Live Show: 6/1/99


Seattle, WA

Reviewed by: Sam Ender

The Details

Well, I was visiting the website and noticed that no one had posted a review of the Seattle show last night (6/1/99). I thought I'd chip in my two cents for the greater fruvous cause.

Recently relocated from Amherst, MA, I honestly hadn't even thought about seeing Moxy play out here in the Pacific Northwest. While a relatively new fruhead, I've seen the boys play on a few occassions at the lovely Iron Horse in Northampton, and even by the campus center of Amherst College last spring. But, like I said, I just never figured they'd get out this far. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I heard about their planned performance only a few blocks from my apartment! I drove over around 8:45; the openers were coming on at 9.

The venue, Tractor Tavern, is actually quite nice, if small. When I got there, the room with the stage (next to the room with the bar) was almost completely empty, just a few middle aged couples sitting around tables. The openers, Jim and Jed (apparently normally part of a larger group), got a few home crowd folks up. While enjoyable, I think the anticipation of hearing Moxy in a few short minutes almost completely blocked out any memory of their performance. Quiet, interesting, well-placed french words...but not Moxy. After about 35 minutes, the duo took off to make room.

At this point, the room with the bar was fairly crowded with preppy late twentysomethings, but the performance room was still fairly empty. I headed to the bathroom, and when I got back, it was *much* more crowded. I was excited; when I first arrived, I was worried I'd be the only one who'd even heard of Moxy Fruvous. But there were certainly a few fans there, although I think even with my paltry moxy experience I still knew more lyrics than 95% of the audience. I stood up front with the die-hards and waited anxiously. Finally, out they came. They opened with a particularly ecstatic version of "Michigan Militia," which frankly I think I enjoyed more simply because I haven't heard them live in almost a year. From then on, I'm afraid, I didn't really keep track of the songs. There were a number of newbies, many of which were ballady-sweet but fun nonetheless. Great audience participation from some guy named Ben, thereafter dubbed "Buffalo Ben" by Jian, who knew *way* too much about hockey in the '60s and became the source of much fun throughout the show (as he was named the speaker for the "non-binding plebecite," as pointed out graciously by Mike).

Like I said, I think my judgement has been clouded by the sheer joy I felt at being able to experience moxy so far from my home, where I get to see them a few times a year. While there were only a few true fans there (kudos to the ladies up front, most of whom knew almost all the words), I think converts were born; by the end of the show and a rousing "Dancing Queen/Walk on the Wild Side," followed by the always stirring Drinking Song, almost everyone was at least trying to sing along. And I heard rave reviews from a number of Fruvous virgins as I picked my way through the sweaty crowd to the door (although I first purchase "Live Noise," and have been listening to it here at work all day). I think the band approached their second Seattle experience with a little trepedation, but I think all would agree that their performance last night was a rousing success. I can't wait to get back east and see them at Iron Horse again!

Thanks, guys, for a great show, from a misplaced eastcoaster who missed her moxy...

The Music

Opened with The Set Closed with Encore

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