Live Show: 5/4/99


Cambridge, MA

Reviewed by: Chris O'Malley

The Details

Short review...

After grabbing some dinner and ice cream with Vika before the show, we staked a place in the line of fans waiting to get in the HoB. There was some private function going on, so we couldn't get in nearly as early as I had the night before. Bunches of people were there, too...too numerous to mention them all. :-)

Doors didn't open till close to ten. Once inside, Jess Klein did her opening set soon thereafter, and she didn't play for as long as she had on Monday night. More people paid attention this time 'round, so her softer songs weren't completely lost to the crowd. Tobey had me do merch again, so in between Jess and Moxy I took my place behind the merch table.

Moxy came on stage around 10:30 or so. They played for just over two hours, and I was pleased that the set was significantly different than it was on Monday. The crowd had just as much energy, and was just as polite as they were on Monday night (in fact, one of the bouncers told a few of us that he liked this crowd...very mellow). More jams and improvs ensued...I'm glad to see them being back to the free-ness they were at about a year ago...doing random jams and going with them, sometimes for ten minutes at a time, or longer. The banter was also more frequent.

Mike's setlist reads:

River Car

After the show, all four of the guys came out to socialize, so we all hung out for that until the bouncers (politely so) asked us to leave since it was time to close the venue. Vika, Lisa Schapiro and I left the HoB around 1:45. We dropped her off at her car near the T station, and then we headed home.

What a great couple of shows. The crowd being so cool, Moxy going off on tangents, it all came together in the best two shows that I can remember for a while (for me, at least). See everyone soon!

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Opened with The Set Closed with Encore 1 Encore 2

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