Live Show: 2/4/99


Pittsburgh, PA

Reviewed by: Mike Wood, Cat & JoAnn

The Details

Michael Wood here...

The PITTSBURGH Michael Wood NOT the Toronto Doppelganger who goes to MANY more shows than I. I think we should join forces and become MICHAELS WOODS.

But I digress.

Tonight the boys returned to the 'Burgh scene. This time, however it was to a MUCH larger crowd at a new venue, Grafitti. I don't know if I liked that venue much, but I may be bitching because I didn't get to sit on Murray's side which has become a bit of a tradition with my fellow Fruheads in the troupe. (which has become a bit different since last episode).

So the evening started out with a Newbie, Cheryl the Great, meeting me at work and then we snatched Bauhaus and made for the venue. We stopped at a great Italian place for din-din and met up with a waitress named Harmony who stole my heart...BUT she stayed there and has no idea who I am but, yet again, I digress.

We got to grafitti and met up with Brother of Bauhaus and his date who's name escapes me (forgive my rudeness) as well as Phill-er-Up and Bronwyn and the Amester (be gentle, it's her first time). The usual crew was there, as well..Troy, the Tall one and her faithful companion the Short one...And it was GREAT to see them all.

As usual, don't expect me to give you a setlist because I never pay enough attention. I just kinda GROOVE to it, you know? Let someone else keep track...What I can say is that they started out with the extended version of "Sahara" which is quickly becoming my favorite live version...And played many a new tune...Which were all wonderful..One in particular, "Independence Day" sticks to mind..Great harmonies on that. They were, as always, in great form...

ALSO, it was the night to premier the cover to the FRUCON PREVIEW of the MOXY FRUVOUS comic..which I KNOW I have been promising for soooooo long...But bear with me..I have some trouble with the hand that holds the pencil but all it in preparation...A 12 page comic WILL premier at FRUCON and I WILL be there and PERHAPS raffle off a signed copy. We shall see.

So as usual my reviews are not really reviews but just a thing to let you know how much we here in this grey town appreciate the boys. Thanks guys. See you in the summer.

From Cat:

Greetings from a (former) lurker in West Virginia.

The Graffiti show was great! I haven't seen the guys in a long time, and they gave me a great dose. They played plenty of new stuff, and classic moxy, too. I wrote down a set list of sorts - I don't know the names of all the songs, and my pen really sucked, but in case anyone's interested, here's my best shot:

Sahara - You Can't ? - a cha cha about Little Bird Fly Away Home - I love my BOSS! (complete with teapot move) - When She Talks (my first listen to a great tune) - unreadable - King O'Spain - Boo Time - impromptu rap with duranduran, etc - Splatter - my poor generation? - Fly (a stellar rendition, and at my personal request!) - Independence Day (another great new one to me) - Spiderman - Michigan Militia -Johnny Saucep'n - Darlington Darling - Love Potion schwingin medley with b-a-n-j-o (and banjo was his name-o) - Author- Encores: Psycho Killer - a snippet of Somewhere My Love - the Drinking Song

It was glorious and happening. Please feel free to crash at my farm if there's ever a show you want to catch in my area.

From JoAnn:

Obviously Mike and I did not attend the same show. I have had the pleasure of seeing this group perform at a number of different locales. And I have to say that the show at Graffiti was the worst show I've ever seen them do.

At times they all seemed genuinely disinterested in what was going on. And if they are going in the studio in March to record these new songs, they should stop touring and work on getting them a down a little tighter. I thought they sounded very rough around the edges. Not quite polished enough to even perform in public. I must say when they performed the song fly it was perfect.

I also think Rosebuds is a better venue I don't know if the crowd was larger or it just appeared that way 'cause the room was smaller.

I also believe the crowd got a little adversarial when Jian pointed the regions lack of steel production. He is right however this area is in the midst of a huge boom period in: Technology (i.e.: software and computer configurations for business), Robotics, and leading the world in new medical procedures at one of our 3 teaching hospitals.

I hope the next time I see them. I can respond more favorably

From Pittsburgh Newsweekly:


Moxy Fruvous has occasionally been described--derisively--as "the Canadian They Might Be Giants." Sure, a band that combines bouncy accordion schmaltz, camped-up vocal-group harmonies and lyrics that ask which state has the "lowest highest point" is definitely a member of whatever you want to call the genre that TMBG defined. But Moxy Fruvous is no cheap knock-off, as can be quickly discerned by listening to the two bands' recent live albums. The Fruvous disc, Live Noise, is by far the superior, its spontaneous environment giving a new energy not only to the Toronto quartet's unique sounds--like the mad banjo plucking over a hip-hop beat that characterizes "Michigan Militia" ("I'm fighting for you and a blue-eyed Jesus/America first, and the rest get the pieces!/Happy birthday, Tricia/I'm in the Michigan Militia!")--but to its sense of humor as well. Several "banter" tracks included between songs are classics, such as the band's determined effort at a Philadelphia show to fan the flames of intra-Pennsylvania rivalry; we can only wait and see if they'll try to pull the same stunt again in Pittsburgh. And hopefully this time around, they'll grace us with their manic ska-like rendition of the '70s "friendly neighborhood" Spider-Man theme song. --Stephen H. Segal

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