Live Show: 1/29/99


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Fiona & Drea

The Details

*sigh* I'm so broke. If anyone hears me talking about Frutrips until at least April or June when I am obliged to give myself a graduation present, knock some sense into me. But damn, this one was worth it. Welcome to another incoherent review ;)

This was the first reunion of the Trouble Trio since the Hallowe'en shows, so of course we ended up stuck on unprintable quote mode most of the time. With Michelle, Marie-Claude and hKatherine around to contribute to the madness, well I remembered why I missed Frutripping. *here Mike Wood wants me to mention that on his bus from Toronto to Windsor, he sat next to Much Music VJ Bill Welychka*


Since most of what we did or said is either boring or unprintable I'll concentrate on the shows. Wow. Very high energy, a few new things, a surprise or two.. Fruvous seemed just as happy to be back onstage as we were to see them perform again. Self-referential to the point of... did someone send them a couple of show tapes this past month or something?? And they're quite caught up on newsgroup events too *g*

Two sets. (Yes, you are all jealous) Set 1 Sheryl claims the entire introduction was practically word-for word from a previous show she was at.. ask her which one. Jian asked for the doors into the hall to be closed "because those people out there haven't paid", and managed to get people to leave before Fruvous even started playing *g* He was kidding, the doors stayed open. A CAPPELLA MESSAGE RIVER SPIDEY - Lounge version. At first I could swear it was going to be Jockey but suddenly Spidey appeared from the stage of the Sahara. Fly Me to the Moon/Sarah Hines (sp?) improv. Mike may never live this one down. He revealed that in kindergarten he'd been the Gingerbread Man in a play and "been eaten by Sarah Hines". When the crowd went to the predictable place, he then dug himself a deeper hole by explaining she was the Fox. (Oh yeah Mike. Best way to get minds out of the gutter, really) This may or may not be when Kissenjah were resurrected. INDEPENDANCE DAY - *another* new Murray song. Entirely excellent, great imagery to go along with the great sound. BOSS - Tiny venue, so of course, out into the crowd they went.. Jian said it was going to be a performance for the people in the hall, and then they ended up with their backs to the hall.. "well they can get a good look at our asses" I've been ASLing bits of various songs for a while now and pre-show taught Drea some stuff.. for Boss we pretty much stuck to signing "I Love My Boss" instead of the lead vocal and it was noticed.. we could just *see* the wheels turning in Jian's head as he wandered down the aisle but in the end he "attacked" someone else. PISCO - The Fruhead detector for the night came at the bridge. They got these "yup, look what we're doing" looks and went into "What is Pisco's favourite thing to rob?" The rest of the crowd must have been confused when a few pockets of the audience went into wild applause. 90's MICHY SLEEPY DRINKER - my first time hearing it and I thought it was great. Oh jeez, I've forgotten to mention. Fruvous has acquired a keyboard. "We just got it yesterday so we've been playing with it". I guess we won't need to haul one around for them :) WHEN SHE TALKS - new Jian song which just bowled me right over. (I know these are not the most helpful descriptions but remember who's writing the review. I have a poor conscious audio memory.) DARLINGTON - *giggle* Murray somehow managed to keep playing while bent WAY over as Jian played on him. DANCING QUEEN - Earlier the guys started a discussion of the naming of doughnut holes, Timbits vs Sweet Nothings... "Our rehearsal space is right near a Country Style Donuts.." "D'oh, now they know where it is!" "It's on street!" "Near edifice!!!" (You know guys.. it's dangerous to challenge people like that.) So Lou picked back up on it and started talking about the 'sugar' on Timbits... One of the highlights of the night was a guy (in a purple shirt, no less) who got up and danced like a wildman during Dancing Queen.

During intermission I pretty much just wandered around grinning. Sheryl told me I was drunk ;) Yay Fruvous dammit.

Set 2 EARLY MORNING RAIN - love this song. love it. AUTHORS - Generally I'm tired of MBLABOA but I guess after nearly 2 months rest I was ready to hear it again, very fast and fun. MOON KIDS - Hilarious as usual.. Jian and Murray playing an odd game of footsie, Murray doing a slow burn before he built up to the Glare.. The Guy in the audience: "Aw just make 'em a state!" FLY - I hope I never get tired of this one. Mike went searching for the harmonica for about five minutes before giving up and just singing harmonica parts. EARTHQUAKES - "I think of this song as a three-minute ride through Dave's brain" - Murray. The oddest things go through Dave Matheson's head when he picks up a banjo. Great song, great imagery, not a hell of a lot of sense... it's a Dave song *g* TUREEN - "Sorry Murray, we're going to stay in my head for a while" KOS - "Is it Sheila Copps?" The Guy in the audience "Mike Harris!" Mike "Are you a democratically elected representative of the crowd? 'Cause if you are, that's cool. Very democratic band, Fruvous". "Sarah Hines!" (Classic reaction from Mike) "The hassle from the castle with the tassel" POTION *g* The guys got a standing ovation and looked a little embarrassed about it. The first set had run kind of long so they were tired and came back for only one encore DRINKING SONG after which they got another standing ovation.

