Live Show: 2/19/99


Toronto, ON

Reviewed by: Chris, Bridget, Cameron, Josh, Tom, Irene & Lori

The Details

Short review...

Vika and I left Boston on Thursday morning around nine in the morning, and including a quick stop at Casino Niagara, we made it to Toronto by 6pm (pretty good time, actually...we drive fast :-) After checking into the Global Backpacker's hostel, we grabbed some dinner at J.J. Muggs (near Eatons Centre) and then walked down to the Reservoir Lounge where we met up with Mary, Liz, Andi and Chad M. The keyboardist from Tory Cassis' band was playing there with some other artists. Had an AMAZING time...hung out, chatted and drank until around one in the morning. Vika and I headed back to the Backpacker's and got some sleep.

Friday morning. Woke up around 10:30, drove over to Jam/Agency to visit Jude (Hi Jude! :-) and also did some driving around semi-suburban Toronto. Grabbed some really good Chinese food at a restaurant on Jarvis right near the Ramada hotel. Checked in to our hotel room (which we were sharing with Cee, Christy and Ben) and then met with some of the other FruCon2 organizers for a quick preliminary meeting. I started feeling really sick at this point, and decided to take a nap while a big group of fruheads (people were really starting to trickle in from all over at this point) went to get sushi.

Headed to Lee's palace and took our place at the end of a very long, very cold line of fans waiting to get inside. Met some new people during this wait...including Lisa Schapiro whom I'd talked to previously via email. Doors opened late...around 8:30...and we all squirmed into the venue and staked out our respective places for the show.

Sarah Slean was the opener. Can I say Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan combined? She was pretty decent I thought, especially when the cellist joined her. She played piano during her set, and was also accompanied by a drummer and another singer for some songs. She played for about 45 minutes or so.

Fruvous was up soon thereafter and played a fairly good show, but I would say it was the least exciting of the three, in retrospect. They performed a bunch of new songs, including my first hearings of Independence Day and Earthquakes. The rest of the show was fairly standard and although there were some jams (the details of which I can't remember), I wish there had been more general banter. All in all, a decent show though.

Dave's setlist reads:

Too Caref.
If Only - Psycho

Afterwards, I was SO tired, so we didn't end up staying too long. Only some of the lads came out to chat, and after some quick socializing, Vika and I (shared a cab with Caitlin) headed back to the hotel and went to sleep around two in the morning.

From Bridget:

Frücon weekend, ho!!! My day started at 3 in the morning (Denver time)... caught a 5:30 flight to Toronto, pretty darn uneventful. Got to Pearson about noon, met Traci at 2, and cabbed it to the hotel together. I think the customs guy at Pearson thought I was a little flaky... since I was meeting Trace, I didn't bother to remember the name of the hotel, and therefore drew a complete blank when he asked me where I'd be staying... OOPS!

Had a good time meeting my roomies... Trace, Kevin, Früwench, and Amy. Hmm... traveling hundreds of miles to another country to share a room with 4 people I'd never met... isn't Früheadism great?!?!? Hung for a while, then decided to get on over to Lee's. After a lengthy debate about where to catch the TTC, which direction to go, etc. we finally find the venue. OK, Toronto is COLD!!! Why do we do this to ourselves? Whose idea is it to have the 'con in February, anyway? My theory is that it's some sort of sick and twisted way to prove our love and devotion. Well, I guess we will never be accused of being normal...

Anyway, after an eternity, we got in out of the cold... I found myself stage Murray (YAY) second row. Met lots of other früheads, which I enjoyed, once I could feel my toes... There seemed to be just an overall "good" feeling about the whole scene. Lee's Palace is VERY similar to the Fox Theatre in Boulder, so I kinda felt at home a little bit.

Sarah Slean opened. I enjoyed her OK, but seemed a little mellow to open for Früvous. Really enjoyed the cello.

Finally Früvous!!! My last fix was the Kirkland Arts Center on December 4th, so I'd been going through some major withdrawal. Setlist and my random thoughts...

Sahara (extended) - it was kickin'. I love the extended jam more and more every time I hear it. And after meeting Trace & Früwench, I have a new appreciation for the dumbek...

Too Careful - from hearing what others have to say, it sounds as though I am in the majority in TOTALLY digging this tune! Plus, it's got a Colorado reference. Granted, not a very favorable Colorado reference, but a Colorado reference all the same... Definitely one of the best "new" songs.

