Live Show: 6/16/99


Ann Arbor, MI

Reviewed by: Josh, Bridget & Maria

The Details

Another marvelously special show tonight at the Ark! Whereas last night was the quietly intense show, this was the more loudly intense and upbeat show. In the interest of maintaining a pseudo-regular sleep schedule, I'll post a setlist tommorow.

In the mean time, I'll tease you all. Opened up with Down From Above and Horseshoes. A few upbeat songs followed, and then they hopped off mic to sing.. THAT BOY! Then, Boss off mic. There was a rearranged version of Too Careful and then It's Too Cold came out of the stack of retired songs. Somewhere in the middle, we were treated to Poor Napoleon and Early Morning Rain (both *great* performances). A big highlight later was Nuits De Reve, featuring an intense guitar solo. The first encore was going to be Authors, but thanks (thank GOD) to a guitar problem, we instead got Billie Jian! The night ended with a long overdue Drinking Song.

Yes, I'm serious about this one too. ;-) It was a great show -- some thought it was better than last night, but I liked last night better. Both were just jaw-dropping shows. Thanks to the guys for putting so much into these shows!

Ok, here's the real enchilada (mmm, enchilada.. breakfast..):

Down From Above
Too Careful
Too Cold
That Boy (off-mic)
I Love My Boss (off-mic)
Poor Napoleon
Early Morning Rain
King Of Spain
Boo Time
Kick In The Ass
Michigan Militia
Present Tense Tureen
Johnny Saucep'n
I Will Hold On
My Poor Generation
Nuits De Reve
BJ Don't Cry
Darlington Darling
Psycho Killer

E1: Authors Intro > Billie Jian
E2: Drinking Song

Lots of rarities to compliment the previous night's. There was a *lot* less banter, and no improvs to speak of, though. It seemed that this was more of the "show for the masses" with the catchier stuff while Tuesday seemed a more mellow rarities show. Tuesday was a 10/10 on my scale while this was a 9/10.

Sorry to all those who missed the shows, but don't say I didn't warn you. *big grins*

From Bridget:


Beck, Donna, and I finally started moving sometime around 10:30. We immediately began to get ready to go the The Ark, because Becky had convinced herself that we needed to be in line by 1:00 to stake out our seats again. I'd have been happy with getting there by 4... so we compromise. We were in front of the venue armed with a pizza, root beers, and a deck of cards at 2:30. Needless to say, at 5 hours before doors, we were the first ones there for the second show as well. It wasn't long before we were once again joined by Kat. The three of us spent the afternoon chatting and playing cards. Sporting my Fruvous jersey, I went to Subway at one point to get a refill, and passed Mike on the sidewalk. I said 'hi' and he asked me what hockey team the jersey is for... Later on Beck and I go to a coffee shop down the street to satiate our chocolate-covered espresso bean craving and pass Mike at just about the same spot. I smiled at him again, and he said 'It's the Vancouver Canucks, isn't it?' *g* Donna arrived around 4, so at least then we had a fourth person and could play hearts. YAY! Little by little, more fans showed up, but there wasn't really a serious line until after 5:00. Of course, being the good sister that I am, I refrained from telling Becky 'I told you so'.

Getting into the room was a bit chaotic, as the doors were opened before soundcheck was over... it was all good, though... Becky, Kat, Kat's mom and I managed to secure the same four seats from the night before. No opening performance tonight, but a setlist as spellbinding as Tuesday night's.

Dave's setlist:
Too Careful
Too Cold
This Boy (off-mic)
Boss (off-mic)
Spidey (they didn't do)
Early Morn
BJ - Darl. - Psycho

Authors (well, it was supposed to be, anyway)
Billie Jean

The Drinking Song

Afterward, Joe asked me which show was my favorite... I told him Tuesday night, because of the opening 'band', 'Bittersweet', 'Homeward', blah, blah, blah... But after having some time to let everything sink in, and review the setlists, etc., etc., etc... this was a pretty darned amazing set. OK, where to begin my praise for this show? When Jian started 'It's Too Cold', I honestly thought it was going to be an improv until they started to sing. Becky was thrilled, 'Too Cold' is one of her faves. 'This Boy' off-mic was indescribable. My favorite venues continue to be the ones that afford the lads a chance to busk it a little bit. 'My Poor Generation' and 'Too Careful' are quite possibly my favorites of the new songs. 'Nuits' has been on my wish list for as long as I can remember... I was so entranced during the song that I'm still not sure it really happened... (o: 'Darlington' is an incredible live tune, and hearing it twice was excellent. 'Psycho Killer' was awesome (OK, I am running out of synonyms for 'super'... where's my thesaurus?). The last couple times I've seen this one, the lights were dimmed, and Jian got the crowd absolutely silent for the first 3 lines of the song, then at 'don't touch me I'm a real live wire' the lights came up and the band just rocked! OK, so written word does NO justice for the effect of being there... it's incredible. Becky was a little angry at Dave for 'teasing' her with 'Authors'... she's been dying to see it live, only to have the guitar break down. She mentioned it to him after the show, to which he replied 'Oh, that's too bad, eh?'. Heh, so sympathetic!

