Live Show: 6/10/99


Boulder, CO

Reviewed by: Jordan & Bridget

The Details

Hey HEy kiddies,

i'm sorry this is so late, i'm at my bf's house and i'm really hoping this will work :D The day began with quite a stir and a great amount of anticipation on the denver moxy mailing list. With two members (and you might think it was the girls, but no!) deciding who got to wear the shirt they each wanted to.

I woke up feeling tremendously ill but ya know... who cares! i'm seeing fruvous today! Anyways, I went outside and found that it was a pretty humid day (on colorado standards that's not much) but figured that it'd probably rain later on, and since i love the rain was not upset in the slightest. and that it did. the entire afternoon long. :D

A group of about 12 of us left denver at about 4:30pm this afternoon with the idea that we would meet the others in our group later (they couldn't get off work etc.). It took a good hour and a half to get to boulder because, well, traffic was a bisnatcher. We got some food and headed over to the fox where we ran into the other trusty früheads :)

I was thouroughly pleased when i found out that they actually realized that there were waaaaay too many under-21 people to fit in the balcony so they let us all on the floor (straightedge X style).

The show opened with great amounts of cheering and then jian busts out, "okay, pretend like we just got on stage now." Ok, typically when i write these reviews i'll be listening to my bootlegs but right now i'm waaaay too sleepy to listen to it so i'll just type up the set-list and say that there were large quantites of Avalanche and other hockey banter. Anyways, i enjoyed it thoroughly since well, my two fave teams were dissed out of the finals... ok, on to the set-list (this is from jian's... my bud got murray's can't say there was much of a dif except, jian's is in marker and murray's was in pen. ok...)

BJ  (whoa, didn't play this one!)

the encore was oh geez this is sad... ican't even member... authors and the drinking song if i'm correct?

i must say that i totally dig the new songs and was super duper psyched to hear 'if only you knew' live, wow. gotta be one of my faves along with 'i will hold on' (hehee... it was so psycho cuz i made a couple of my buds a mix tape a week before the show and one of them was like "i hope they play if only you knew" and the other was hoping for the other and pisco) :D

before i sign off here and try to stop babbling on incoherently... i will say that of my buds that hadn't ever heard any fruvous before the show, they loved green eggs and ham and the few bargainville songs the best.

oh yeah... one more thing. to kat, thanks for the extra-special gift... i'd hate to say what it is here because lord only knows with the crazy people on this NG, they might think that ya know, i'm something i'm not... but be glad because in all of my pictures with the lads i think that it got in 'em (i attached it to my bag and such)...

uhm, after the show was fun. i got all the boys to sign my extra-spiff, extra-large brand new frühat (very nice btw). and snatched a few pictures with 3 of 4. hehee... my buds keep teasing me cuz i just dissed my bf to say hey to jian. heh "so you must be the boyfriend" :) anyways, it's late. i've got work in like 3 and 1/2 hours so i'm splitting. a full review will come eventually that can be pasted up at fdc. :D

From Bridget:

OK, kids... it's one o'clock in the morning, I am tired, but I am on a Fruhigh.. I have to write my review before I forget the blissful evening...

Don't want to bore you with the details of the drive... pretty uneventful. It was great to see the wonderful Denver Frucrew out in full force... Except for Tom and Katrin, hadn't seen much of the group these past few months.

The opening act was kickin'... forgive me, but I've forgotten her name. She had a bass player who reminded me of a Willie Nelson with shorter hair, and a keyboardist who looked like a former member of an NFL team. At any rate, I am going to forego my usual setlist and random thoughts for a list of the best moments of the night. And seeing as how it was a FRUVOUS concert... there's plenty to draw from... here goes:

But first... Mike's setlist:
2 Care
If Only
Wench (When She Talks... isn't that cute???)
BJ (they didn't play)

The Drinking Song

And now... my 'best list':

Best surprise: Folks, the Fox Theatre was FULL... *g*

Second best surprise: The 21 and younger crowd wasn't banished to the balcony (aka the 'leper colony') but instead got to see the show from the floor.

Biggest disappointment: They kicked us out ASAP, as Naughty by Nature was taking the stage at 11:00.

Best outcome of the biggest disappointment: Jian announced to the crowd that they'd be 'meeting and greeting' at the pub next door... (o:

Second biggest disappointment: Tyler couldn't get into the pub because his license was expired.

My personal proudest moment(s): I actually overcame my shyness... and asked EACH of the guys for a hug. And, Brandie, I told Murray you said 'hi''.

Best hug: Dave... yes, folks, he beat out Mike, Jian, Tobey, and even ...sigh... Murray.

Second best hug: Dave... a fan I met (see below). Gotta be the name...

My second personal proudest moment: I started a new Frumiles card...

Best news all night: Mike promising us (on the sidewalk outside the Fox) that they'd be back in Colorado in the fall. Happy, happy, joy, joy...

Worst news all night: The new cd isn't going to be released until AUGUST 10...

Best slam: Jian (to a heckler) 'Hey, we don't knock the sailor's cocks out of YOUR mouth when YOU'RE trying to work...'.

Best improv: It's a Hockey News Vacuum... it sucks!

Best excuse: Murray on why he wasn't very active at the beginning of the show... he ate a huge burrito right before they came on.

Best comment to me: Jian, before the show (on my Fruvous jersey)... 'Hey, it looks great!'

Second best comment to me: a random fan, as I was standing beside Tobey in my Frujersey... 'Do you work here?'

Third best comment to me: A girl outside the pub where Fruvous hung out after the show... 'Can you tell me what hockey team that jersey is for?'

Fourth best comment to me: The ticketbastard guy who sold me the Fruvous ticket... 'Can you spell that?' (OK, OK... so it WASN'T from this evening, but hey, I still got a kick out of it).

Most spastic person I met tonight: Elizabeth from Columbus, of the BNL skinnydipping fame.

Cutest comment: Murray to Elizabeth (it's a long story...) 'The kids miss you terribly...'.

Most baffling comment: Mike referring to Pisco Bandito as a human trailer hitch... hmm...

Genuinely NICEST people I met tonight: The mother and daughter who drove up from New Mexico for the show (I can't BELIEVE I didn't get names!), and Dave... a distant cousin of a former Canadian prime minister (yes, the OTHER Dave who gives great hugs).

Best 'blast from the past': Talking to Stacey, who I met in October at the Carbondale show.

Best thing to come of the car accident Tyler was involved in (where he was wearing his Fruvous jersey, broke his arm, and the jersey had to be cut off): the insurance company bought him a new one!

Nicest gesture: Kat, who stage slithered for Mike's setlist when I couldn't reach it... then gave it to me. Hugs to you, dear!

Best imitation of Jian: Murray, who donned Jian's glasses during 'When She Talks'.

Best sarcasm: Murray, after Jian asked him if he could SEE wearing those glasses... 'No, they're opaque...'

Most unusual autograph request: Whatever the hell that was that Jeremy had!

Best autograph moment: Katrin finally got a budgie on the gigantbox 30!

Well, anyway, that's all for now... gotta be at work in a mere 6 hours, and I would do well to get some sleep... Sorry if this seemed at all disjointed, but hey, LIVE WITH IT!!!

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