Jockey - I love this song, but we've all heard it SO many times. I was hoping to hear some obscure, rarely played stuff this weekend...

Moon - OK, so this is NOT one of those "rarely played" songs, BUT... I've said it before, I'll say it again... I will NEVER get tired of seeing the lads perform this one.

I Will Hold On - We've decided this seems almost like a stalking song... not unlike "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. Hmm... Dig it!

Pisco Bandito - ranks right up there with "Too Careful" for the best new songs...

King of Spain - well, it seemed a bit early in the set for the infamous monarch to appear. We joked that they were almost done (although we should never never NEVER joke about such things).

Boo Time - only the second time I've seen this one. Loved it!

Jammed about the liquid gifts Dave's receiving for his birthday. Very funny!

Earthquakes - my first time hearing this song. I can't really remember it! I THINK I liked it...

Sad Girl - another of my faves.

The Kids' Song - *grin*... That's all I have to say about that...

River Valley

Get in the Car

Grudge - OK, I LOVE this song... I LOVE this song... I LOVE this song!!!


Independence Day - they had to start twice, Mike broke a string the first time. This was the first time I'd heard this. All the good things that have been said about it on the ng were accurate, and then some!!

Spiderman (lounge version) - had never seen this version performed before. It is so totally groovy.

Michigan Militia

Darlington Darling - has been and still remains my FAVORITE live tune. Upbeat, energetic, GREAT tonight!

Love Potion #9 - I wish I wish they'd play "Signed Sealed Delivered", "Dancing Queen" and "Billie Jean" more often. I like Potion, but hear it all the time...

If Only You Knew - I've read/heard over and over and over again that this full band version pales in comparison to Mike going solo. I've heard it performed both ways, and while Mike's solo version is tender and moving, I have absolutely NO gripe with the full band version. I think it's a great song either way.

Psycho Killer - rockin'!!

The Drinking Song - I do believe EVERYONE in the place was singing along. Very powerful.

This was a great show (in my limited experience). It was a lot of fun to be in a place where the majority of the listening audience was not just familiar with Früvous, but true, die-hard fans (aka Früheads). The energy in the place all night was unbelievable. I thought it seemed like a long set, but everyone I talked to said it was pretty standard. I can say that I have NEVER been so exhausted after a show as I was for this first one of the weekend. After traveling all morning, meeting so many wonderful people, and seeing a truly great, energetic set by the lads, I was completely wiped. Got back to the hotel and CRASHED!!!

From Cameron:

Well, my first shot at trying my shotty memory to write a shotty review, well... here goes :)

First off though, I wanna say another 'hi' and a good-bye to the people I have met. Going to list them here just to make sure I got the nicks/names together correctly, of course, with those people I will have the face wrong, but whatever:

Hello to:
LadyWench	Jen
Nafs		Fiona
Drea1		Drea
HellHotel	Eric
StereoPuff	Mike Wood
???		The other Mike Wood
Brent		Brent
???		Tim
chad		Chad
Chad		Chad
Hugs		Hugo
numerous	Rosemary (thanks for letting me use the cellphone :)
ChrissyK	Chrissy
ceecee	Collen
Pixel		???
Sirilyan	Doug
Kat		Katrin
Sean		no... wait... that's from the comic :)
Gromit1	Michelle
Zard		Zard
Aqualung	Tom
???		Lori
Kris		Kris

Ok then, that is all my small little mind can come up with at the moment. I probably have a bunch of it wrong, but I tried :)

Friday 19th,

get off school and head down to the Ramada to meet up with the people that were going to be meeting to go to Lee's from there, I of course, miss them, I also manage to mistake someone reading the message board for a FruHead, and embarress myself by asking "are you wearing purple socks," but whatever says I, and I move out to Lee's. The lineup is fairly short at the time, around 6:30, 7:00, and I go to meet people, I managed to say 'hi' to a few people, a shocker for me :), but mostly (ok, so... all) people that I saw at TONYE and the Basketball game the night before. I wait at the doors until the end of the line, where I talk with some other Underagers, and wait until the line is done to go and plead with the bouncer. No chance of that happening, so the review for this portion is done (unless you want a run-down on what happened on South Park :).