Other stuff.. "So, speaking of eponyms.." very casual Jian, really. A Rainbow Connection tease and then they slaughtered the poor song. :P Two empty seats next to Michelle's husband Neil after the intermission led to Neil being teased about whether he smelled bad (Mike: So we're back to smell again?) and about his English accent. Neil was stuck with the six of *us* all weekend, so attention from Fruvous was no sweat.

Afterwards we stayed around and chatted. Jian was asking if anyone was staying in Canada overnight and going to Michigan the next day. We informed him we were staying in Windsor overnight and then heading home. "Why?" he wanted to know, and proceeded to badger us into coming to the instore. It's nice to feel wanted. Michelle brought him the Windsor Star the next day as per requested.

We then debated where to go and eat (Thanks Mike, the rib place was good). While waiting for a decision to be made.. and then for AJ to bring his car back, I went over Horseshoes in ASL with Drea about three times, with the occupants of the Frubus watching more than I thought they were. Michelle also regaled us with the tape of Elmo's version of "Baby You Can Drive My Car".

"Back by popular demand...."

From Drea:

"Drea??? What the hell are you doing here?" - Sheryl

'Thanks for the trip Drea..."What a trip it must have been"' - Jian, on my Windsor Folk Festival program.

The last quote pretty much describes the weekend - delayed flights, surprised Früheads (and Frülads *g*), three new songs, a "command appearance", and many many unprintable quotes :) Let the adventures begin....

Back in late Nov/early Dec. when a lot of things in my life were going wrong all at the same time, I decided that come hell or high water (or snow, for that matter *g*) I was going to make the Windsor show. Roping in a couple fellow conspirators (Fiona and Michelle), arrangements were made and then the fun began - keeping it a secret for nearly two months :)

Flash forward to January...

Thunder Bay Airport - Thursday, 6:45pm

There's something about flying down for a Früvous show that *always* jinxes my flights...the nefarious influence of Früvous time I suppose ;> Case in point, tonight. When I checked in, I was told the flight would be delayed 10-15 mins as it was late coming from Toronto, and to be ready to board at 6:40 (flight was *supposed* to leave at 7pm). Well, that didn't happen *g* The flight was pushed back to 7:35pm (Security finally opening at 6:55pm), and then the wait began... Finally, at 7:35pm the plane *arrived* from Toronto and boarding began. Total delay by the time the plane took off - *75mins*. But with the Nields in the discman, a comfy seat at the gate, and thoughts of many surprised Früheads the next day made for a (semi)patient me *g* (There was also the hope of at least *one* reaction from Früvous, as *someone* always remembers where I live *couJiangh*)

On arrival at Michelle's, we found out that Jen had missed her flight and wasn't coming (we missed you!) For the rest of the night it was a matter of staying off #mf, even under Michelle's case anyone was wondering *why* Michelle was on IRC but not on channel *g* that was me, talking to Doug :)

Friday morning Chrissy, hKatherine and Marie-Claude arrived to a yell of "Surprise!" and a camera flash - I now have a good shot of three *very* surprised Früheads :) Then it was off into Michelle's van (aka Frübus 2) and on the road to Windsor. (I think we set a record for unprintable quotes this weekend *g* We went *far* too many places that we didn't have the bus fare to get back from ;>) Upon arrival, we checked into the hotel, picked up Fiona and headed off to Mackenzie Hall.

Josh and his friend Sarah (? I can't remember your name for sure, sorry!), a früvirgin, were waiting by the doors when we got there. While talking to them we could hear bits and pieces of the sound check...and a new song that no one seemed to have heard before.

More and more people arrived, including more surprised Früheads (which is where Sheryl's quote is from) - yes, there are a couple pictures :) But the best was yet to come...

To begin with, *2* sets were announced (you can start being jealous right now), and there were certainly no complaints from us about that! Then the guys came out on stage and it was ego boost time, at least for me *g* Jian looked around at the crowd, saw me, did a slight double take and looked again.. Mike looked over just after that, made eye contact and just stared *lol* You could see the wheels turning in his head: "wait a second, what's *she* doing here?" Guys, you made my night by that alone :)

I think a certain person from Saskatoon is rubbing off on me, as the quotebook doubled as a 'setlist storage unit' for the shows *lol*

Set 1 - Message: Oh yes! I have *so* missed Früshows...this is my second favourite show opener - beautiful as always. River Valley *smile*, then the guys teased us with the opening music to Jockey (in fact, I had it written down and had to cross it out), but went into the *Lounge version* of Spiderman! A nice surprise and the first time hearing for me. Then Mike talked about being from Tecumseh and in kindergarden with Sarah Heinz (or Hines), where he played the Gingerbread Man and she ate him. (Mike, you should know better than to say things like that with Früheads around, you *know* we'll go right into the gutter *lol*) Of course he made it worse with the "she was the fox" comment *g* Oh, almost forgot..just before Mike dug himself into that deep hole they did a quick tease of "Fly me to the Moon" :)