One last note on our Excellent Ann Arbor adventure (off-topic but fun)... with one day left before we had to head back to Denver, Beck and I met up with Dan at Cedar Point on Thursday and had a blast! 9 hours of good, clean, rollercoaster-filled fun! Two enthusiastic thumbs up... I highly recommend it.

And there you have it, kids... the two greatest Fruvous shows I have witnessed to date. My condolences to all the poor souls who didn't make it . And now I must begin the arduous task of easing back into the real world. I enjoyed another great Frutrip, met some great people... hope it won't be too long 'til the next time... In closing, and at the risk of sounding like a cheesy acceptance speech at an annoying awards show, I'd like to thank the folks who transformed this insane, 2500 mile marathon into an unforgettable experience:

Joe & Debbie - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You guys maintain impeccable Fruspace!

Becky - Well, I suppose I should take full responsibility for your newfound Frutripping addiction... at least we made it without killing each other. Oh, and I TOLD you it was going to be a great show!

Donna - Have fun in Virginia... Bowling Green... where else? I am jealous of the summer you're going to have! I'm glad we did this, let's share some Fruspace again soon, k?

Kat - You are one wonderful person! Thanks for keeping us company... got any sevens?

Dan - As always, it was wonderful to see you. Thanks for rollercoasting with us... had a BLAST!

Josh, Meredith, Chad, Kath, George - Didn't get to talk much, but it was good to meet you. Please come say 'hi' when we manage to hook up again!

And finally... Moxy Fruvous. What can I say? Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for continuing to build this Fruvous community from the grass roots on up. Am I gushing? Oh well... Thank you for playing 'This Boy' for Donna. Thank you for attempting to play 'Authors' by request, although it didn't quite work out. Thank you for playing 'Organ Grinder', 'Gulf War Song', 'Nuits de Reve', 'It's Too Cold', 'Homeward Bound'... I could go on and on...

Murray & Dave - 'Bittersweet' was amazing. Thanks.

Mike - Thank you for sending chills down my spine with your rendition of Bowie's '5 Years'.

Jian... thank you for reading my reviews. Sincerely. You've no idea what I felt when I discovered that, whether or not you really VALUE my opinion, at least you take the time to listen. And I don't care what you say... the fall tour IS a long time coming! Hope to see you before Colorado... (o:

From Maria:

6/16 setlist:
Too Careful
Too Cold
This Boy
Spidey (didn't play)
Gen X

I'm not quite sure what they played as the first encore. They were going to play MBLABOA, but a guitar string broke.

Encore 2: Drinking Song

This was a slower set, and not as energized as the first show. I was also happy that Mike took my cowboy hat and put it on Jian. I had brought this huge, garish, red foam cowboy hat in the car for the trip just for fun. Then, my friend decides to bring it to the show, and wear it in line. She brings it in, and sets it on a part of a stage that nobody was on. Murray was the first to notice it, then Jian, then Mike. At first a look saying "what the heck is that" went over their faces, and then a look saying "why would anybody ever bring a foam cowboy hat here?" and a kind of laughter and then they turned away. This all happend within a few seconds. Mike almost turned away twice, but was mesmerized by it and picked it up, and as I said before put it on Jian. I had to crawl up on stage to get my cowboy hat back too. Another time, Jian mentioned these shows being the first for some people. I clapped, thinking other people would too. They didn't. He looked over, and saw us, and said something about, and people from Iowa too, knowing that from me telling him the night before. I said, "the corn gets me high". I am still wondering why I said that, and when I thought of that. Anyway, Jian did a little TMBG statue got me high stint. I also have a new-found love for Murrays feet. Yes, I know this sounds weird, but they are so cool. Everyone else's feet stay together or tap to the beat, but Murray's feet go apart, and do all sort of "moves". I don't know, I guess you just have to watch them. My friend and I watched them the first night without knowing the other was, and we discussed it after the show, and the second night probably watched his feet for a good half hour (not straight). Well, enough of my ramblings.

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