(Oh, thanks again Rosemary for the ticket, even if I didn't get in)

From Josh:

Hello, all! I'm running on two hours of sleep after the 6 hour drive home last night, so this'll be a quickie. I had a great time at the Con and the shows this weekend! It was great to meet a lot of you newer people to the ng, and to see all you east coasters for the first time in a long time! In summary, Friday night's show seemed above average, Saturday's was *stellar*, and Sunday's was ok to start and took off to a whole new level towards the end of the show. The setlists:

Sahara (extended), Too Careful, Jockey, Moon, I Will Hold On, Pisco,
King of Spain, Boo Time, (2 Tequilas Jam), Earthquakes*, Sad Girl,
Kids' Song, River Valley, Get In The Car, (Scalp Jam), Grudge**,
Fly, Independence Day (false start) -> (Snow Jam) -> Independence Day, 
Spiderman (jazz), Michigan Militia, Darlington, Love Potion #
E1: If Only***, Psycho Killer
E2: Drinking Song

* Brand new arrangement. It's now a funky jammed rocking song.
** Slightly altered arrangement. It's missing the intro and it's
      now a musical outro. There's also new harmony lines.
*** Announced as a new song! It really has come together, you can
      tell they're working on it. Looks like a good candidate for
      the new record!

From Tom:

Seems as though no one has posted reviews/setlists yet, so I'll take the honor. This is NOT my review, just the setlists as I wrote them during the shows:

Extended Sahara
You can't be too careful
You will go to the moon
I will hold on
Pisco bandito
King of Spain
Boo time
Sad girl
Kid's song
River valley
Get in the car
Independence day
Spiderman (w/ instruments)
Michigan militia
Darlington darling
Love potion #9

If only you knew
Psycho killer

Encore 2:
The Drinking Song

PS - the opener on Friday was my new favourite musician, Sarah Slean.  I
meet her after her set with great pleasure.  Her set list (as much as I
know due to my limited knowledge right now):

me & jerome
?'the bonnie song'? (on new album)
?song from a card game?
?closer? (introd as the love song)
twin moon
john 23

From Irene Gaspar:

At last! I can’t believe it: my chest finally stopped hurting! Only for this band would I ever choose to go to Lee’s Palace. That place has the crappiest ventilation in all of creation. (I won’t even start on the decor.) Fortunately, I was armed with my puffer. I know better than to go to any bar without it, but most of the time I don’t have to use it. This weekend I needed to use it for each concert I attended. Great place, that Lee’s Palace. Thank heavens I did not have an honest-to-God asthma attack. The parking around Lee’s is plentiful in comparison to the “parking” in a hospital Emerg. these days. Ah, well. Sucks to your asthmar, Piggy.

What a weekend this has been. Breathing troubles aside, I would have to say that it was pretty amazing. Friday night got here much faster than I expected. (Hurrah!) On that night, my plan was to head downtown from east Toronto (a.k.a. Scarborough) and then meet up with the rest of the Fruvous fans at the club. The subway trip without a hitch (i.e. a jumper). The only problem was that I got off one stop early. Serves me right for not paying attention. So Irene-the-Zombie got off at Spadina and started walking east. I walked about a block before I realized what I had done. So back I trudged until I came to Lee’s. There I caught up with Fiona and Rosemary. Together we stood in line and waited for the doors to open. Well, the extra time outside had at least gotten me used to the temperature.

Inside I had a good hour and a half to meet people. It was nice to have faces to attach to the newsgroup names. I know there’s a Fruhead section with pictures, and I have looked at it, but there are so many faces there I get lost. Meeting people one at a time adds a certain permanence to the name-face relationship. I ended up being stationed stage Murray in the company of Fiona, Chad (the short one), Lori, Patrick, Doug, Drea to list a few names.

At last the opening band came on stage. I wasn’t displeased with it. Sarah Slean sounds a lot like another Tori Amos whom I like well enough. The main problem with Ms. Slean and her cohorts was that they offered little to no variety in their sound. I wasn’t the only person asking how many songs we had heard so far.

After the opening act left the stage we stood around a little longer. I think Moxy Fruvous appeared at about 11pm. You know, I hate to say this but I had forgotten how much I enjoyed these guys’ concerts. My previous “shows” consisted of the summer Walkathon and the Taste of the Danforth. The last “concert” I attended was the one at Mel Lastman Square. The difference between this one and that one was the lack of constraints. At Lee’s, they could do what they wanted: swear, drink, be as political as they wanted; the stage was theirs. At M.L. Square I had the impression that they were being a bit more cautious; after all, there were wee kids in the audience.