Then the first of the *three* new songs debuted that night: Independence Day. *WOW* This is *definitely* my favourite of the three! A new Murray song with great imagery and 'finished' to the point that I thought it was a cover... just amazing. After this the guys headed out into the crowd for an off-mic Boss, at which point Fiona and I discovered that signing along to even a bit of a song can be dangerous *g* She's been teaching me a little ASL, and we'd only got as far as the first bit (and the chorus) to we were sitting there signing along to the backup vocal bit when Jian came partway up our aisle. He looked like he was considering "attacking" us, but reconsidered and grabbed the shoulders of a guy two rows up from where he was standing :)

Somewhere in here (can't remember whether it was during Mike's improv or elsewhere..) they did an improv about the McCrap, er, McWrap ;> that was absolutely hilarious :) Anyone who rides the 401 between Toronto and Windsor can vouch for the lack of choice of eating places at the rest stops (been there, done that far too many times to count) *g*

The next song was the "Frühead detector", otherwise known as Pisco *WITH strudel bit*!! *dance* There was wild cheering when they started singing "What is Pisco's favourite thing to rob?" I can tell you :) Then Stuck in the 90s (the "soon I'll be 30" part is becoming more and more true for me as 30 closes in), Michigan, and a song that is semi-new, but also has been in the "waiting to hear" category for me - Sleepy Drinker :) I love the "lazy Sunday afternoon out in the hammock" feel of this song and can't see ever getting tired of it.

Next was the second new song of the night - When She Talks. It's a beautiful new Jian song, but for me was unfortunately overshadowed by the other two songs that were introduced. Then Darlington, where Murray demonstrated that it's possible to play the bass while basically bent over at a 90 degree angle - he was playing to the crowd while Jian drummed on him *lol* The set closed with Dancing Queen, and a guy in a purple shirt who jumped up and started dancing in front of Fiona and me during the song, to the great amusement of the guys :) I was *this* close to joining him (in fact, Michelle was practically daring me to from her seat), but chickened out.

During intermission all I could say was "wow..I *so* needed this show!" I didn't think the night could get better until...

Set 2 - Early Morning Rain!!!!! *melt* I *LOVE* this song! Guys, if you decide for some reason to put a cover on the new album, *please* let it be this one *beg* Then my all-time favourite Früvous song (though there are a few of the newer songs competing for this title now), Authors :) I hadn't heard it since the Saskatoon show, so needless to say there was bouncing in the chair going on (I got caught doing the 'Cat's Eye' action to "Who brought the cat?"... well, if I can't amuse the guys at least once a show I wouldn't be me *g*)

Then Moon, Kids (got a *great* shot of Mur's little dance, though since my flash decided to go off through the electrical tape I'd put on I didn't get the game of "footsies" that went on later). I'd like to know what happened to the harmonica after the first set, as Mike went as far as going backstage to look for it before he gave up a few minutes later. As soon as he'd picked up the harmonica holder (while looking) I knew what song was next and thought I was ready...not quite. Fly nailed me again...but only for a verse and half. (Of course there was a reason this time, but we won't go into that ;>)

Next was the third of the new songs - Earthquakes. The chorus to this is *still* floating around in my head nearly a week later *lol* If not for Independence Day this would be my favourite of the three. New Dave song, with banjo (and a rocking bass part /grin at Chad) and a memorable intro by Murray: "I consider this a three and a half minute trip through Dave's head." I *think* I know what the song's about, but as it's a bit "out there" (the song, not the theory *g*) I'm going to wait to ask Dave before I start talking about it here :) Great Dave quote just before Tureen (which followed): "We're going to stay in my head for a while" Then Saucep'n - good, fast and I finally got through the whole chorus without getting tongue tied *g* The King was the next to visit Windsor ("the hassle from the castle with the tassle" *lol*), followed by Potion (Ohio, Stayin' Alive, Who Will Save, Thank U, Barbie, Love Shack).

After a standing ovation, the guys returned to the stage for a single encore: Drinking Song. Then off to Tobey for stamps (#11!) and waiting for the guys to come out.

*G* I'm going to be scanning that program, not only for Jian's memorable signature (yes, he made a *point* of putting the quotes in), but also for Dave's "Airmiles!" and Mike's budgiedog :) (Murray was the only one who didn't appear after the show) There was one other memorable Früvous quote from talking to the guys - "Do you *work* for an airline?" (Ji) *lol* (Btw, I don't ;>) While those of us from Frübus 2 were talking to Jian, we somehow got badgered (well, our rubber arms were twisted *g*) into going to the instore the next day in Ann Arbor. (But that's another story...and will be dealt with in a separate review *g*)

While waiting for AJ to get his car afterwards in the parking lot, Michelle played "Elmo You Can Drive My Car" while Fiona and I went over Horseshoes in ASL a few times, with an apparent audience in the Frübus, who were parked not far away (This may or may not have caused a certain song to show up in the next day's setlist...we're still debating about that). We presume they were greatly amused, if nothing else *g* Then a late supper at a highly recommended rib place (thanks Mike!) and back to the hotel. I don't know what time the residents of the other room got to bed, but Fiona and I didn't end up sleeping till after 4am.

Coming soon..adventures in Ann Arbor :)

Drea (happy now Fiona? *g*)

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