Live Show: 3/19/99


Canadian TV

Reviewed by: Jeff

The Details

I was watching an E.N.G rerun yesterday afternoon as I usually do when I'm home at that time (its usually the only good thing on from 2-3 pm here), when I see Dave on it! For those who've never seen it: E.N.G stands for 'Electronic News Gathering'... its an old Canadian TV show about the news department at a tv station.

The first scene he was in, he only had one quick line so I wasn't completely sure it was him (me: "WAS THAT DAVE?!"), but he had more lines later on and it was him (me: "IT IS DAVE!").

Here's my best summary of the plot from what I can remember: Dave played ‘Dale' (I'm 99% sure that was his name), a stage hand type person for a music video that a cameraman from the Channel 10 news station was directing. Then a dancer from the video dies from an overdose. But one of the reporters over at Channel 10 doesn't believe that she would just overdose all by herself because she seemed so eager to make it and not just throw it all away by OD'ing. The reporter then wants to know exactly what happened. ‘Dale' helps the Channel 10 investigation by telling them that the manager of the singer making the video was paying the dancers with drugs. The cameraman/video-director-guy then finds out that the singer making the video had given the dancer the drugs and when she couldn't handle them, took her back to her apartment, where she died, rather than to a hospital.

Dave was in 3 scenes (that I remember, if I missed anything it must've been short): the first scene with the one line (he hands someone a drink or something), then he's interviewed by someone from Channel 10, and then the scene where he tells video- director-guy about the drugs.

Anyway, just thought I'd tell everybody about it :)

Misc. Info

Some other tidbits from the performance include:

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