Live Show: 1/30/99


Ann Arbor, MI

Reviewed by: Fiona

The Details

The next morning, after having breakfast with Jillian's mum.. *wave* Jillian, all Fru-deprived in Argentina... we headed for Ann Arbor and Borders books. Matt and Meredith had made it there so we said hi to them and re to everyone else. Things were running on Fruvous time.. in fact Fruvous-in-Newfoundland time. While we waited, the Z-lets got up and performed for us... dead-on impression of Jian, so hilarious.

Eventually they arrived for the "acoustic performance" with the keyboard. No complaints but I was amused. In no particular order...

Foam-holder improv.. As a token of their appreciation the Borders staff gave Fruvous some nylon zip-up book covers which contained foam. Foam-holders ar apparently the latest craze. "Say Murray's a puddle..." "This is Fruvous stuffed-up" MESSAGE HORSESHOES - Drea and I debated whether the ASL session last night inspired this. We signed along. Mike on keyboard, "Even Murray can play the guitar", Dave also on guitar and Jian looking awfully naked without the drums. Jian encouraged his bandmates to sit on the stools that had been provided. "Should I sit too? No, you stand." "That was the worst version we've ever done." BOSS - One woman had a cell phone and was letting her husband hear the show. As they wandered through the crowd Jian grabbed the phone, sang into it and passed it among the other lads until it finally got back to its owner. "Who knows what roughage will be bringing.." SPIDEY - Mike perched on a comfy chair, then up on a bookshelf, yelled into a security camera, challenging Bill Gates to show himself, looked at the pipes etc on the ceiling, tested them and then decided even Spidey doesn't want to break his neck. KOS - "Is it Roadrunner?" (pleading "Yes?" from a few of us) "Is it the Poet of New York?" "Is it the Naive Young Man?" "Is it "Tom"?" "Who's Tom?" "King, is pastry roughage?" "King, does the Sasquatch exist?" "Someone in Animals over there wanna take care of this guy?" HOLD - :))))))) EARTHQUAKES - without banjo.. still great :) GULF

And then we headed home. Thanks to everyone for a great weekend, see you at FruCon II!

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