My relatively lengthy time away meant that I was in for a few surprises--I had not heard a lot of their latest stuff. I had heard Pisco in the summer, and I have to say that that song holds a special place in my heart. It’s wonderfully whimsical. I Will Hold On I had heard as well. I thought it was interesting that, on the following night, Jian stuck a warning label on his song by saying that the relationship it describes is a bit sick. Though I agree, I still think the song has many sweet moments. The new song that totally bowled me over was Independence Day. It is poetry. I fell in love with it right away. Not only did the words grab me, but Mike’s part on guitar did as well. Strangely beautiful. If I had to pick one word to describe that sound it would be “angst”. It was like hearing consternation, the thought that all is not well in the world. I would describe the guitar intro to Fly in much the same way.

Though I was deeply moved by the lyrics and music of Independence Day, at the same time a part of my mind was listening to the way in which the words were spoken and that part of me was amused. The Lads sounded American! There was more twang to the vowels than there usually is in a Canadian accent. I do not mean this as an insult to you folks from the States. I’m just making an observation; it’s the lang. and lit. major in me that takes pleasure in listening to accents.

The banter was as funny as ever. Murray commented on the band’s all-black look. The problem with black is that it shows up every little bit of fluff on the shirts. Well, that fluff instantly turned into dandruff on the shirt courtesy of Mike. This was followed by snippets of dandruff shampoo commercials. One major theme of the night was the new coalition of the Right in Canada. It was pretty much the moral obligation of Fruvous to shoot that party down but good. They decided that the new party’s name should be Risk or Risque, and they toyed with that all night. By the end of the show, my face hurt from smiling.

From Lori Martin:

I wasn't really planning to do a review of FruCon weekend, but so many of you have requested one that I feel I mustn't disappoint. Forewarned is forearmed, however: this will be an impressionistic recap, Fruhead-heavy but musical-specificity-light, as i didn't pick up any setlists or jot down much concert info. You're relying on whatever my sievelike brain retained as somehow important, so I make no guarantees as to global relevance. I shall, however, endeavor to entertain. (grin)

Day One:

Steve and I arrived in TO around 5 pm Thursday, and at once were enormously impressed to discover that Fiona's very own expressway led us to within 10 blocks of the Con. When we got to our room we promptly called her; she was astonished to hear from us so soon, and instructed us to contact the denizens of Ramada 7th floor. By 6 pm we were gathered in the lobby with a Motley FrüCrüe that included Katrin and Tom, Doug (Sirilyan), chad, Tara and Kyle from LA, and the enterprising Fiona,who directed us newcomers to all things Torontois and vital, including the ATM and the subway. Couldn't get hold of Nate and Jason -- sorry! -- and Gordon's flight was later than he'd thought, and Mike Wood didn't join us after all -- but it was still a fine bunch that set out for the estimable Shopsy's Deli.

Well, the estimable Shopsy's was jampacked, so we bailed on that idea in a hurry and tackled plan B, a proposition made more interesting by the fact that we didn't have a plan B. Eventually it entailed splitting our group into, loosely, Those Who Wanted Indian Food and Those Who Didn't (or at least Didn't Think It Was Advisable.) I can't speak for the former group, as I reluctantly joined the latter, figuring that after a day of driving with only McDonald's having sustained me, curry wasn't the wisest choice.

Over soup and salad we (chad, Steve, Fiona, Tara, Kyle and me) checked out Fiona's myriad Frupix, determined that the smallish Con space was going to be DAMN packed, and kibbitzed. We also dashed madly into the street in pursuit of Chris O and Vika, who Fiona happened to notice strolling past the restaurant and who we just had to greet. (For a Big City, TO had a decidedly small feel this weekend -- there were people we knew everywhere we went. :) )

After dining we hooked up with the other half of our crew, who were still enjoying their curry, and while waiting for them to finish amused ourselves by standing in the restaurant foyer in what turned out to be the first Fruhead snuggle of the weekend, simultaneously keeping warm and alarming passerby (who *really* looked scared when we started making faces at them. ) En route to the hotels we decided to have a room party, and Steve and I detoured to the Best Western to grab our Party Props while the others regrouped at Kat and Tom's petite suite in the Ramada. By the time Steve and I walked to the Ramada, Nate and Jason had hooked up with us and offered their own much larger room down the hall as party central instead.

