* full of Saranac products. really!).

Dave: "It's hard to make puns!" (forget where this fit in...)

that's about all i can remember of that show...

~Caroline (with "partial writing credit" to Katie as well)

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