Live Show: 7/31/99


Clarendon, ON

Reviewed by: Katherine & Hugh

The Details

Cheer up, Fiona. There wasn't a workshop (although Mike and Jian were talking about joining F'loom [or some name similar] in a workshop on storytelling on Sunday). Yes, I was there. There was much rain. The hippies rejoiced. The hippies danced their crazy hippie dances, and so did Jason, Susan and Kent's son :) Unfortunately, as I'm REALLY not a review person, this post will have to do. Fruvous did a basic "We are Moxy Fruvous" set, high energy, at least on behalf of Jian and Mike... Highlights include Minnie the Moocher, I Will Hold On (during which Jason cracked us all up by doing his impression of the "crazy hippie dance" Fordy had mentioned) and Early Morning Rain, very appropriate considering the rain and all... MC and I hung out a lot with Kent and Susan's kids. They are insane. I can't wait to see the pictures that Jason took with MC's camera. :)

From Hugh:

My family and I -- MF fans all -- attended. A wonderful weekend in our book. Blue Skies FF is a kind of smaller, intensely Canadian version of FRFF. It's been going now for 26 years, and is the best-kept secret on the FF circuit. Tickets are so hard to get you practically have to inherit them from deceased relatives. The atmosphere is extremely relaxed but very professional. The (cramped) main stage is a hewn-wood and canvas affair with a good sound system, at the bottom of a natural bowl-shaped meadow that can accommodate all the BS campers and dayticket guests comfortably. It's so intimate you can sit at the stage apron without touching elbows with anyone else. Stageside seems by unspoken consensus to be reserved, however, for children and special-needs persons. My daughter, who is 10, and has a neurological disease, is a big Fruvous fan and spent the whole concert literally at the band's feet -- a real treat for her.

There's a lot of audience participation at BS -- from the dancing to the organized squaredancing sessions Saturday & Sunday afternoons to the Blue Skies Choir, open to anyone (even headline performers -- I got to sing a choir rehearsal with Dave. How many Fruheads have SUNG with an MFer? Sober, I mean?).

This was our first MF live concert. Also, it turned out, a neat chance to meet the Boys from Thornhill live and relaxed, as they all seemed to be. Their show was the first on Saturday (apart from some good 'soundcheck' perfomances the night before from Outcry and Fireweed. Memory is already starting to fade as to the playlist. From "Thornhill" I recollect "I Will Hold On", "Splatter Splatter", and "My Poor Generation". "Minnie the Moocher was thoroughly Canadianized and featured a very high-energy lead vocal by Mike. There were excellent renderings of "Horseshoes", "Michigan Militia", "King of Spain", "Johnny Saucep'n", "My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors", and a delightful "Green Eggs & Ham", among others.

A lot to catch up on since their last performance here in '92!

Several of the members camped on site Saturday night and generally hung around. It was pleasure to talk to them, especially Jian.

Sunday afternoon Mike and Jian did in fact participate in a workshop, "Songs of the Worker", hosted by Chuck Angus (lead singer/songwriter for the Grievous Angels) which I only twigged to after I spotted Mike singing from across the field.

Great performances the rest of the weekend from other fine bands: particularly the Grievous Angels, Takadja, Fathead, the (ahem) BS Choir, and above all by F'loom, who, although not headliners, absolutely electrified this listener with their a cappella pyrotechnics. Michael Ives, Robert Kulik, and Rick Scott from NY. Check them out -- they're in the best tradition of innovative cutting-edge AC. Sort of MF meets Firesign Theatre meets the Four Horsemen.

Thanks to MF for helping make this a special BSFF for our whole family. Best wishes on the success of "Thornhill". Order it -- like I did -- from your LOCAL music store...

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