While certain Fruheads plotted the ordering of large quantities of controlled beverages from a delivery service, some of us merely wandered to a nearby convenience store to stock up on our more usual staple ... sugar. Sodas, Smarties, and popcorn in hand, we got back to Nate's room to discover the tv turned to Fox's medical grossout show of the week -- the one I'd hoped to avoid by leaving the country and hanging out with Fruheads. *sigh*. So while those of strong stomach watched the naked mice with human ears growing off their backs, and learned about frostbite and other such niceties, chad, Fiona and I played with my dumbek, madala, and shaker eggs. (Not to mention a certain birdlike, pink and white, fuzzy but naked puppet of long gawky legs, beady eyes, and rhythmic feet. Okay, I mentioned it. :) )

When the liquor arrived at Tom and Kat's room, the dissenters promptly took the opportunity afforded by the temporary exodus to switch over to MuchMusic -- providing a more congenial ambience, we felt. Critiques of Robbie Williams' erotic dancing with Tom Jones ensued, after which we switched to Jerry Springer, then Casablanca dubbed to French, resulting in the most memorable mistranslated line of the night -- "You must remember this/a f* is not a f*." Who the *hell* do they hire to do these jobs?!?!?

The folks on the beds (Nate, Jason, Doug, Steve) were teching out in a major way, causing Tom to toss out a geek flag at one point, while the, um, less focused among us were content to compare masculine hairlines and texture, beat on drums, and throw foodstuffs at each other (although not Smarties. Smarties are chocolate, and we do have our priorities in order here.) Eventually Fiona had to leave to catch the last subway back to the North York borderlands, so Steve and I walked her to the subway station, modestly entertaining passerby with our assorted pieces of buskers' equipment. After leaving her, some of us decided to get to bed, while others thought the party shouldn't end. Meaning SOME of us were just a little perkier than others come morning. :)

Random stats, Day One:

Fruheads met in person for first time: 8 caffeinated beverages consumed: 7 boxes of Smarties consumed (with a little help from my friends): 3 Ramada room numbers memorized: 3 masculine heads rubbed: 3 bits of popcorn found in hair next morning: 4

Morning. oyyyy. That would mean:

Day Two.

When morning in fact arrived as usual on Friday, I found myself sadly without playmates and with an indisposed roommate. :( So off I went by myself to find breakfast, Sunday Lee's Palace tickets, and CDs. Yonge Street had all 3, not to mention the Maple Leaf Gardens closing parade, so I amused myself there for an hour or so, then wandered back to the Ramada and hooked up with Tom, who was awaiting Kat. She and Doug arrived from the parade, having found chad there, and off we all set for Yonge Street once again, ostensibly to buy the same tickets and CDs I'd just obtained. It WAS one of those stuck-in-a-loop weekends.

Windowshopping however proved entirely too seductive, and once we got to the short red-light district on Yonge, Kat and Doug promptly were sucked into the maw of the comics emporium known as the Hairy Tarantula, leaving Tom, chad and me somewhat bemused on the sidewalk, contemplating the allures of the Zanzibar across the street. (" vilish Women With Heavenly Bodies!!!!" said the not-quite- complete yet somehow apropos marquee.) Doug emerged only to have Tom take his place in the HT, and the freezing Lori headed into the Future Shop up the block in search of blank CDs. While I determined they had no such thing, Doug and chad managed to bring up Waiting For Bob on several of the store screens, thereby fulfilling Doug's self-publicizing needs for the day. We finally braved the narrow steps of the HT, realizing Kat would need to be forcibly dragged from the place if we were ever to get to the Eaton Centre, and were entranced to discover the store staffed by at least 3 cats as well as the usual human proprietors. (TO does seem like a very feline-friendly city -- a wonderful quality methinks. Both convenience stores i entered also had resident cats.)

Eventually we did make it to the Eaton Centre in the next block, but by then Lori was quite weary and no longer in such a shopping mood. Made our way to the food court at the far end, got a light lunch, were briefly enthralled by the possibilities presented by the Teletubbies for sale in an adjacent store, but decided $29 (with tax) was too much to spend on a fabulous little purple guy Fordy would delight in stomping. (And Kat's a *little* sensitive to action-figure abuse right now.) As I was winding down fast, I decided to leave then and catch a nap before the festivities that night. Which turned out to be a good decision ...

5:30 pm. Awake, and apprised by my sources that Ramada 7 had filled up nicely with Fruheads, I headed over to find Chrissy, Trace, Rodney, Anna, Fruchild, Ben, and a whole host of others wandering in and out of Chrissy's room. Mad nattering ensued, with many hugs and much picture-taking, and then we headed to the lobby to meet with Brent, our self-designated guide to Lee's Palace. More folks joined us there, and around 6:30 we set off to the subway station as a chirping group of perhaps 25 lunatics, hugging, giggling, singing, taking pictures of oddly-named school buses, and otherwise scaring the natives. Collecting at Lee's, a few of us decided we were flat-out starving and wandered to a nearby Taco Bell while the others staked out spaces in line. Taco Bell was rather deserted, so FruMonique, Sharilyn, Ben, Fruchild and I had a nice opportunity to talk among ourselves.

Fortified, we wandered back to the line of diehards outside Lee's, who by now were quite frozen diehards. There was another mad huddle as more friends met for the first time -- hi Rosemary! Hi Norg! Hi Cameron! Hi psycho Mike! Hi other folks whose names escape me at the moment! The line was rather, umm, fluid shall we say, as no one could keep still for long because a) we were all cold and hopping around b) we were all excited and hopping around c) everyone kept bouncing to and fro looking for more friends. AMMF pins would have been *wildly* helpful on this night!

Doors opened around 8:30, half an hour off schedule, and we all melted into the venue, which was 2 things above all: WARM and BIG. chad and I got stamped by Tobey, then headed off to the rest of our companions on the floor stage Murray. More Fruheads to meet! Big hi's all around when Angie and Chris arrived, then Amy

(SnonSumr), Bridget from CO, Drea, Irene (is that right?) and a flock of others. The floor, which had seemed so big, got rather crowded, which led to some interesting maneuvering, and eventually I gave up all attempts at getting out of there and just resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be in the midst of all these people for the foreseeable future. I can envision far far worser fates than being surrounded by Kevin, Fiona, Drea, Doug, chad, Amy and Steve. :)

Sarah Slean opened, and I thought she was GREAT. I know there's been some mixed opinion here, but I am solidly in the pro-Sarah camp. Her sound is intense, yet melodic, and very restful. Reminds me a bit of Loreena McKennitt, but more rock, less exotica. It WAS hard to stand up for her whole set, though -- when I'm standing, I want to dance, and instead all I could really do was sway.

Between sets it seemed like the whole crowd moved forward even further, which made for some interesting *breathing* arrangements. At one point we had to block out space with our elbows just to save the group-standing arrangements we had begun with for those in our party who had wandered off to the bar or washroom and whose space was being invaded. Doug did eventually find his way back to Drea, and Steve to me, before Fruvous went on, and we stood there tightly wedged between the rail at the edge of the floor and other Fruheads. Quite cozy, until someone shifted -- and then we all did a dangerous impression of dominoes.

The FruSet was, basically, everything I've been waiting for. Well, not EVERYTHING, but a good portion thereof. Opened with extended Sahara -- never heard it before, and I can safely say that's a beat I could groove on for a *good* long time. Heard Earthquakes, and Grudge -- very cool song, although from the way Jen described it to me many months ago I do think Murray, not Mike, should finish off the song with the "thank you very much!" line -- I was waiting for it, and it just didn't seem quite right coming from anyone else. River Valley absolutely rocked -- has a more joyous environmental song ever been written? The "lounge" version of Spidey was another very cool moment, and Pisco, with about 100 people doing the Pisco dance ... I thought Murray was just going to lose it! I haven't heard Boo Time live in a LONG time, so that was a treat, and Drinking Song was a good ending ... as we were all standing there swaying anyway, exhausted from the heat, the dancing, and the general level of exuberance. There were also about 15 separate newsgroup references from the stage; unfortunately i can't remember any of them. :(

After the show we hung out for a good long while, just chatting and resting. I chugged down about 5 glasses of water from the pitchers that the highly accommodating Lee's Palace staff had left on the bar -- have I mentioned that this venue's staff was really really wonderful? They were. Got to meet still more of you -- hi A.J.! Hi Moe! -- and chat with the people I hadn't been able to hear all night. Finally made it back to the hotel around 3 am, completely pumped, and tried to settle in for a few hours sleep, knowing that in the morning ... FruCon!

Random stats, Day Two:

Fruheads met in person for first time: innumerable! Starbucks franchises spied in downtown TO: also innumerable! caffeinated beverages consumed: 6 Aero bars consumed: 1 full meals consumed: 0 Ramada room numbers memorized: 4

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